Set sail for an ocean of creative possibilities with these pirate patterns

Set sail for an ocean of creative possibilities with these pirate patterns
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Ahoy mateys! Are you ready to set sail on the high crochet seas with some crochet pirate patterns?

Come explore these pirate-themed crochet patterns that will take your imagination to distant shores and have you creating with yarn as quickly as a hurricane blows.

Each year September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I love these fun themed days and thought I would mark this one with a round up of some fantastic pirate themed patterns that there are out there.

Whether you’re looking for a fun amigurumi character or some swashbuckling home decor, this detailed collection of designs offers something for everyone–even young buccaneers who can join in the adventure.

As always with crafting projects, there’s lots of room for customization so be sure to get creative and make each piece unique to fit your own style.

So batten down hatches and drop anchor—it’s time for some pirate-inspired crocheting!

This pirate map blanket is a corner to corner pirate pattern that is sure to spark imagination.

Pirate Map Corner to Corner Blanket by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Paid – No Pirate should be without their very own treasure map! This one is sure to spark the imagination of your little pirates!

It can be used as a play mat or a blanket to snuggle up under while reading their favourite adventure or watching a swashbuckling adventure movie.

There are quite a few ami pirate patterns out there but this jolly little pirate would make a great toy for a little one!

Jolly Little Pirate pattern by Thoresby Cottage

Free on the blog. This pattern is so sweet! If you love quick amigurumi projects this little fella is only 14cm tall so shouldn’t take long at all to create! Check him out by clicking on the pic.

This pirate mouse and treasure chest crochet pattern is adorable - the mouse is dressed as a pirate captain and event has his own red parrot!

Pirate Mouse in a Treasure Chest by LauLovesCrochet

This is a paid pattern on Etsy, but how cute is it??!

And the treasure chest has a secret compartment for your little pirate to hide their treasure while they are playing too.

Click the pic to check out the listing.

This pirate ship corner to corner blanket is perfect for every pirate. It features a picture of a traditional wood pirate boat complete with pirate flag and following sails on a calm sea.

Pirate Ship Corner to Corner afghan by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Paid – Another must have for any self respecting pirate! After all, you cannot possibly sail the seven seas without a pirate ship!

This one was made with the hdc version of c2c and is 42″ wide by 52″ tall so a great size.

Meet Bob, the first mate with his pirate eye patch and green and white striped jumper, and his captain Pete with his captains hat and sword tucked into his belt!

Pirates Bob and Pete by Crochet at Teri’s

Check out this Ravelry listing for Bob and Pete! They are so sweet and you can easily make them look like your little buccaneers!

Click the photo to find out more.

Skeleton Throw Blanket Crochet pattern from Loveable Loops

Free on the blog –

Why should the kids have all the fun?!

I love the pale grey instead of the black background in this version – it softens up the blanket considerably and looks great!

This pirate pattern is for a monk so you can only see his big nose under all of that hair and beard. With his cute captains hat and navy and gold coat he is definitely a pirate pattern to be included!

Pirate Gonk by Hooked on Patterns

Free on the blog – The pirate outfit is a free pattern to fit the paid Santa Gonk (linked in the post). There is just something about this little chap that I love! You can find the pattern and the link to the body by clicking the photo.

Pirates Ami Pattern by Make Me Roar

This is a paid pattern on Kate’s website.

I just love this one. If this has been available when my daughter went through her pirate phase I would have totally made her one!

Check it out by clicking on the photo.

Skull Appliqué by Handmade by Raine

Free on the blog post – plus a video tutorial.

This appliqué can be used to add a pirate feel to a whole host of projects from blankets to beanies, bags and so much more!

Click the picture to check it out.

Pirate Octopus by Crochet at Teri’s

Ravelry listing – I just love these!

Imagine the adventures at sea that your pirate will have with these pirate octopi!

The question is – Will they be friend or foe?

Batten Down the Hatches Blanket from Auburncraft Crochet Design

Paid pattern – Sue has some amazing designs – and this one fits the pirate theme!

Use filet crochet techniques to create this stunning masterpiece.

Piro the Pirate Parrot by Pink Tomato Crochet

Paid pattern on Etsy.

This is another essential for any self-respecting Pirate Captain! Complete with cap, eyepatch and wooden leg, I couldn’t miss Piro out of this round-up!

Click the photo to check him out.

Pirate Baby Cocoon from Heidi Yates

Paid pattern on Ravelry. Let’s not forget about your littlest pirates of all!

This pirate baby cocoon is such a sweet pattern on Ravelry.

Check it out by clicking on the photo.

Pirate Khyler’s Hooded Blanket by Heidi Yates

Paid Ravelry listing – Heidi also has this awesome hooded blanket for that special little pirate in your life!

I love all of the details that Heidi has included in this one – hook, parrot, hood that looks like a captains hat … it is all there!

Click the photo to check it out.

Pirate Hook, Hat and Eye Patch from Vliegende Hollander

Paid Etsy listing – And let’s not forget about the biggest pirates of all!

I came across this listing on Etsy and love it! Let’s get the whole family involved!

Click the photo to check it out.

There you have it – 15 awesome patterns to help you celebrate International Talk like a Pirate Day! Many of them would also make great halloween costumes.

Let me know which ones you decide to make and feel free to share a pic of them with me!

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