21 Crochet Patterns that are Perfect Makes for Men

21 Crochet Patterns that are Perfect Makes for Men
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I don’t know about you but I sometimes struggle to be inspired when I am looking for crochet patterns for men.

And now is the time when we generally start thinking about it. We are gearing up for our holiday makes, writing our lists of projects that we want to make or gift. But some people are just difficult to think of gifts for!

The men in my family all appreciate a bottle for Christmas. But the last few years I have refused to bend to that. So I have forced myself into a corner of coming up with other gift ideas. Almost all of them appreciate the effort that goes into handmade gifts, so now I challenge myself to find them something that I can make.

I first hosted the Just for Him event in 2021. (The bundle for this is still available if you want to check it out!) It was a great success! And many of the patterns featured are still available as free on the designers’ blog posts.


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Crochet Patterns for Men: the roundup

So without further ado, let’s get on with showing you some fantastic ideas for crochet patterns for men that you can make!

To go to the listing or the blog post just click the photo of the pattern you are interested in!

Don’t forget to click the photo or the heading for each pattern to go to the blog post or listing.

Richard Cup Cozy by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Free on the blog post – Cup cozies make great gifts, especially when teamed with a re-usable cup and a gift voucher!

The Richard Cup Cozy was designed specifically with men in mind – the texture is great but unisex so is perfect for anyone!

Whether they drink cold or hot drinks, you can’t go far wrong with this pattern.

Upper Eastside Sweater from Two Brothers Blankets

Paid pattern – I love the simplicity of this sweater pattern!

You can really play around with colour choices for this one or make it plain without any striping. It is written for sizes small to extra large.

Jimmy Beanie by Jo’s Crafty Hook

Free on the blog post – I do love to crochet a few cables every once in a while!

This hat is perfect for the men in your life – whether you are making it as a gift or adding it your donation box!

Highlands Beanie by Carroway Crochet

Free pattern on the blog post – This beanie is made mainly in spirals from the bottom up so is super easy for beginners as well as experienced crocheters.

It uses the HDC stitch so has a lot of subtle texture that men seem to go for / prefer.

Modern Men’s Scarf from Pam’s Cozy Corner

Free pattern on the blog post – I love all of the fantastic textures that Pam has included in this design.

There are a couple of potential new stitches in this one, but I think a confident beginner can give them a try!

Pacifica Beanie from Crafting Each Day

Free pattern on the blog post – This pattern is written for an adult male and is one size, but it is super easy to adapt for a bigger head as you make it in a rectangle and then sew it together. All you need to do is adjust the length of your rectangle!

Winter Color Block Scarf by Remington Lane Crochet

Free pattern on the blog post – this pattern looks fabulous, but it is made with a twist – the scarf is crocheted lengthwise rather than the shorter widthwise.

This means that you can really master the art of colour changing while working up this fabulous pattern.

Long December Scarf by Craftopia Collective

Paid pattern.

At the time of writing this post, this pattern was a paid pattern only.

But it is a cute one! I love the subtle texture that is in this scarf and the fact that you can use team colours or what you have in your stash or scrap bucket to make this one!

Modern Men’s Crochet Headband by My Crochet Space

Free pattern on the blog – I love this pattern! It’s a little out of the box, but it looks great while still being a great pattern for men.

This one uses the herringbone half double crochet – currently one of my favourite stitches.

F Bomb bowling bag from My Fingers Fly

Paid pattern – If the men in your life love bowling then this pattern is for you!

Bowling bags make such a unique gift idea, and Lisa has a few different ones available so be sure to check them out.

Stoney Beanie by Regina P Designs

Free pattern on the blog post – I am loving the texture in this design. And the finished hat looks so warm and cozy!

It is perfect if your men are outdoorsy types, and for those fall and winter evenings where you might take the kids to a fair, watch the fireworks or just walk the dogs.

The Smokey Ridge Beanie by Crochets by Trista.

Free on the blog post – The texture on this beanie isn’t fussy and is perfect for the men in your life. Trista has also worked a great ‘brim’ section for this beanie that makes this one a great crochet pattern for men!

Click the photo to go to the pattern.

The Oasis Weighted Throw by Ambassador Crochet

Free on the blog post – This throw is perfect for anyone! The simple texture is not overly fussy and who doesn’t love to snuggle under a blanket every now and then?

Click the photo to go to the pattern.

Woodland Scarf by MadameStitch

Free pattern on the blog post.

I just love the use of the chocolate and fudge colours in this scarf!

The texture is beautiful and perfect for the men in your lives!

What colours will you use?

Ainsley Beanie by Blue Star Crochet

This is another fabulous hat pattern from Veronika at Blue Star Crochet.

The texture is perfect for the men so it will make a fabulous holiday gift or item for the donation box!

Click the photo to check out the free on the blog pattern.

Champion Hat by Creations by Courtney

Free pattern on the blog post – I love the detail in this hat from Courtney!

The design on the front is so unique and I love the colours that she has used.

Click the photo to check it out.

Relaxing Waves Pillow from Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Free on the blog post – Sometimes I think men get a bit of a bum deal when it comes to patterns, especially patterns for the home.

So I designed this throw pillow which is perfect for sprucing up their room, putting on their laps when they are playing computer games, or just cuddling up with when watching a movie.

Click the photo to check it out!

Upper Eastside Washcloth from Two Brothers Blankets

Free on the blog – I know lots of men that love a handmade washcloth!

This one has some great texture that will add a touch of interested without it being to much, so it is a perfect gift for the men in your life!

Why not team it with some bathroom essentials for a great gift idea?

Leon Hat by Knitting with Chopsticks.

Free on the blog – I love the use of two rows of colour in this design.

This is a simple construction worked top down with the texture emphasised through the use of colour.

Click the photo to check it out.

Catbells Cowl by Keep Calm and Crochet on UK.

free pattern on the blog post.

It isn’t often that you come across a cowl designed for men, but it works!

And I love the inspiration behind the design on this one.

Click the photo to check it out.

Scally Cap by Heart, Hook Home.

Free pattern on the blog post – This cap is perfect for men of all ages and actually has a fairly simple construction. So if you are a confident beginner you can absolutely give this one a try!

Click the photo to check it out.

Richard Wrist Warmers by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Free pattern on the blog post –

These wrist warmers are great for beginners and have proven very popular with the men that I know!

Click the photo to check it out.