Surprise Your Little Pirate With A Cozy Ship Crochet Blanket

Surprise Your Little Pirate With A Cozy Ship Crochet Blanket
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Are you looking for a creative and fun way to surprise your favorite little pirate? With this ship corner to corner crochet blanket pattern, you can bring the wonders of the high seas to life.

Not only is this adorable crochet project sure to make their day, it will also keep them nice and cozy during those cool nights.

There’s something so special about the boundless imagination of small children.

As a parent, a god-parent and an aunt, I’ve been lucky enough to witness some truly incredible stories come to life in the minds of the little ones.

Recently, my nephew got a taste of the joy that comes with crafting and creativity. He saw me working on a corner to corner crochet blanket pattern featuring pirates and hidden treasure. His eyes lit up. Suddenly he was off on a wild adventure with his dinosaurs, imagining all of the fun they’d have exploring pirate-infested waters and braving sea monster attacks.

Watching him be so inspired was truly heartwarming. And needless to say, those finished blankets found a home in his bedroom as soon as they were complete.

I’m betting that the swashbuckling little ones in your life will also love this pattern!

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Inspiration behind the Pirate Ship design

Did you know that each year on September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day?!

It is one of those fun days that always inspires me. In truth, I don’t always write up the patterns hat I come up with for it. Maybe I should….

But it is so much fun to go hunting for appropriate patterns to gift to the little people in my life who embrace days like these.

When you think of pirates what do you think of first? Pirate ships and lost treasure are definitely the top two for me. That is why I just had to design this C2C pirate ship crochet blanket pattern.

I hope you love it as much as my nephew and I do.

Construction of corner to corner crochet blanket patterns

This is a corner to corner afghan pattern. As such it is worked flat and in diagonal rows and you will use bobbins.. You can use the HDC method (as I have here) or the DC method for a slightly larger blanket.

I just love how corner to corner blankets are reversible too!

Not a fan of working up corner to corner blanket projects? You can absolutely use the chart to work up a sc or larger half double crochet wall hanging.


I have a free learn to corner to corner course . It has helped a lot of crocheters to master corner to corner. Together we look at reading the patterns, as well as how to do the stitch, increases and decreases and colour changes. I will show you how to work both squares and rectangles too. We also make a couple of free pattern projects together!

The Yarn

For this particular crochet blanket pattern I used Paintbox Simply Aran. I am a big fan of this yarn. And I bought enough for several blankets I had in the design stage the last time it was on sale.

When it comes to yarn for a crochet blanket for children I would recommend looking for an acrylic yarn. It minimises the chances of an allergy being triggered, usually wears well and can be washed and cool dried in the tumble dryer. So it is just what you need when you have adventurous little ones.

Paintbox simply aran yarns are is 100% acrylic yarn, which is great for blankets for little ones and adults alike because you don’t really have to worry about allergies to wool. And it is a lovely, soft yarn (it actually gets softer when washed).

This yarn works up great. It has a LOT of colour options and shades available and is very cost effective so great if you are on a budget.

Get the PDF pattern!

You can find the ad-free PDF Pattern, which includes charts, written and colour block instructions for this one, in all of my shops:

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Did you know that I also have a sister pattern for this one? The Pirate Map corner to corner blanket is also available. This one is adorable too. And it’s also sure to get the imagination of the little ones in your life running wild!

You can purchase both the Ship and the Map patterns for a special price of £6, saving you 25%. Just click the button below:

Pirate ship blanket Tester Appreciation:

My testers did an amazing job with their Pirate Ship corner to corner crochet blankets! Check out their versions:

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