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Kate Coffee Beanie Cozy is here!

Kate Coffee Beanie Cozy is here!

Today we release our Kate Coffee Beanie Cozy (or CBC as we refer to them). It uses the same gorgeous and timeless stitch combo that is in all of our Kate designs. It is a great collection for girls of all ages from children to 

The Bee Pillow – Free Crochet Pattern

The Bee Pillow – Free Crochet Pattern

  Can I say ‘Introducing the Bee Pillow’? Who doesn’t love bees? They have such an important role in our lives but sometimes I think it is way too easy to forget just how much they do for us! This pattern is actually reminding me 

The Friendship Blanket –  Friendship Square

The Friendship Blanket – Friendship Square

We are so excited to be kicking off the Friendship Blanket CAL today with the Friendship Square!

We have teamed up with no less than 29 of our designer friends to bring you this CAL. Each designer has designed at least 1 square that should be 9″ square and easily assembled to make this blanket. Of course, you can use the squares for whatever you desire. You can find out more about how this CAL works here

The theme for the blanket is texture, and I hope you agree that this square certainly ticks that box!

Skill level – beginner

It is a simple square so is suitable for a beginner as long as you can sc. hdc and dc. If you are new to front and back posts we have a video tutorial to show you how to do this. By the time you have done a row you will be a pro at the post stitches!

Use it as a washcloth?

So you don’t want to make the blanket? That’s OK! Use this square as a washcloth or a dishcloth! There are other ideas of things that you can make with these squares which will be posted nearer the end of the CAL but I will link it here.


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Pattern links

You can get a pdf version of this pattern in all of our shops:

Ravelry here

Our shop here

Etsy here



Let’s get started!


  • 100 yds #4 weight yarn of your choosing.
  • 5.00mm hook
  • Stitch markers (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle



8 sts and 7 rows = 2 inches

This is important if your square is to be 9″ If it works out slightly smaller you can always block it.



  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • sk—skip
  • sc – single crochet
  • YO—yarn over
  • FO—fasten off
  • Sc – single crochet
  • FPDC – front post double crochet
  • BPDC – back post double crochet
  • Fdc – foundation double crochet

Pattern Notes:

  • Written in US terms.
  • Ch1 stitches at the beginning do not count as a st unless otherwise stated.


Special Stitches:

Fhdc –

You can find our tutorial on the foundation stitches:

You can find the left handed version at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqkTFzCja-A

I find this has a more aesthetically pleasing finish than the chain starts to projects, but it is not necessary to start this project!



YO and insert hook between the posts of the previous st and the one you want to work and bring the hook back to the front (between the posts of the stitch you want to work and the next st).The hook should not be positioned horizontally behind the dc that you are working. YO and draw the yarn around the post of the stitch. You now have 3 loops on your hook, YO and draw the yarn through two loops on the hook, yo and draw yarn through the last two loops. Stitch is complete.

You can find our left handed YouTube video on this stitch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biHxNSKo5Vw&t=10s 



YO and insert your hook from the back to the front between the posts of the first and the second dc on the row below, and then from the front to the back again between the posts of the second and the third stitches, The hook should now be positioned horizontally in front of the dc that you are working. YO and draw the yarn around the post of the stitch. You now have 3 loops on the hook, YO and draw through 2 loops on the hook, yo and draw through 2 loops on the hook. Stitch completed.

You can find our YouTube video tutorial on this stitch on our YouTube Chanel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTPKAPQblkE&t=51s



Row 1 –           Fdc 35


Ch 37 dc in third ch from hook (ch3 counts as a st) and each ch across.


Row 2 –            Ch1, turn, sc in the first st, *fpdc in the next st, bpdc in the next st * Rep from * to * until you reach the last st, sc in last st.


Rows 3-24      Repeat row 2 until square measures 9” in height.



FO and sew in ends if desired (depending on what you are using the square for!)


It really is that easy. And isn’t it an effective texture? I love it!!


Dont forget to share your Friendship blanket kinship square with us as you make them!



The Kate Scarf

The Kate Scarf

The Kate scarf is our newest member of the Kate Collection! The Kate collection is actually named after one of my sisters. There are a few more items coming in this collection – we have a beanie, a baby bonnet and baby blanket, a mug 

Mermaid Dreams Cowl Free pattern

Mermaid Dreams Cowl Free pattern

The Mermaid Dreams Cowl is a free pattern below. It’s a little different to our usual patterns but I love the texture on this one. I also love how playing with colour can change the look of this one and really make the stitch pattern 

Iris Headband-Crochet Pattern

Iris Headband-Crochet Pattern

Iris Headband Crochet Pattern

For the summer months, we’ve designed the Iris Headband to add to your crochet pattern collection.

I really like how this headband isn’t too thick, yet it holds my hair out of the way. It’s classic design is made lacy and vintage looking by the pretty shell stitching.

Quick to work up, the Iris Headband crochet pattern requires scrap yarn, and so it’s the perfect scrap buster! Because you can make so many of these in short order, they would be a great product for a craft fair!

This pattern was borne out of necessity last year when I had my hysterectomy. I was in the hospital bed after the surgery and my hair was just all over the place.

My yarn and hooks were with me (of course!), so I started making myself a headband. So, in about 10 minutes, I had it done and took a quick picture for Helen. Helen sent back that we should make a pattern for it!

Anyway, it’s been sitting in our “ready to go” list for ages. Now we’re finally ready to introduce it to you.



Pattern Insights

This is where I need to tell you that this post contains affiliate links. These links help keep the blog going. If you click on one of the product links, we receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you!

I had used Stylecraft yarn that Helen had sent me to try out, which I LOVE, by the way. Their yarn feels like an anti-pill yarn naturally, tho they do not advertise it that way.

There are no fancy tricks to making this pattern. No sewing needed. Just tuck in your ends when done!

You can easily change the sizing of this pattern to fit just about anyone (excluding small children), simply by chaining more or less chains for the ties at the end.

That’s it! It’s that simple!

Materials Needed

Worsted weight yarn (#4) of your choice
Size 5mm hook
Stitch markers optional


Sizing Information

Finished piece measures approx. 26”x 1.5”


You can find this pattern on all of our stores:

Etsy Store

Ravelry Store

LoveCrafts Store

Sunflower Store



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May Makes Event

From 1st-7th May 2022 you can get this PDF Pattern for free using the coupon special code!

The May Makes Event was devised by Pam from Carroway Crochet. Each week in May there is a great selection of patterns that you can get as a free pdf download. That’s right – you have the whole week to make sure you get them all! 


How does it work?


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Introducing the Kate Collection – Kate Wrap

Introducing the Kate Collection – Kate Wrap

Today we are introducing the Kate Collection with the Kate wrap. The Kate Collection is something that Sara and I have been working on since December and the Kate Wrap is just the beginning!  It uses the same stitch pattern to create a set of 

Mixed Toffee Cowl

Mixed Toffee Cowl

At the end of November 2019 we hosted our first CAL with the Mixed Toffee Cowl. All of our CALs are currently done on our FB Community page. It was great fun! The interaction with the members of our community page was great, and we 

The perfect colder weather stitch! Floret – Stitch of the Week

The perfect colder weather stitch! Floret – Stitch of the Week

Learn To Do The Floret Stitch

Highland Ear Warmer
Highland Ear Warmer–Floret Stitch

In our Stitch of the Week this week we have the perfect stitch for the colder weather setting in – the floret stitch.

Do you recognise the stitch?

We have used this stitch in a few of our designs so far (for example, the highland wrap and the men’s highland scarf). Its a warm cosy stitch with an easy two row repeat. The texture is created by using the varying heights of the double crochet and the slip stitch. If you have never tried this stitch before I would highly recommend adding it to your crochet arsenal!

For those of you new to our Stitch of the Week:

The cute free pattern that we have to go with the floret stitch Stitch of the Week is our Highland Ear Warmer. Ear warmers are great practical gifts and super stash busters! Just working a swatch to learn a new stitch can get boring. Lets face it, we want immediate gratification when we crochet, even if we are learning. You get so much more confidence and a sense of achievement when you actually create something usable – even if its just a dishcloth!

That is why we try to link each stitch of the week with a little free project. At this time of year the ear warmer is a great idea – its practical and is a great stocking filler for a loved one, or even fabulous to add to your donation box! My sister is a runner and so hats are most often not added to her running outfits – even in the cold you sweat. Ear warmers she loves! The ears are protected from our North Sea winds but its not overly warm because the top of the head is still exposed.

Let’s get started!


You can find the free ear warmer pattern in the usual places:

Follow our YouTube video for this project here.

This post may contain affiliate links. These links help keep our blog going at no extra cost to you.

What you will need:

I made mine 4” tall and 18” circumference to fit a woman – direction is given on how to amend the size in the pattern.

You will need to know how to chain, turn, double crochet and slip stitch. And that is pretty much it!

Written instructions for the floret stitch:

The floret stitch is worked over a simple two row repeat.

Row 1 – ch3, dc in each stitch across

Row 2 – ch1, sk1, *dc in the next st, ss in the next st* around.

It really is that simple! You will need to turn your work at the beginning of each floret stitch row otherwise the texture will be on the inside of your ear warmer! The pattern tells you exactly when to do this.

Lets make the ear warmer!

highland ear warmer

For the women’s size, finished product is approximately 4’’ tall and 18’’ circumference to fit a head around 21-22 inches.


  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • dc–double crochet
  • hdc—half double crochet
  • ss–slip stitch
  • sk—skip
  • Fhdc – foundation half double crochet
  • FO – fasten off

NOTE: In order for the floret stitch to have good definition you do need to turn your work on each row as indicated.

Round 1—                Either ch64 and hdc in third ch from hook, hdc in each ch across (62)

SS to join.

Round 2—            Ch2 (counts as a st). Hdc third loop only in the next st and each st around. (62)


Round 3—            Ch1, turn. Note, you will be working on the wrong side of your work

Sk first st, Dc into next st, *ss into next st, dc into next st* around.

SS to join

Round 4 –             Turn your work (so you are working on the right side again.)

ch3 DC in each st around. SS to join.


Rounds 5-8 —         Repeat rounds 3 and 4 twice more

Round 9 –                  Repeat round 3.


Round 10—           Ch2 (counts as a st), hdc in next st and each st around (62)

 Finally, Round 11 –               Ch2 (counts as a st), hdc third loop only in each st around.

FO and weave in ends.

And VOILA! A really lovely stitch and ear warmer for you to gift this festive season, or just keep for yourself! You can embellish it any way you like – nip the ear warmer in half between the top and bottom and sew, add buttons or crochet flowers to it for that extra pizazz.

How will you embellish yours? Do share your projects with us on our Facebook group page!

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