29 Free and Paid Preemie Baby Crochet Patterns

29 Free and Paid Preemie Baby Crochet Patterns
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I am hosting a preemie baby crochet pattern event – the Preemie Crochet Challenge – once more this year. This is the fourth year I have hosted this event. You can still see all of the wonderful patterns for previous events at the links below. Many of them are still free on the designers’ blog posts.

Preemie Crochet Challenge 2022

Preemie Crochet Challenge 2021

And Preemie Crochet Challenge 2020.

You can also read why this crochet challenge is so important to me here.

For first-time, second-time, third-time, and any-time parents, preparing for a baby is an exhausting task. You have to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare yourself to nurture your little one. Alongside these challenges, having a premature baby can be one of the most terrifying experiences new parents go through. The guilt, the what-if’s the constant messages from family asking for updates…. I’ve been through it.

My daughter was a preemie baby and finding baby crochet patterns to fit her was a challenge!
My Jorja at a few days old

On top of the overwhelm, there are feeling of uselessness and information overload. Sometimes even finding things that are designed for these super tiny babies can be difficult. When coupled with the fact that you are also living at the hospital sometimes it all seems impossible. This is where these great preemie baby crochet patterns can make such a difference!

This challenge was designed to send love and support to new parents of a preemie baby. The smallest gesture of bonding squares, or a tiny hat that actually fits can really help!

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Before we start …..


As in previous years, I’d like to also shed light on Bonding Squares and what they are. You will be surprised just how fantastic these special preemie baby crochet patterns can be!

I find bonding square to be quick and easy! They are made in pairs and are usually between 5″ and 7″ squares. When a baby can’t be held by mum, bonding squares help to create a connection between them. Mum wears one of them against her skin for a few hours. Her scent is transferred to the square. The square is then given to baby and mum gets the other square to repeat the process. Through this, the baby learns their mum’s scent and a bond between them is created. This is also a great way for mum to feel closer to her baby. And it gives her something practical to do when she cannot hold her baby. The Bonding Squares you crochet could help a mother and newborn through their loneliest points.

Once you have made a pair of bonding squares to donate, you can turn the bonding square into a washcloth! Simply use 4 weight (aran) yarn and a 5mm hook if the pattern called for 3 weight (DK) yarn and 4mm hook. I did this with one of my patterns this year and it turned out great! Alternatively, you can use your scraps and double strand your yarn. I have a post with a free printable to help you do this here.

The Patterns for 2023:

To make it easier for you to find what you are looking for I have listed all of the patterns below. The first section are patterns that are still free on the designer’s blog posts. The second section are premium (paid) only patterns.

Free on the Designer’s blog posts:

Don't under-estimate the power of bonding squares when looking at preemie baby crochet patterns to donate!

Little Dots Bonding Square by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Bonding squares are small but mighty, just like the babies they help! You can read more about them above.

The ‘little dots’ are designed to squash so if a baby lies on it they just flatten and do not dig into baby. By the end of this event you will have a little dots collection to donate!

Once you have made a set of these to donate you can make more in 4 weight cotton and 5mm hook to get the perfect sized washcloth!

Click the photo to go to the blog post.

Crochet Preemie Cocoon and Hat from Hooked For Life Publishing

Cocoons are great in hospitals , especially when baby has tubes or wires. They tend to hold the tubes better so mum and dad can get cuddles with their baby without feeling too nervous about accidentally pulling them.

This sweet cocoon and hat set for preemies is easy to stitch in the round in double crochet with front post “segments”. Don’t fancy an orange? Try green for lime or yellow for lemon!

Click the photo to be taken to the designer’s post.

Nugget Bonding Squares from Ambassador Crochet

Bonding squares are one of my favourite patterns to donate to NICUs:

  • You get to play with some texture
  • They work up super quickly
  • They are great stash busting projects
  • They are unassuming but do so much for mum (or dad) and baby!

This is the first of 3 patterns that Kristine will be sharing during this event – and they all make a rather fabulous set once completed.

Click the photo to go to the blog post

Little Puff Bonding Squares from Simply Melanie Jane

Crochet bonding squares are a wonderful way for babies and moms to bond in the NICU. This square is soft and has little raised textures for tiny hands to feel.

Click the photo to go to the blog post.

Teeny Little Preemie Beanie by Two Brothers Blankets

The Teenie Little Preemie Beanie comes in 4 sizes for newborns ranging from 2lbs to 8lbs. It’s a simple and quick top down project.

You could tip up a few of these to donate in no time!

This pattern is available as a free pdf for the duration of this event!

Click the photo to go to the blog post.

Blankets are firm favourites when it comes to making a baby crochet pattern - and this one is stunning.

Cleo Blanket from HanJan Crochet

This pattern is available as a free pdf for the duration of this event!

With subtle texture and simple stitches Cleo’s Cloud Blanket is the perfect thing to make in pretty much any size you like. A great gift or charitable make for when babies are strong enough to go on trips about the hospital and need an extra layer.

Click the photo to go to the blog post.

The little dots preemie baby cocoon crochet pattern is a perfect addition to the set!

Little Dots Preemie Cocoon from Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This preemie cocoon is the perfect match for the Little dots bonding squares and the other patterns that will feature from me in the Challenge this year.

Click the photo to check out the free pattern.

I love the flap int he back of the preemie baby crochet hat pattern!

Baby Bonnet from Blue Star Crochet

A precious preemie baby is a shining example of resilience and love. Celebrate their strength and mark their journey with a handmade, heartwarming preemie crochet bonnet hat to keep their head warm in a stylish way.

Veronika is also offering you the cardigan she designed for last year’s event as a free pdf if you sign up to her emails using the special sign up in her blog post.

Click the photo to go to the blog post.

Little Nugget Bonding Square by Crochets by Trista

The Little Nugget Bonding Square will help baby learn the smell of their loved ones while being cared for in the NICU.

Click the photo to check out the free pattern.

When thinking about preemie baby crochet patterns to make, hats are one of the first things that you will consider.

Quick and Simple Baby Hat by Crafting Each Day

Crochet an adorable hat with this quick and easy pattern. The pattern includes instructions for both preemies and newborns.

It’s a perfect way to use up some scrap yarn and a great item for your donation boxes!

Click the photo to go to the blog post.

Nugget Lovey by Ambassador Crochet

The Nugget Lovey pattern perfectly matches the nugget bonding squares. And there is another part to this baby crochet pattern collection below!

This lovey works up quickly and doesn’t require too much yarn, so you can use up some of your stash at the same time as creating an item that will be appreciated and loved.

This pattern is free on Kristine’s blog – just click the photo to check it out.

Granny’s Lovey by MadameStitch

A traditional granny square becomes a cuddly preemie blanket in Granny’s Little Lovey. Choose one color or mix it up with multiple fun colors for a unique little preemie lovey. A slip stitch seam adds a bit of texture and the whole lovey is finished off with a granny stitch border.

Click the photo to check out the free pattern.

looking for a quick and elegant preemie baby blanket crochet pattern? Try this one!

Quick Preemie Blanket by Fosbas Designs

A fun and easy crochet baby blanket pattern can be made within a day! Perfect as a gift or for donation.

Check out the free version by clicking on the photo.

Beach Bear Lovey by Creative Snugglies

This irresistibly adorable teddy bear security blanket is the ultimate baby shower gift that will have everyone cooing with delight. This soft and huggable bear brings joy and comfort to little ones. Its gentle touch makes it the perfect companion for playtime, nap time, or as a quiet sensory toy on-the-go. Safety is a top priority, so if it’s for a child under 3, embroider the eyes for worry-free snuggles.

Click the photo to see the free version of this pattern.

Precious Preemie Blanket by Carroway Crochet

This beautiful classic baby blanket crochet pattern with a scalloped border is just perfect for your donation boxes.

This one will work up really quite quickly and is perfect for crocheters of all skill levels.

Click the photo to check out the free pattern.

Rainbow Cloud Preemie Hat by Morine’s Shop

The Rainbow Cloud Hat is an easy crochet preemie hat pattern that comes in 3 newborn sizes for babies ranging from 1lbs to 8lbs. It’s named for the reminder of God’s love and faithfulness during stormy times.

Click the photo to find the free version of this pattern.

Little Dots Blanket from Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Designed specifically for the Preemie Crochet Challenge 2023, this preemie blanket is both practical and adorable. The subtle texture of the little dots adds a unique touch to the blanket, and even better, those dots will flatten out when the baby inevitably lies on it. Whether you’re new to crochet or a seasoned pro, this is a pattern that anyone can tackle.

Click the pic to check out the free pattern.

Lucila Preemie Baby Blanket by Underground Crafter

Lucila is a preemie baby crochet blanket made in the round.

Made with two strands of light (#3/double knitting) yarn held together, the result is a tweedy, cheerful, and colorful look that works up just as quickly as a pattern made with medium (#4/worsted/aran) weight yarn.

You know the drill – click the pic for the free pattern!

Preemie Bonding Square by Remington Lane Crochet

This beginner-friendly bonding square is a tiny treasure that weaves love and warmth! With each stitch, you’ll create a precious gift that brings solace to preemies and their families.

Jamie also gives instructions on how to turn this one into a baby blanket!

Click the photo to go to the blog post.

Avery Baby Blanket by The Loophole Fox

The Avery crochet baby blanket pattern features thick stripes of color, simple columns of post stitches for texture and, of course, a ribbed border.

Click the pic for the free pattern on the blog post!

Sweet Granny Baby Blanket by Straight Hooked

The Sweet Little Granny Square Baby Blanket works up in just a few days and will be a treasured keepsake for years to come!

This one is also a free pattern on Malena’s website. Click the photo to check it out.

Dr Inky the Octopus by Creative Snugglies

This crochet pattern is a joyful adventure, and you’ll have a squiggly friend in just half a day (or maybe even less if you’re feeling extra speedy).This adorable creation is perfect for baby showers and guaranteed to bring out the biggest “oohs” and “awws” from everyone in the room!

The free pattern for this one is found on Christina’s website. Click the photo to check it out.

Nugget Preemie Baby Blanket by Ambassador Crochet

The Nugget Preemie Baby Blanket is the final instalment of the Nugget set from Kristine. It perfectly matches the lovey and bonding squares from earlier in the event.

So if you are looking for a complete set of baby crochet patterns this may be just the thing!

Click the photo to find the free pattern on Kritsine’s website.

Jasmine NICU Bonding Square from Juniper and Oakes

Crochet this adorable bonding square for NICU babies. It features the Jasmine Stitch. Video & photo tutorials are included.

This is a free crochet pattern on Erin’s website. Click the photo to check it out.

Preemie Cardigan by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This baby crochet pattern has been written for babies born from 29 weeks and works up in a couple of hours! It’s an easy pattern and has some gorgeous unisex texture with the grit stitch.

This is a free pattern on my website. Click the photo to check it out.

check out the texture on this preemie baby hat crochet pattern

Little Dots Preemie Baby Hat from Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Designed specifically for the preemie crochet challenge this year, this baby hat comes in 4 preemie sizes – from 2-6 lbs.

The little dots are designed to lie flat when baby is wearing it so it is not uncomfortable in the least for them. It also perfectly matched the other Little Dots patterns in the challenge this year!

Check out the free pattern by clicking the photo.

Dreamy Bonding Square by Angel Kissed Fiber Arts

A lightly textured, airy bonding square. Made using an easy repeat, making this pattern a fast project. The texture in this bonding square provides air flow so it is not too hot when worn by mom (or dad), and will give some interest to baby as well. Designed using bamboo yarn, which is antimicrobial and perfect for newborns.

Click the photo to check out the free pattern on the blog post.

Paid pattern only:

Little Bubbles Hat by Clair de Lune Fiber Art

The Little Bubbles Hat is a sweet and whimsical accessory for the sweet and whimsical baby in your life! This baby crochet pattern is worked side to side with stripes of contrast color “bubbles”, this hat is fairly simple to construct. It is an excellent quick project for more advanced crocheters, and a perfect opportunity to try something new for an adventurous beginner crocheter.

Unfortunately Allison doesn’t have a blog so this one is a paid pattern now.

Click the photo to go to the listing.

Canular / IV sleeve by Jo’s Crafty Hook

This crochet pattern is a very easy and quick project to make to protect a baby’s sensitive skin.

Canular sleeves help to stop IV’s being tugged when baby is being held. These are great both for the comfort of the baby, and also help parents who are nervous of pulling the tubes accidentally or have needle issues to be able to hold their baby and relax a little.

Click the photo to go to the blog post which has links to the shops that this pattern can be purchased in.

Which of these preemie baby crochet patterns have caught your eye? Don’t forget to tag me and the designer in any of your makes from this event and round-up!