Mountains Corner to Corner Square – Free Pattern

Mountains Corner to Corner Square – Free Pattern
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The Mountains corner to corner square is the final square in the 2022 Kinship Afghan CAL.

December 11th is International Mountain Day and is promoted by the United Nations. It started to be officially recognised in 2002.

We often recognise that our seas are in danger of overfishing, pollution etc but do we ever really think about the mountains?

Because so few people live on mountains I am going to be honest and say it is not an area where I thought conservation needed to focus. Boy am I wrong! This CAL has given me the opportunity to look into more things throughout the year and I have learned so much!

Mountains provide fresh water for half of humanity!

This makes sense when you think about it. But that is A LOT of water!

Mountains are also at risk of being over-exploited and climate change is really impacting them.

Final thought for the day – it is primarily women who manage and keep the mountains

  • the mountains are their homes and they rely on them for their survival,
  • with men being forced to work in towns and cities the women are left to look after the mountains
  • it is usually the women who pass on their knowledge of the mountains to the next generation.

Inspiration behind the design

The instant I saw International Mountain Day in my research the idea for this square just came to me. And the more I read about it the more I wanted to know.

If you want to find out more about it here are a couple of shorter articles that I found interesting:

Anyway, back to my square. Do you like it?

The completed Kinship Afghan looks fantastic!

Construction of the design

The Mountains corner to corner square uses the corner to corner technique.

It is 25 x 25 blocks.

You can use the double correct or half double crochet stitches.

The skill level for this one is easy because there are not a lot of colour changes within it.

As it is a square it is worked flat and in rows.



Throughout 2022 I am releasing one square a month. The mountains corner to corner square is the final square! The theme of this CAL is international days and holidays that are not political or religiously motivated. This is why I named it the Kinship CAL – everyone can join in and just have fun with it.

If you want to check out all of the squares in this CAL and get the links to the free patterns you can visit my round up post here.

Additionally, there is also the opportunity to purchase the e-book which contains all 13 (yes, there is one extra in there for November for the adults) for only £6.50! If this is your preference just click the button below

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I have a free learn to corner to corner course . It has helped a lot of crocheters to master corner to corner. Together we look at reading the patterns, as well as how to do the stitch, increases and decreases and colour changes. I will show you how to work both squares and rectangles too. We also make a couple of free pattern projects together!

The Yarn

I mention in every pattern post for this CAL that the aim of it was to use my stash and scraps. And I did. There was absolutely no new yarn bought for this afghan.

This particular square uses Caron Simply Soft exclusively. As you can see you only need 5 colours (although you could easily make the sun one solid colour).


Get the PDF pattern!

You can find the ad-free PDF Pattern for this one in all of my shops. The PDF Pattern includes the chart, written and colour block instructions.

Get the supplies I used!

Want to get the exact supplies that I used? You can get them by clicking the images below! (Note: each link is an affiliate link, with which I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

High End Supplies

Middle Cost Supplies

Budget Supplies

The Mountain corner to corner Square Pattern Specifics


. #4 weight yarn 5 colors 
·      5mm hook
·      Scissors
·      Tapestry needle
·      Blocking mats and pins (optional)


Does not matter as long as tension is consistent.


Once completed your square blocked is approximately 12”-14″ square depending on tension if using HDC

Abbreviations used:

·      Ch(s) – chain(s)
·      St(s) – stitch(es)
·      The arrows indicate which way the row is worked according to the graph – left to right or right to left.

Other notes:

– Written in US terms. 
– Chain 1 does not count as a stitch.
– There are no special stitches used in this pattern.
– This is corner to corner graph and as so is worked bottom right to top left on the right side.
To work out how much yarn you will need for your mountains corner to corner square, you will need to do a sample swatch with the stitch you intend to use (HDC or DC). Then measure how much yarn you used per block and multiply that by the number of blocks of that color and adding some for the tails to be worked in at the end.

The Mountains Corner to Corner Square Pattern:

** This is a free pattern on the blog. Please do not copy and paste any part of it or print this pattern out. Please bookmark this page and use the website to work up your pattern. This helps my small business greatly as it provides a little bit of ad revenue which will in turn will allow me to continue to create free content for you!**


The chart for the mountains corner to corner square
The stitch counts for the mountains corner to corner square so you can work out yardage required.

Written Pattern:

 Row 1: (green) x 1 (1 square)

 Row 2: (green) x 2 (2 squares)

 Row 3: (green) x 3 (3 squares)

 Row 4: (dark green) x 1, (green) x 3 (4 squares)

 Row 5: (green) x 4, (dark green) x 1 (5 squares)

 Row 6: (dark green) x 2, (green) x 4 (6 squares)

 Row 7: (green) x 5, (dark green) x 2 (7 squares)

 Row 8: (dark green) x 3, (green) x 5 (8 squares)

 Row 9: (green) x 6, (dark green) x 3 (9 squares)

 Row 10: (dark green) x 3, (green) x 7 (10 squares)

 Row 11: (green) x 7, (dark green) x 4 (11 squares)

 Row 12: (dark green) x 4, (green) x 8 (12 squares)

 Row 13: (green) x 8, (dark green) x 5 (13 squares)

 Row 14: (dark green) x 5, (green) x 9 (14 squares)

 Row 15: (green) x 9, (dark green) x 6 (15 squares)

 Row 16: (dark green) x 6, (green) x 9, (blue) x 1 (16 squares)

 Row 17: (blue) x 1, (green) x 10, (dark green) x 6 (17 squares)

 Row 18: (dark green) x 7, (green) x 9, (blue) x 2 (18 squares)

 Row 19: (blue) x 2, (green) x 10, (dark green) x 7 (19 squares)

 Row 20: (dark green) x 8, (green) x 9, (blue) x 3 (20 squares)

 Row 21: (blue) x 3, (green) x 10, (dark green) x 8 (21 squares)

 Row 22: (dark green) x 9, (green) x 9, (blue) x 4 (22 squares)

 Row 23: (blue) x 4, (green) x 10, (dark green) x 9 (23 squares)

 Row 24: (dark green) x 10, (green) x 9, (blue) x 5 (24 squares)

 Row 25: (blue) x 5, (green) x 10, (dark green) x 10 (25 squares)

Corner at both sides

 Row 26: (dark green) x 10, (green) x 9, (blue) x 5 (24 squares)

 Row 27: (blue) x 4, (green) x 10, (dark green) x 9 (23 squares)

 Row 28: (dark green) x 9, (green) x 9, (blue) x 4 (22 squares)

 Row 29: (blue) x 4, (green) x 6, (yellow) x 3, (dark green) x 8 (21 squares)

 Row 30: (dark green) x 8, (yellow) x 7, (orange) x 4, (blue) x 1 (20 squares)

 Row 31: (blue) x 1, (orange) x 4, (yellow) x 7, (dark green) x 7 (19 squares)

 Row 32: (dark green) x 7, (yellow) x 6, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 4 (18 squares)

 Row 33: (blue) x 4, (orange) x 1, (yellow) x 6, (dark green) x 6 (17 squares)

 Row 34: (dark green) x 6, (yellow) x 5, (orange) x 2, (blue) x 3 (16 squares)

 Row 35: (blue) x 1, (orange) x 4, (yellow) x 4, (dark green) x 6 (15 squares)

 Row 36: (dark green) x 5, (yellow) x 4, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 2, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 1 (14 squares)

 Row 37: (blue) x 3, (orange) x 7, (blue) x 3 (13 squares)

 Row 38: (blue) x 3, (orange) x 6, (blue) x 3 (12 squares)

 Row 39: (blue) x 2, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 2, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 2, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 2 (11 squares)

 Row 40: (orange) x 2, (blue) x 2, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 3, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 1 (10 squares)

 Row 41: (blue) x 1, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 3, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 2, (orange) x 1 (9 squares)

 Row 42: (blue) x 3, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 4 (8 squares)

 Row 43: (blue) x 2, (orange) x 2, (blue) x 3 (7 squares)

 Row 44: (blue) x 3, (orange) x 1, (blue) x 2 (6 squares)

 Row 45: (blue) x 5 (5 squares)

 Row 46: (blue) x 4 (4 squares)

 Row 47: (blue) x 3 (3 squares)

 Row 48: (blue) x 2 (2 squares)

 Row 49: (blue) x 1 (1 square)