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Fireside Cottage Stocking

Fireside Cottage Stocking

Today we are introducing you to the Fireside Cottage Stocking and it is a free pattern below. First, a little more info about the Stocking! Did you know that this is the second stocking pattern that we have? Last year we released the Robin Stocking…

The Robin Beanie – Crochet Cancer Challenge Pattern!

The Robin Beanie – Crochet Cancer Challenge Pattern!

Our Crochet Cancer Challenge pattern for 2020 is the Robin Beanie. If you joined us last year you will know that we highlighted colon cancer which is a royal blue ribbon. We are supporting the same cancer this year. You see, this time last year…

Robin’s Scarf – The Robin Collection grows

Robin’s Scarf – The Robin Collection grows

Our Robin collection continues to grow with the release of Robin’s Scarf. This is a timeless unisex design that looks great in any colour yarn. Its a lovely warm piece so it make a great Christmas gift when the weather in the Northern Hemisphere is getting particularly brisk!

So what is it about this collection that makes it grow?

We have had A LOT of people tell us that they love the pieces in the Robin Collection. And there are many reasons for this:

  1. The stitches used are much simpler than the finished item makes it look
  2. You get the effect of cables without the frogging and frustration
  3. It is a great stitch combo for fairly new beginners. Once you have mastered the sc, hdc and dc then you are ready for the Robin patterns!
  4. There is an elegance to this stitch combination that people of all ages love!


This is part of the Robin Afghan pattern that will be released in November!

Part of a set

This week we have also released the Robin beanie pattern (which you can read about here). The beanie is free with the special code throughout October 2020 as part of the Crochet Cancer Challenge. If you use the code to get the beanie you are pledging to make at least one of the Robin Beanies to donate to a cancer unit near you before the end of the year!



This scarf goes perfectly with the beanie pattern! Take a look ….


Stitches used:

Robin’s scarf uses sc, hdc and dc with some worked into the back loop only to obtain the ribbing and some third loop to get the texture on the body of the hat. The pattern includes video links on how to work the third loop and also how to do the sedge stitch (the sc, hdc, dc combo).

So this scarf is a great project for a recent beginner who knows the basics and wants to progress a little and play with texture.

There are stitch multiples given in the pattern so that you can adjust the size to suit your requirements. For a wider scarf just add repeats!



There is a gauge given in this pattern but lets face it – IT’S A SCARF! Gauge is not essential in this project. I do recommend stitch markers to mark the first and last stitch of the row. This helps to keep your counts correct.



For October 2020 ONLY you can get this scarf for 50% off using the code ROBIN on our Ravelry Store using the Ravelry link below.


Pattern links

You can find the Robin’s Scarf in all of the usual places:

Our shop here

Ravelry here

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here


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