The Jorja Sweater – Easy Free Crochet Pattern

The Jorja Sweater – Easy Free Crochet Pattern
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The Jorja Sweater is an easy sweater pattern that is perfect for the colder weather! It is a gorgeously warm and simple design that beginners to crocheting garments can make. Even with a basic understanding of how to read crochet patterns you should be able to give this one a good go.

Designed for adult sizes XS to 5XL it will cover bust sizes 28″- 62″ with 2-2.5″ of ease.

Inspiration behind the design

I wanted this design to be simple and cozy. Named after my daughter, Jorja, this sweater is most definitely an unapologetic big squeeze hug for the wearer. It is sure to keep you warm whether you are cozying up in front of a favourite movie on a winter day, or facing the elements to run errands.

Wouldn’t you know it! The day that my sister, Sarah, could model the sweater for me, it was 28 degrees celsius out! We went down to a local beach for photos thinking there might be a nice breeze for her coming off the sea …. nope!

But with all of that gorgeous sunshine you can really see the texture and simplicity in this design. It works beautifully for an every day sweater. And the wander yarn I used just makes this design pop and feel so luxurious.

Construction of the design

Would you believe that you make the entirety of this design in one piece? It is worked flat so there are a couple of seams at the very end. There is no double checking that you have crocheted all of the right pieces, that they are the correct size and are all facing the right way before you assemble this one. As I said, it is an easy sweater pattern! LOL.

To work the Jorja Sweater we start at the bottom on one side, work up starting the arms simply by adding width to the work, working in the neck hole and then back down the other side. It will look like this before seaming the last couple of bits:

Of course, you can add ribbing around the bottom of the sweater and cuffs if you would prefer that when you are finished. It can give a more formal ‘finished’ look to your garments, but I wanted something much more casual with this design.

If you would like to know how to add ribbing I have both right and left handed tutorials:

The Yarn

For this project I used Furls Wander Yarn. This yarn is beautiful and the colours available are so rich. I chose Pomegranate for this particular sweater.

Wander Yarn is a #4 weight (aran) yarn. It comes in 100g skeins and has 120 yards per skein. When worked up this yarn creates such fantastically warm projects. I knew it would be perfect for a cold weather sweater! You can also machine wash this yarn on a cool cycle but you cannot tumble dry it.


Get the PDF pattern!

You can find the ad-free PDF Pattern for this one in all of my shops:

Get the supplies I used!

Want to get the exact supplies that I used for this easy sweater pattern? You can get them by clicking the images below! (Note: each link is an affiliate link, with which I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

Wander Yarn
Furls Odyssey Hook
Stitch markers

The pattern specifics:


·       any #4  weight yarn (I used 12 skeins of Wander in Pomegranate from Furls (120 yards per skein) for size Large)
·       5.5mm hook 
·       Stitch markers (optional but recommended!)
·       Scissors


Height of stitches is not important but width wise you need 4 hdc stitches  wide per inch to meet gauge.


••Please Note: It is really important that your gauge is correct for pattern!

Please continue to check it as you progress.

There are 2-2.5” of ease in this pattern (depending on size) This pattern has 9 sizes – the measurements below are for the back panels:

SizeBustWidth of main body panel (before arm section)Total length of sweaterApprox yardage
XSUP TO 30”16”21”950

Abbreviations used:

·      CH – chain
·      FHDC – foundation half double crochet
·      St / sts – stitch / stitches
·      Sk – skip
·      SC – single crochet
·      DC – double crochet
·      Rep – repeat
·      FO – fasten off

Other notes:

·      Written in US terms
·       This pattern is reversible and has an easy 1 row repeat.
·       Ch’s at the start of the row do not count as a st unless specifically stated otherwise.
·       The stitch multiple is 2 (+1 for CH start)
·       The various sizes are identified as: 
   xs (s/m/l/xl) (2xl/3xl/4xl/5xl)
·      This pattern is worked in one piece from the front bottom up to the neck and then back down the back so minimal assembly is required when it comes to stitching it together.

The Pattern:

 Part 1: The body

Row 1:          FHDC 64 (72/80/88/96) (104/112/120/128). Turn


CH 65 (73/81/89/97) (105/113/121/129) HDC in second CH from hook and each CH across. Turn

Row 2:          CH1, DC in first st, SC in next st, *DC in next st, SC in next st* Rep from * to * across. You will end with a SC.

Rows 3 – on   Rep row 2 until work is 14.5” (15”, 14.5”, 14.5”, 13.5”) (14”, 13.5”, 13.5”, 13”) high.

Do not FO

Part 2: Adding the arms and head hole

Row 1:           Rep row 2, DO NOT turn, CH 57 (61, 61, 63, 63) (65, 65, 67, 67) 

Do not FO

Attach a second skein to the other end of that row and CH 56(60, 60, 62, 62) (64, 64, 66, 66). FO this second skein and go back to your working loop you left at the end of the first CH.

Row 2:           DC in second CH from hook, SC in next ch *DC in next ch, SC in next ch * Rep from * to * across. Then continue repeat in the previous row’s stitches and across the second set of CHs *DC in next st, SC in next st* Rep from * to * across. You will end with a SC. Turn  (176, 192, 200, 212, 220), (232, 240, 252, 260) sts

Row 3:   CH1, DC in first st, SC in next st, *DC in next st, SC in next st* Rep from * to * across. You will end with a SC. Turn.

Row 4:           Rep Row C until Your sleeve measures 6.5” (7”, 7.5”, 8”, 8.5”) (9”, 9.5”, 10”, 10.5”)

Adding the head hole:

Note: For this section, the head hole will be 12” wide for all sizes which will give you enough room to put it on quite comfortably. If you prefer it wider increase the head hole by stitch multiples of 2 making sure that there is an even number of stitches on each side.

Row 5:   Place a stitch marker in the 66th (73rd, 77th, 83rd, 87th) (94th, 98th, 103rd, 108th) stitch from each end of the last row worked. These denote the first and last stitches of your neck hole and there should be 12” between the stitch markers

Going back to your working loop, CH1, DC in first st, SC in next st, *DC in next st, SC in next st* Rep from * to * across until you have worked the last stitch before the stitch marker. 

Note: for sizes S, XL, 4X you will end with a SC. 

For all other sizes you will reach the first st marker after working a DC.

Fairly loosely CH 48 for all sizes. 

Working the stitch after your second stitch marker continue the repeat. If you are making a S, XL or 4X you will start with a DC. For all other sizes you should start your stitch repeat again with a SC.  You will end this row with a SC for all sizes. Turn.

Row 6:           CH1, DC in first st, SC in next st, *DC in next st, SC in next st* Rep 

from * to * across each st and each CH in the row. You will end with a SC. Turn

Row 7:           CH1, DC in first st, SC in next st, *DC in next st, SC in next st* Rep from * to * across You will end with a SC. Turn

Row 8:            Rep Row G until sleeves are 13”, (14”, 15”, 16”, 17”,) (18”, 19”, 20”, 21”) in height.

FO but be sure to note which side you were working from.

Part 3: The final body section

Row 1:            Count in 56(60, 60, 62, 62) (64, 64, 66, 66) stitches from each side and 

note these with a stitch marker.

Attach yarn to the stitch after the stitch marker on the side you were working from.

CH1, DC in first st, SC in next st, *DC in next st, SC in next st* Rep from * to * across to the stitch before the next st marker. You will end with a SC. Turn

Row 2:         CH1, DC in first st, SC in next st, *DC in next st, SC in next st* Rep from * to * across You will end with a SC. Turn

Row 3 on:      Rep row 2 until your final body section from Row 9 measures 14.5” (15”, 14.5”, 14.5”, 13.5”) (14”, 13.5”, 13.5”, 13”) 


Fold your sweater in half and sew along the underarms and down the side.

FO and weave in ends.

Don’t forget to tag me in your Jorja Sweater makes!

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