Easy crochet scarf pattern: Create your own unisex Relaxing Waves scarf

Easy crochet scarf pattern: Create your own unisex Relaxing Waves scarf
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It’s finally crochet scarf weather, and we know crocheters are looking for the perfect simple project to get their hooks going!

If you’re ready to show off your skills in style this autumn, then I have just the pattern for you: my Relaxing Waves Scarf.

Whether it’s a gift or something special for yourself, this beautiful unisex crochet creation is all about coziness and warmth – not to mention elegance!

This easy-to-follow pattern has everything you need to finish the piece with minimal effort; all you need to think about is choosing vibrant color options that can be tailored precisely to fit any wardrobe.

Let me help you make a gorgeous scarf that is perfect for keeping, gifting or donating this Fall and Winter!

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Inspiration behind the Relaxing Waves Crochet Scarf

I wanted a stitch combination and crochet pattern that created a gorgeous unisex gift idea for anyone. It also had to be a fairly simple design that most crocheters would enjoy working up without being a yarn eater.

This particular pattern design was inspired by my Relaxing Waves throw pillow pattern. It is also a free pattern on the blog!

And the stitch combination from the throw pillow pattern was perfect! It uses only the basic stitches, there are no increases or decreases but there is a little tiny bit of counting to make sure the waves sit correctly. So it is a great beginner friendly pattern, whilst also being a good one for experienced crocheters who want to make a crochet scarf pattern while binge watching their favourite TV show or movie.

From there I just needed to work out the math to get all 10 sizes from age 3 to adult men’s large written!

Construction of the design

This free crochet scarf pattern is worked in long rows so it works up quickly. This means that it is super easy to adjust the width of your scarf to suit individual needs and requirements – just continue with the repeat until you are happy with it!

There are no increases or decreases and only basic stitches are used to create the gentle waves that you can see in my versions above. So you do not need to worry about skipping stitches or working groups of stitches into one stitch. This one is simply one stitch in each stitch from the previous row.

With an easy 4 row repeat you will be working this one up in no time.

I do give you the stitch multiple, so if you want to work this one in a different weight yarn with an appropriate sized hook, it is easy to adjust your starting chain for that.

The Yarn I used for this crochet scarf pattern

I used ….. Shall we drumroll this one? ….. Paintbox Simply Aran for my Relaxing Waves scarves.

I genuinely do love this yarn. It is easy to work with, comes in a huge range of colour options, is a great price so suits all budgets, and I have plenty of it in my stash! The yardage on each skein is also great at 201 yards per 100g. Not to mention it is 100% acrylic so a good option to use when making gifts for anyone of any age.

This pattern is written for #4 weight (aran) yarn and a 5mm hook. You can check out the sizes of each scarf below.

Get the PDF pattern!

If you prefer, you can find the ad-free PDF Pattern for this one in all of my shops at a great price!

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Tester Appreciation:

As always, my testers did a fabulous job with their scarves! Both Beth and Connie went for a blue version. Check them out:

I love both of them!

If you are interested in joining my testers email list check out my blog post which has the link as well as information about being a tester.

The pattern specifics:


– Any 4 weight yarn of your choosing – used Paintbox Simply Aran for my versions. You will need 1 skein or less in 3 colours for every size except the mens medium and large, where you will need one extra skein of Colour A and Colour B. See sizing chart for approximate yardage.
– 5mm hook 
– Scissors
– Measuring Tape to check your length. Although an inch or two will not make a difference.
– Tapestry Needle
– Stitch Markers optional to mark first or last stitch of the row.


Does not matter as long as tension is consistent. My gauge was 16 sts and 5 rows of pattern per 4”.


Abbreviations used:

Ch(s) – chain(s)             
St(s) – stitch(es)             
SC- single crochet          
HDC – half double crochet
DC – double crochet
TC – treble crochet
YO – yarn over
FO – Fasten off
CA – Colour A
CB – Colour B
CC – Colour C

Other notes:

– Written in US terms. 
– There are no special stitches used in this pattern.
– Chain 1 does not count as a stitch.
– CH4 counts as a TC.
– Where the counts differ for each size within the pattern sizing will be indicated as 3-5 (5-7,8-10, Teen, Women’s SM, Women’s MED, Women’s LGE, Men’s SM, Men’s MED, Men’s LGE)
– I changed colours at the end of each sc row. 
– To change colours neatly on the final stitch change your yarn colour before the final pull through to complete the stitch.
– The stitch multiple for this on is 14+2 (+1 for the chain)

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The Relaxing Waves Scarf Crochet Pattern:

** This is a free pattern on the SunflowerCottageCrochet.com blog. If you are reading this anywhere else it is stolen content. Please do not copy and paste any part of it or print this pattern out. Please bookmark this page and use the website to work up your pattern. This helps my small business greatly as it provides a little bit of ad revenue which will in turn will allow me to continue to create free content for you!**

Row 1:           CH143 (185, 213, 241, 269, 283, 297, 297, 311, 325), 

SC in second CH from hook SC in next CH, *HDC in next 2 sts, DC in next 2 sts, TC in next 3 sts, DC in next 2 sts, HDC in next 2 sts, SC in next 3 sts. 

Rep from * across until you have 2 sts remaining (Note: you 

will have just worked the last 2 HDC of the repeat), SC in last 2 sts. 

Row 2:        CH1 (doesn’t count as a st), SC in first and each st across. 

Row 3:        CH4 (counts as a TC), TC in next st, *DC in next 2 sts, HDC in next 2 sts, SC in next 3 sts, HDC in next 2 sts, DC in next 2 sts, TC in next 3 sts.

Rep from * until you have 2 sts remaining (Note: you will have just worked the last 2 DC of the repeat), TC in last 2 sts. 

Row 4:        Rep row 3

Row 5:           CH1 (doesn’t count), SC in first 2 sts, *HDC in next 2 sts, DC in next 2 sts, TC in next 3 sts, DC in next 2 sts, HDC in next 2 sts, SC in next 3 sts. 

Rep from * across until you have 2 sts remaining (Note: you 

will have just worked the last 2 HDC of the repeat), SC in last 2 sts.

Row 6:         Rep row 3.

Rows 7-on:   Rep rows 3-6 until your scarf is approximately 3 (4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8)” wide.

FO and weave in ends.


You may want to attach tassels to the short edges of your scarf to create a fringe and finish it off. 


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