17 Crochet Stocking Patterns For Your Fireplace

17 Crochet Stocking Patterns For Your Fireplace
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I’ve been working on rounding up different patterns to make holiday crocheting a little easier. Previous roundups include the 10 FREE snowflake crochet patterns, 15 crochet patterns WITH snowflakes, 5 festive crochet gift bag patterns to add a personal touch to gifting, and 8 crochet tree skirts to dazzle your Christmas corner. This time, I’ve brought together 17 crochet stocking patterns which will make fabulous additions to your fireplace!

There are mini stockings in this roundup as well as a stocking for your pet, a gingerbread feature, lots of texture, and even stockings shaped like chickens! The tutorials will walk you through the pattern as well as give you tips on gifting them if that’s what you want to do.

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can hang these stockings up on your staircase or string them together as a garland for your wall. And with the different color combinations and stitch techniques, you can make each one unique according to whose stocking it is.

17 Crochet Stocking Patterns For Your Fireplace

17 Crochet Stocking Patterns For Your Fireplace

These are crochet stocking patterns which are mainly free with a few paid options here and there. You can go through the entire list and see what materials you have on hand to crochet these up quickly. Or if you like a more complex project that requires new yarns, a stop to the shops may be just what you need this afternoon!

Click on the picture and it’ll lead you to the post with all of the information regarding the pattern.

Robin’s Stocking by SunflowerCottageCrochet

This stocking looks like it has delicate little cables in it even though there aren’t any! It uses the sedge stitch worked in rows with single crochets in between. When it is sewn together the rows go up and down creating a mock cable design. You can make it in one tone or add another at the heel, toe, and cuff.

Chevron Stocking by Nicki’s Homemade Craft

This is a free Christmas crochet stocking pattern made from the chevron and wave stitches. With worsted weight yarn, this stocking is structured to hold a lot of goodies. The faux fur adds the finishing touch.

Chicken Christmas Stocking by My Fingers Fly

Do you want a unique fun Christmas stocking to crochet this year? While you’re serving a chicken (or other bird) at the table, you can have these crazy chickens hanging off your fireplace! Play around with the colors to make the kind of chicken you want.

Gift Card Stockings by Jen Hayes Creations

There are four different patterns in this set of crochet Christmas stockings. And they’re sure to make a unique piece to hold gift cards or other items and decorations. You can add a handmade card to it or stuff them as take-home goodies for when your guests leave.

Fireside Cottage Stocking by SunflowerCottageCrochet

Another stocking that gives a modern twist on a very classical look! While the style of the stocking is traditional, the stitches used to make it give it that brand new look. Once you get a hang of the repeat, the stocking works up quite quickly and easily.

Country Christmas Stocking by Stitching Together

This is another modern farmhouse style stocking and when made with neutral colors, can be hung up in any space. You can use whatever colors you like but the grays and whites really give it stitch definition.

O’ Christmas Tree Stocking by A Crocheted Simplicity

If you don’t want to embroider or appliqué something on your stocking, you can work a design into it. This stocking is a great example of that! The green yarn used makes the fir look fresh. Why not try using some beads to make it look like it has lights on it? The possibilities are endless!

Mini Crochet Stockings by Jen Hayes Creations

There are six variations of these Mini Crochet Stockings that you can make using the same pattern and two colors. Throughout the pattern, all you have to do is change colors when instructed. You can do so much with these cute stockings. Why not make them into a garland, advent calendar, keychain, bookmark, and more! What will you use yours for?

Roller Skate Christmas Stocking by My Fingers Fly

This is another unique Christmas stocking pattern if you want to add variety to your stockings. It’s fun and your kids would love it if they enjoy a nice day outside on their rollerskates. For your skater friends, this would be a great stocking to make.

Tahlequah Bobble Christmas Stocking by Banana Moon Studio

What a simple and chic stocking! This boho style Christmas stocking is made of double rows of bobble stitches. You can make the bobbles in the same color or add a pop of another as you’d like!

Gingerbread Stocking by GoldenLucyCrafts

While your kids are making their gingerbread houses and decorating gingerbread cookies, you can crochet this gingerbread stocking! It’ll go right with the fun activities you have planned with your kids.

Buffalo Plaid Stocking by Green Fox Farm Designs

Plaid is a classic in everything. Many people feel a little intimidated about carrying multiple colours through rows. In this pattern, you only use two colors per round while leaving the third one hanging inside. This means there are not have a lot of ends to weave in. And you have a cool buffalo plaid stocking once you’re done!

Crochet Stocking for Your Furry 4-Legged Friends by GoldenLucyCrafts

We can’t forget our furry friends when we’re making stockings this year! They deserve treats just like the rest of the rest of the family. With their designated stocking, they can gather all of the goodies. (Fun fact: All of my pets have a stocking!) You can use different colors of yarn to make the paw prints to match your fur buddy’s colors.

Claremore Christmas Stocking by Banana Moon Studio

This is another crochet stocking featuring bobble stitches but only at the cuff. So if you want a simpler project that works up more quickly with lesser yarn, this is the crochet stocking pattern for you.

Luxe Boho Christmas Stocking Nana’s Crafty Home

How beautiful does that pop of color and cuff look? This boho Christmas stocking has just the right amount of character. By making it with different colors, the design really stands out in a gorgeous way.

Joyeux Noel Christmas Stocking by Sweet Potato 3

When you crochet a gift you’re adding your thoughts, love, and personal touches to everything you make. These stockings are also all handmade making them all the more special for whoever they’re for. This stocking is uniquely shaped and would be a great addition to your collection.

Holly Berry Stocking by The Purple Poncho

Last on this list of gorgeous Christmas crochet stockings is this brilliant pattern which is made of a few round repeats. You can make these in all sorts of funky colors or get inspiration from the combinations used in this post.

As you can see from this roundup of crochet stocking patterns, there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for the traditional red-and-white or something more out of the ordinary, there are plenty of possibilities to choose from. Whether you use a fireplace or not, these delightful stockings are sure to bring cheer to your home. With 17 different designs at your fingertips, you can mix and match elements and come up with unique stocking patterns that will make your holiday decorations extra special. Don’t forget that these stockings also make wonderful gifts! So, why not take up some hooks and get busy creating something fun? Which one will you be making this year?