Make Someone Smile with this Beautiful Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern

Make Someone Smile with this Beautiful Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern
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Are you looking for a simple and sweet gift that’s perfect for any special occasion? Look no further than this delightful crochet mug cozy!

Whether you’re stitching one up to give as a birthday present, say thank you, or just to let them know they’re always in your heart; this beautiful mug cozy crochet pattern is sure to be an appreciated gift!

Not only will this adorable handmade cozy add a touch of sweetness and charm to any morning coffee routine, it’s also an incredibly fast and simple pattern that won’t break your crafting schedule. With just one ball of yarn and some basic crocheting skills, you can create something beautiful in no time – making sure that they know just how much you care about them.

You can easily customize it in your loved one’s favorite colors or make simple adjustments like adding fun buttons. Not only will they be overjoyed by your thoughtful gift but it’s also practical; cozying up their favorite tea or coffee mugs while creating smiles each and every day!

So grab your hooks and get ready to make someone smile with this lovely mug cozy crochet pattern.

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Inspiration behind the design

Ok, it is confession time here. This pattern has been sitting waiting to be released for almost 4 years!!

You see, I went through a phase when I first started designing of creating lots of smaller patterns. There was a range of reasons for this – I was inspired, I was learning to be a designer and I was having fun. Then I would hold patterns back as I knew they would be great for some events that I was joining. And I would get another idea and put that one in instead. And so the cycle continued.

But this year I have managed to release quite a few patterns that have been patiently waiting in the wings for their turn in the spotlight. After this one, I am down to 2 still waiting.

This particular mug cozy crochet pattern was designed when I was in the throws of designing the Robin Collection. You may remember my gorgeous Robin’s Poncho? It has since been followed up with a Robin’s Cables Afghan and the ever so popular Robin’s Sleeved Wrap!

Now you can finish off the cozy theme with the Robin Mug Cozy crochet pattern! I hope you like it…

Construction of the design

This mug cozy crochet pattern uses only basic stitches right up to the crab stitch stitch edging. So it is great for beginner crocheters too.The texture is subtle but I think so much prettier than the photos show off.

However, you could swap the crab stitch for a simple single crochet or slip stitch edge if you prefer.

The main body for this design is worked in rows with the final two rows changing to rounds.

The chain (which creates the loop for the button) can easily be adjusted in length so that the mug cozy will fit any standard sized coffee cup.

The Yarn

You may use any yarn that does not melt in decently warm temperatures. Remember this is going around a cup or mug that has hot drinks in it!

However, I would always recommend you use a cotton for your mug cozies if at all possible. Cotton absorbs heat, does not stretch or melt unless the heat is extreme (so it is perfect for kitchen projects) and will keep its shape, colour and size very well. And what is not to love about being able to throw it in the washing machine without worrying too much about it?

As you do not need a lot of cotton or yarn for this project, it is also a perfect scrap busting project too!

Get the PDF pattern!

You can find the ad-free PDF Pattern for this one in all of my shops:

The pattern specifics:


#4 worsted weight cotton (approx. 45 yards)
5mm hook
Stitch markers (optional)
Tapestry needle


Finished size – approx 9’’ (excluding tab) by 3.5’’

To make it larger increase row 1 by multiples of 3.

To make sure your gauge is about right measure the length of your cozy after a row or two – it should be between 1/4”- 1/2” smaller than the finished size.

Abbreviations used:

sc–single crochet
ss–slip stitch
FO – fasten off
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet

Other notes:

Written in US terms
Chain 1 does not count as a stitch unless specifically stated.

Special stitches:

Camel Stitch: This is also known as “third loop” hdc.  

To do this: YO, insert hook into the THIRD loop of the HDC from the previous row (this will be a horizontal bar below the two loops you normally work into.)  Pull up a loop, YO and pull thru all 3 loops on your hook.

You can find our video tutorial on how to do the camel stitch in rows here : 

Crab Stitch: This is a wonderful border stitch!  To do this: ch1, sc in the stitch to the RIGHT of your hook (you normally work to the left).  Do this all the way around, and slip stitch where you can INSIDE the project.  This automatically creates a twisted “crab claw” look.    

Back Loop Only: 

You can find our video for this below 

The Pattern:

** This is a free pattern on the blog. If you are reading this anywhere else it is stolen content. Please do not copy and paste any part of it or print this pattern out. Please bookmark this page and use the website to work up your pattern. This helps my small business greatly as it provides a little bit of ad revenue which will in turn will allow me to continue to create free content for you!**

Row 1            fsc 31 or ch32 and sc in second ch from hook and each st across. (31)

Row 2            Ch1, turn,  hdc in each st across. (31)

Row 3            Ch1, turn, camel stitch in first st and each stitch and in each around, (31)

Row 4            Ch1, turn, [sc, hdc, dc] in the first st, sk2, *[sc, hdc, dc] in the next st, sk 2*

                        Repeat from * to * until you have 3 sts remaining, sk2, sc in the last st.

Row 5            Repeat row 4

Row 6            Rep row 2 (31)

Row 7            repeat row 3 (31)


Round 1        Ch1, turn,  sc evenly around the mug cozy

Round 2,       ch1, turn, crab st in each st around. On the last short side when you reach approximately the middle ch9 and continue to crab stitch around. SS to join.

Note: Check that your loop is large enough to go around your button at the point!

FO and weave in ends.

Sew button onto short side opposite the chain loop.