10 Patterns for Book Lovers

10 Patterns for Book Lovers
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Did you know that September 6th is National Read a Book Day? Well, we had to mark the day so we have some patterns for book lovers from our crochet friends to share with you!

Do you love to read an actual book? I know I much prefer them to the kindles and other electronic versions that you get now. While there is nothing wrong with reading a book electronically (after all you are reading the same words) I love the feel of an actually book, the smell of it, the turning of the pages and understanding exactly how much of the book you have left. I love to have a book by the side of my bed that I can just pick up and read a few pages of. And when we visit the stately homes (yes, I love to do that too!) the library is almost always my most favourite room in the house. If you are ever in Northumberland, England I would highly recommend a visit to Alnwick Castle and do the tour of their rooms. I could just live in their library! In fact it was one of the filming locations for Downton Abbey.

Do you recognise it?


Patterns for Book Lovers

Onto our collection of patterns for book lovers. Most of these are super quick patterns and are perfect for using up your scrap yarn left over from other projects! If you click the photo of the pattern you will also be taken to the designer’s post.


1. Woven Stitch Book Mark by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This pattern is one of our stitch of the week patterns because woven stitch lends itself perfectly to projects like this bookmark. One of our testers, Anita, was able to colour pool with this pattern too and the effect is just gorgeous! In the post we have a written explanation of how to do the stitch and a link to a YouTube tutorial for it if you are a more visual learner. You can find our pattern and the links you need here.


2. Lotte Bookmark by Blue Star Crochet

This book mark is a recent release by Veronika from Blue Star Crochet. And it is STUNNING! This pattern uses 4ply (or sport weight) yarn and a 3mm hook. I love the way that vintage meets modern with this pattern. It is so pretty! You can get the free pattern on Veronika’s blog here.


3. Susanna at Fosbas Designs has 2 book mark patterns to share with you

This is the first pattern from Susanna. It uses 4 ply yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook. It’s a very pretty book mark. You will also need to use starch or other suitable stiffener for this one so that the star retains its tension. Find the pattern here.





4. The second pattern from Fosbas Designs

This cute flower designs requires any #3 weight yarn and a 3mm hook. You could embellish the middle of the flower any way you choose or leave it as it is. I love how the flower pokes out of the top of the book and the leaf at the bottom. You can check it out here.


5. Journal Pen pouch by Blackstone Designs

I know a few people who like to write notes and underline sections of their texts while they read. So those sections that means something to them are easily found. This pen pouch would be great for them! It would also be a great gift for students or teachers who have to underline sections of text and make notes! As Sonya shows you this one is a great project to mix your crafts with when it comes to decoration! Check it out here.


6. Beaded Eye Glasses Case by Handmade by Raine

You cannot read a book if you can’t see it! Lots of people only need to wear glasses for reading and close up craft work. This project is perfect if you have never tried  to crochet with beads before and Raine has a video tutorial on this project as well as the written pattern for you follow along with. Find it here.


7. Sunglasses case by Pine Tree Crochet

If beading isn’t your thing, check out this pattern by Pine Tree Crochet. It’s an easy two row repeat which uses single crochets and double crochets to create this gorgeous texture. You can find it here.





8. Making Waves Bookmark by Rich Textures Crochet

This pattern requires a #3 weight yarn and a 3.5mm hook. I just love how your colour choices will give a completely different feel to each bookmark with this one! For the fairy princess use pinks and purples, try it in team colours, or even black with a colour to pop against it such as bright orange or fuchsia! And you only need about 8 yards in each of the three colours. Check it out here.


9. Little Hearts Bookmark by Rich Textures Crochet

This bookmark is just so sweet. I love it! I don’t think many designers have created bookmarks in this style before. but looking at it, it seems so obvious! Now my brain is ticking LOL. Fins this sweet pattern here.


10. Book Cover Pattern by Fosbas Designs

Susanna has just today released this cute book cover pattern. Its one that is unisex and you can embellish as much as you want to! Certainly a project to have a lot of fun with! You will need 120 yards of #3 weight yarn in the main colour and 20 yards in a contrasting colour and a 5mm hook. You can find the pattern here.


11. Bobble-Wrap Kindle Case by YarnAndy

Yes! I know I said 10, but this one just came in and I think it deserves a spot in the roundup too! It uses #3 weight yarn and a 2.5mm hook so that it is a sturdy fabric. Check it out here.


So there are 11 great patterns for book lovers!


Don’t forget to share any of the designs that you make with these patterns with us over on our FB Group or tag us on IG 

Have fun reading those books!!


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