Granny’s Not Biased – An Easy & Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

Granny’s Not Biased – An Easy & Free Crochet Scarf Pattern
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This free crochet scarf pattern is also easy, so it is great for beginners who are confident with single and double crochets. I also have a full video tutorial to help you through it!

The granny stitch has been around for what feels like forever. It was probably the most popular in the 1970s but in recent years has seen somewhat of a resurgence.

And why not?! There are so many patterns out there that show that the granny stitch can have a very modern look to it. I think I did a pretty good job illustrating this with my Summer Breeze Tee.

Inspiration behind the design

But with this crochet scarf pattern I went right back to basics …. with a slight twist. I have added the chevron element. This is what gives it the zig-zag look and feel and produces those rather quirky edges that I just love.

Of course, if you prefer not to have those chevron edges, you can very easily sew the ends together and create an infinity scarf! They will slot together like a jigsaw so it is not difficult to do so.

I also love that you can make this scarf pattern with one skein of Lionbrand Mandala yarn. Or you can gather your #3 (or #4) weight scraps and part used skeins to make this one.

I used one skein of Mandala in Pegasus and my scarf was 9″ wide and 69″ long.

Construction of the design

This free crochet scarf pattern is worked in short rows. The first 2 rows set up the chevron and from row 3 it is a 1 row repeat. This is perfect because you can just keep repeating the one row until your scarf is the perfect length (or until you run out of your scraps or part used skeins).

It is a fabulous project for working while you are watching your favourite TV series, or just need a break from a bigger project.

The Yarn

I used one skein of Lionbrand Mandala in Pegasus for my scarf. It is a #3 weight yarn that is 100% acrylic. You can wash it up to 40 degrees and can also tumble dry it if you need to on a low heat.

Using a #3 weight yarn for this one means that there is a lot of drape in your crochet scarf. This makes it easy to wear while still being warm.

Of course, as we are using a 5mm hook for this one you can also use #4 weight yarn comfortably. Just remember that there may not be as much drape in it and your crochet scarf may end up being a wee bit wider.

I would like to challenge you to use your stash and scraps to make this scarf and then share it with me!

Get the PDF pattern!

Not everyone loves to follow a pattern on their computer or phone screen. For those that prefer, you can find the ad-free PDF Pattern for the Granny’s Not Biased Scarf in all of my shops. Just click your preferred link below:

**NOTE – if you are here for the New Years Resolutions Event these buttons will not get you the Free PDF Pattern – you need to scroll to the bottom of the page!**

The pattern specifics:


·       Approx. 590 yards in any #3 weight yarn – I used 1 skein of Lionbrand Mandala in Pegasus.
·       5mm hook
·       Stitch markers (optional)
·       Scissors
·       Tapestry needle


Not important for this project. Size will depend on yarn and hook used.


My scarf was 69” long and 9” wide

Abbreviations used:

·      Ch(s)–chain(s)
·      St(s)–stitch(es)
·      Sk – skip
·      Sp- space
·      SC – single crochet
·      DC – double crochet
DC3Tog – Double crochet 3 together

Other notes:

·      Written in US terms.
·      Ch stitches at the beginning do count as a st unless otherwise stated. 
·      There is a stitch chart at the bottom of the pattern – it shows only part of the scarf so you can see how the stitches are placed. 

Special Stitches:


YO, insert hook into indicated stitch, YO and pull through, YO and pull through 2 loops on hook. YO, insert hook into next st, YO and pull through, YO and pull through 2 loops on hook. YO, insert hook into next st, YO and pull through, YO and pull through 2 loops on hook. YO and pull through all 4 loops on hook

Video Tutorials for this free crochet scarf pattern

I do have both left and right handed video tutorials for the first 4 rows of the scarf (from row 3 onwards it is a 1 row repeat). If you prefer the video tutorials you can find them below:

Right Handed version
Left Handed version

The free crochet scarf pattern:

** This is a free pattern on the blog. Please do not copy and paste any part of it or print this pattern out. Please bookmark this page and use the website to work up your pattern. This helps my small business greatly as it provides a little bit of ad revenue which will in turn will allow me to continue to create free content for you!**

Row 1: Ch49, SC in second ch from hook and each ch across. (48)

Row 2: Turn, CH3 (counts as a DC), sk next 2 sts [3 DC in next st, sk2] 3 times, [3 DC, CH3, 3 DC} in next st, [sk 2 sts, 3 DC in next st] 2 times, sk next 2 sts, DC3Tog in next st, sk next 4 sts, DC3Tog in next st, [sk next 2 sts, 3 DC in next st] twice, sk next 2 sts, [3DC, CH3, 3DC] in next st, [sk 2 sts, 3 DC in next st] 3 times, sk next 2 sts. DC in last st.

Row 3: Turn, CH3 (counts as a DC).

 Note: Now we will be working in the ‘spaces’ between the sets of 3DC. Working between the first two sets of 3DC from the row below, work 3DC, *work 3DC in the sp between the last set of 3DC from the previous row and the next set. Rep from * once more. In the CH3 sp, work [3DC, CH3, 3DC]. 3 DC in each of the next 2 sps, DC3Tog in next sp, sk the next sp (this is the space between the DC3Tog sts from the previous row), DC3Tog in sp between the DC3Tog and 3DC. Work 3DC in next 2 sps, in the CH3 sp, work [3DC, CH3, 3DC}. Work 3 DC in each of the next 3 sps, DC into top of turning CH3 from previous row.

Rows 4 – 121: Rep row 3 until your scarf is as long as desired.

FO and weave in ends.

You may want to block your scarf.

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