The Ultimate Granny Square Round-up!

The Ultimate Granny Square Round-up!
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Welcome to the Ultimate Granny Square Roundup!


Ever heard of Granny Square Appreciation Day?

Did you know that August 15th 2020 is Granny Square Appreciation Day? It was new to me too! But I just knew that I had to do something to mark the day. So I got in touch with some designer friends and asked them if I could share their granny square patterns with you!

Granny squares were used a lot even a generation ago, but there wasn’t much different about them. When you think of a traditional granny square do you automatically think of this type?


They are great when you are learning to crochet. I used this type of square to inspire a traditional shawl for my daughter for Victorian Day at school back in September.


Times have Changed

But times have changed. These squares have seen a resurgence in recent years – and they are so pretty and modern looking! Lots of them are just simply stunning. And they are a great way to practice your stitches.


Shall we dive right in and check out some fantastic patterns?



The Fenced in Floret by Three Fates Creations


The Primrose Square by Sunflower Cottage Crochet – this post has a pattern for our Primrose Market Bag with the granny square included


Moss stitch square by Made by Gootie – paid pattern


Crochet Square Flower Motif by Made by Gootie – free pattern


Ruffle Flower Square by Raffamusa Designs


Popping Flower Square by Raffamusa Designs


Wild Flowers Tunisian Crochet Square by Raffamusa Designs


Creativebug baby blanket by Handmade by Raine


The Vintage Star Join as you Go Crochet Squares by Blue Star Crochet


Pineapple Textured Blanket Squares by A Plush Pineapple


Reversible Broomstick Crochet Granny Square by Naturofils – Paid pattern


Pineapple Winter Square by A Plush Pineapple


Greta’s Garden Square by Torun Johansson – paid pattern


Northern Diamond Square by Torun Johansson – paid pattern

So, the ‘not-so-granny’ squares are now very fashionable and trendy! Gone is the reputation of them being boring stuffy and all very much of a muchness!

I hope you enjoyed this little round-up. Happy Granny Square Appreciation Day!