12 Crochet Christmas Table Decor Ideas

12 Crochet Christmas Table Decor Ideas
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I’ve got a whole collection of Christmas roundups including 10 FREE snowflake crochet patterns, 15 crochet patterns WITH snowflakes, 5 festive crochet gift bag patterns to add a personal touch to gifting, 17 crochet stocking patterns for your fireplace, and 8 crochet tree skirts. While these are mainly living room items, or wherever you’ve set up your tree, we have to bring the holiday cheer to the dining table as well. The main place to gather for a meal, here are 12 crochet Christmas table decor ideas which will make your spread more festive.

From placemats and coasters to stuffed decorations and cozies, this roundup has a little bit of everything. You can get inspiration from the crochet patterns and also see how things are placed.

The entire purpose is to be as creative and fun as possible! This year, your table will definitely have that personal, loving touch by adding this handmade decor bits.

12 Crochet Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Take a look at these beautiful crochet patterns to see how you’d like your Christmas table to look this year. And if you’re not hosting dinner in your own house, you can take these over and give them as a gift to the host. Or volunteer to help with decor to take a load off their plate. After all, this time is the happiest because of the joy and love in the air!

Click on the picture and it’ll lead you to the post with all of the information regarding the pattern.

Gift Tissue Box Cover by Nicki’s Homemade Craft

The cold weather is really setting in and with it comes sneezes and coughs too. That’s why it’s good to have tissue boxes on hand and this is a creative way to gift them to others too to stay safe during the holiday season!

Christmas Tree Coaster by My Crochet Space

How classic are these mosaic tree coasters? If you’ve got lots of scrap yarn on hand, you can make sets of these to gift. They’re quick and easy to work up and you won’t have to worry about weaving in the ends because they add a nice fringe.

Christmas Table Decorations by Jo to the World Creations

This fabulous designer has brought so many fun and festive Christmas table decoration patterns to deck the entire dining room with. This includes the Christmas crochet cutlery holder, glass lanyard crochet pattern, mug cozy, and crochet Christmas coasters. You can make them into a gift set for a loved one too!

Nordic Snowflake Table Runner (and placemats) by SunflowerCottageCrochet

There’s no need for seaming as this runner is made in one piece. With the corner to corner technique, you can crochet up this gorgeous design in no time. There’s a collection of 4 different placemats which go with this placemat, completing the set for your dining table. You can make any one or all 4!

Gingerbread Man Hot Pad by A Crocheted Simplicity

With all the hot dishes cooking on the stove, you’ll definitely need potholders and hot pads on hand to make sure you don’t leave sear marks on your countertops. This is a very functional crochet pattern that’s perfect for decor too.

Christmas Table/Tree Decorations by CarolAnneCreates

If you like to put little handmade surprises on your table for guests, this is the pattern for you! These mini decorations hide cute treats underneath like a Lindt Ball or a Ferrero Rocher chocolate or even a handmade keychain or trinket. Your guests will get a sweet surprise and can also take the item home as a souvenir of the fun they had.

Round Christmas Potholders by Raffamusa Designs

These potholders are made through various techniques and are great to have on hand when you’re serving dinner. You can use them as placemats as well to put plates over or make them with a smaller hook and thinner yarn for coaster sizes.

Star Coaster by The Crafty Therapist

Another coaster pattern, these are easy and simple to make and can be used for much more! You can string them together into a garland or add a hook or loop to one end to hang on your tree. After all, playing around with your crochet projects and figuring out all the amazing things you can do with them is half of the fun!

Holiday Placemat by The Purple Poncho

This roundup concludes with a crochet holiday placemat pattern. This is classic with stripes like peppermint to add a pop of color to your table. You can roll them up for easy storage too. If you make them longer or bigger, they can be used as a centerpiece. And you can adjust them according to the size of your dishes and cutlery placement.

Let me know which patterns you are working on from this list by leaving a comment below!

Happy Crocheting