Crochet Napkin Ring Free Pattern

Crochet Napkin Ring Free Pattern
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Jorja Napkin Ring, a free crochet pattern from the Jorja table set

crochet napkin ring free pattern

What tableware collection would be complete without crochet napkin rings?

They are so often missed when designing patterns for tableware collections.

How to crochet a napkin ring should be the first item you learn to crochet for the kitchen! 

I think napkin rings are making something of a resurgence recently.

For many years they have been undervalued in giving your table that ‘finished’ look when you are trying to make a good impression or simply just like your table to look pretty!

They are also a great stash buster!

Once I had decided to include napkin rings, the next challenge was which style to go for ….

I couldn’t decide and prototype three different designs.

The problem was that once it was made, neither Sara nor I could pick a favourite to include, so we thought we would spoil you and include all three patterns!

You can decide which ones you prefer.

You will notice that the photos of the whole collection on my kitchen table include all of these options.

I think it gives each place setting something unique, kind of like those glass charms you get to identify which class is yours at a party.

As always, we would love to see your take on our designs, so feel free to share them with us on Facebook, Instagram, Ravelry, or our blog!


Let’s get started ….

As with the other patterns in this collection, you will need to know the following:

foundation single crochet (FSc) (video

Paired single crochet (Psc)  – this is one of our stitches of the week.

You will also need:

Abbreviations used:


FSC – Foundation single crochet

PSC – paired single crochet


Sk – skip

SS – slip stitch



*to*–Repeat the instructions written between the two *

 FO – fasten off

Option 1: the solid one

napkin ring free crochet pattern

Note: this one is made flat, and then the shorter sides are sewn together at the end

Row 1 – chain 20, in second chain from hook sc, then Psc in each stitch across, ch1, turn.

Row 2 – sc in first st, Psc in each stitch across (19 stitches)

Rows 3-5 – ch1, turn, repeat row 2



Row 6–turn, ss across each stitch (19 ss)

Leave a long tail, sew short sides together and weave in ends.

Option 2: the striped one

napkin ring free crochet pattern

Note: you can either follow option 1, changing colour at the beginning of each row, or work it in the round so that you can carry your colours up at the back and not have so many ends to weave in! Surprisingly I worked in the round as I HATE those pesky ends!)

To work in the round:

Rnd 1 – Fsc 19, ss to first stitch to create the round shape.



Rnd 2-5 – change to desired colour, ch1, Psc around

FO, weave in ends.

Option 3: The two-textured one

napkin ring free crochet pattern

Note, it is easier to work this one flat and then sew the ends together.

In colour A:

Row 1 – FSC 19, ch1, turn

Row2 – sc in first st, Psc 18

In colour B:

Row 3 – ch4 (counts as ch1 plus ch3), *sk1, ss into next st , ch3,* across , turn

Rows 4-5 – ch4, ss into first ch3, *chain 3, ss into next ch3* across

In colour A:

Row 4 – 2sc in each ch3 space across and sc in last stitch (19 scs), ch1, turn

Row 5 – sc in first st, Psc in each stitch across.



FO leaving a long tail, sew sides together and weave in ends.


Stash Busting Challenge 16th – 22nd June 2021:

From 16th June 2021, for ONE WEEK ONLY, you can download these patterns as a free pdf from our Ravelry store using the coupon code. If you need the code, you can find it by clicking the button below:


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Pattern pdf downloads

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That’s all there is to it! Don’t forget to share your projects with us!

Be sure to check back real soon for the next part—the placemat!

If you would like an ad-free version of all of these napkin ring patterns, you can head over to our Ravelry or LoveCrafts stores as well as our Etsy Store for an ad- free PDF download or download here.

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