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The Kate Hat

The Kate Hat

What came first – the Kate hat or the matching scarf? Honestly, it was the hat… I think! I mentioned in the scarf post that these patterns were actually designed a year ago but releasing them was postponed. Another designer brought out a very similar…

Splash of Color Washcloth Crochet Pattern

Splash of Color Washcloth Crochet Pattern

Splash of Color Crochet Washcloth Pattern! I am excited to share with you our latest pattern: Splash of Color Washcloth.  There was a stitch tutorial I had done quite a while back (last year sometime) called the Staggered Double Crochet Pairs.  I really liked how…

Shades of Spring Afghan

Shades of Spring Afghan

Shades of Spring Sampler Afghan Pattern

shades of spring afghan

The Shades of Spring Afghan was released yesterday and already it has been one of our best-sellers!

Fun to Design

It was such fun to design. Don’t get me wrong, there was some pull of my hair moments, some sighs exhaled and I think it got put in the naughty corner once while I had a cup of tea to think about it…

When I started this project I knew that I wanted to include stitches that were not widely known as well as the usual suspects people want to see in a sampler afghan. You will find aligned double clusters, even berry, N stitch, open scallops and so much more.

Full of fun texture!

The testing process was also very different to our usual process. And our testers were just FABULOUS! I was basically making this beast up as we went! Each section was designed, drafted and sent to them as we went. Of course, that meant a few more tweaks to the pattern that would not have ordinarily happened. A couple of ‘Ok guys, we are going to have to frog this bit!’ moments happened and a couple of stalls in the process when life threw its curveballs! But the testers were so understanding. At times I felt like I shouldn’t be doing this. I worried I was coming across as unprofessional and wondering why the heck I was calling myself a designer …. but they reassured me and we got the job done! It was most definitely a team effort!

Why the change in tact?

You will have all seen how busy Sara and I have been the last year. We worked hard on our patterns, our FB pages and groups, getting our name out their and developing our website!  Sara lost her dad in November and of course I wanted to take as much of the strain as I could to allow her to do what she needed to and not feel like she needed to come back all guns blazing. With a couple of family issues myself I just took on too much. You know how it goes. February was a month for reflection for me and I lost my crojo (which has NEVER happened before) and mentally I needed to re-adjust.

One of our designer friends, Michelle from Two Brothers Blankets, had asked us to do a CAL for one of her groups in April and we jumped at the chance. We didn’t want to let her down. So we tried something new! On reflection I think that the testing really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was at the time. It was just a lot of additional pressure on myself to do it this way so I don’t think its something that we will voluntarily repeat!

But …

We now have our first sampler pattern!

And we think its pretty gorgeous!

You will need

Gauge is not important as long as you are consistent. Our stitch counts in the pattern are for 48” and 60” wide with stitch multiple included and it will be around 52” long. So its a great size!

Left and Right-Handed Video Tutorials

Many of the stitches used I strongly believe are under-used and under-rated. And now the testers have completed theirs, they agree with me .

For some of the more advanced stitch sections I have provided an easier alternative for those who are not quite ready to do these stitches. Although there are videos linked in the special stitches section so you can always give them a go! The more complicated stitch is given as option 1 in the subheading, the easier stitch is option 2 and is in blue.


Links to Pattern

You can find the links to our Shades of Spring Afghan in the usual places:

Our shop here

Ravelry here

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here

CAL is starting

The Shades of Spring Afghan Cal is starting in Michelle’s group … we are also doing it in our FB Community group as a heavily discounted paid CAL. Pattern has been released and the group are eagerly gathering their yarn ready for the first part on Sunday! It will take us the rest of April to make this one, but it is definitely worth the effort!

If you would like to join our Community group please remember to answer the joining questions (or you will not be approved). The pattern will remain discounted for our Community until 21st April.

With bills to pay for hosting and other costs that you don’t think of before you start an endeavour like Sunflower Cottage Crochet we unfortunately cannot afford to have every CAL free. We aren’t that big …. YET!!! 😛

Will you be joining us?


Easiest and Most Useful Hanging Basket

Easiest and Most Useful Hanging Basket

I have a great pattern for you this week: Grayson Hanging Basket–which happens to be the easiest and most useful hanging basket pattern I have seen! Let’s face it, we all can use some more organization in our homes but sometimes, coming up with ideas…

Crochet Mobius Wrap Pattern

Crochet Mobius Wrap Pattern

Highland Neamh Wrap Crochet Mobius Wrap Pattern I love the show, Outlander and wanted a fall and winter crochet pattern that represented my take on the Scottish Highlands feel, so I came up with this crochet mobius wrap pattern. Scottish Roots My family actually has…

Toddler Scarfie Crochet Pattern

Toddler Scarfie Crochet Pattern

The Paige Collection, A Modern Farmhouse Nursery Collection

Paige Scarfie

A modern farmhouse nursery set, featuring drool bibs, burp cloths, blankets, all the goodies! My very first collection!

I’ve been working extra hard creating my first collection for a product line to feature in my future Etsy store.  I had no pattern to work off of yet I managed to figure it out—Paige’s Modern Farmhouse Nursery Collection. 

The image above is my first attempt at a bandana drool bib. It actually turned out to be a scarfie for toddlers!

First of all, I made this with 100% cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton in Aqua. 

This is the softest cotton yarn I have ever touched and is a medium 4 weight yarn that doesn’t pill or split.  I am not affiliated with Hobby Lobby or their yarns, I just love it that much, I had to share!  The skeins aren’t huge—only about 160 yards, but you will only need 1 skein for most of the patterns for baby accessories, so it makes it pretty inexpensive to work up. 

Most noteworthy, I find the Lily Sugar and Cream cotton to be very stiff and a little thick for a medium weight yarn. Yet as we all know, yarn weights have a pretty large range in each weight category. 

In Contrast, another great yarn is Paintbox Aran or DK Cotton

Paintbox cotton yarn is soft and easy to work with. Almost as soft and sleek as I Love This Cotton.  Paintbox cotton is 100% cotton as well. These come in very small skeins of about 137 yards and tons of colors.  Currently, I’m testing out “Vintage Pink” in DK Cotton from Paintbox which is actually a 3-light weight yarn. 

Due to the size of lighter weight yarn, this will make the project a little smaller, which makes it a better fit for babies. And the 4 weight yarn makes it to fit toddlers. 

Initially, I started out at the bottom

yet I worked my way up to the top, I hit a snag—how was I going to work the straps?  Unfortunately, this resulted in too much thinking for me.

So I frogged and started again–and this time, from the top. 

Suddenly, I remembered how diaper covers are made and my brain said—AH HA!  I figured out how to attach it around the neck. By using buttons! Finally, the pattern was taking shape, a bandana shape.  I was getting super excited!

Taking a hint from my Paige Hat

I decided I was going to make an entire Handmade Nursery design out of it.  I have two patterns incoming—the bandana bib and a blanket. 

The entire collection will be available for purchase on our future Etsy store, as will all the individual patterns if you wish to try making it yourself!

Be on the lookout for our up-coming patterns in the Paige collection!  Check here and our Ravelry store for updates. Also, check back for more tutorials, featuring special stitches used in our patterns.

Textured Beanie with Ribbed Band

Textured Beanie with Ribbed Band

The Paige Hat, A Textured Beanie With Ribbed Band You might be wondering why I’m so excited about this textured beanie. It could be because I love the sparkly yarn I used. Or it could be that it was worked from the bottom up. Yet…