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The Scarlet Snowberry Infinity Scarf – Free Pattern by MadameStitch

The Scarlet Snowberry Infinity Scarf – Free Pattern by MadameStitch

This infinity scarf pattern is just gorgeous!! I am thrilled to have Debbie from MadameStitch come and guest design for me! And her yarn choice was a special one.. You see, back in March I had the fantastic opportunity to go to Colorado, USA and 

Free Crochet pattern – Spring is in the Air Infinity Scarf

Free Crochet pattern – Spring is in the Air Infinity Scarf

Spring is in the Air and this infinity scarf is the perfect accessory! The bitterly cold winds coming off the North Sea are starting to warm up. The sun is fighting its way through the clouds. Crocuses and snowdrops are starting to bloom! With Christmas 

A great, Simple Tunisian Project!

A great, Simple Tunisian Project!

This Tunisian Crochet scarf pattern is a great beginner friendly project that uses the most basic of the Tunisian stitches – the simple stitch and the Tunisian half double crochet (US terms). It would make the perfect first project if you have never tried Tunisian Crochet before. Scroll down for the video tutorial links if you are new to this technique!

Don’t be intimidated by Tunisian Crochet

I spent a while knowing that I wanted to try Tunisian Crochet but feeling intimidated by the technique. Much like I did with corner to corner. And just like C2C once I bit the bullet and gave it a go I gave myself a good talking to!

My daughter had such a hard time trying to learn regular crochet couple of years back. It was actually a video by Kristine at Ambassador Crochet on Tunisian Crochet that got her going. A week of doing the simple stitch after school for 20 minutes and she got it. I caught her crocheting instead of reading before bed. The next time she picked up her regular hook she had no issues at all. It is funny how these things work out isn’t it?

For me the most difficult thing about this project was keeping the stitch count correct, so I would recommend stitch markers to denote your first and last stitches of the row.

Prefer the PDF Pattern?

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New to Tunisian Crochet?

That’s OK – I have some videos that show you the stitches you need to complete this project!

All of these videos have a right and left handed version.

If you need help getting started with the terminology and how to cast on / bind off then the introductory video is a perfect place to start:

Then we can move on to the stitch tutorials:

You will also need to know how to do the Tunisian half double crochet:

Are you ready for the pattern info?


  • #4 worsted weight (aran if you are in the UK) yarn: I used 1 skein of a Caron Cake I had in my stash.
  • K10-6.5mm Tunisian Crochet Hook
  • Stitch markers (optional but recommended to denote first and last stitch of the row if you are new to Tunisian)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle


Gauge: is not important as long as you have a consistent tension.

Sizing: my scarf was approximately 7.5″ wide by 65″ long.



  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • TSS—Tunisian Simple Stitch
  • Thdc—Tunisian half-double crochet
  • YO—yarn over
  • FO—fasten off


Pattern Notes:

  • Written in US terms
  • Pay special attention to the stitch instructions for how to do these stitches
  • Remember that you do NOT turn rows in Tunisian Crochet
  • For doing the Tunisian half-double stitch, you must chain 1 at the start of each forward pass
  • Ch1 at the start of the forward pass DOES count as a stitch
  • Each row is written in two parts: forward pass and return pass


Here we go …. the Pattern:

Forward Pass Row 1— Ch 22; YO, insert hook into the 2nd ch from the hook and pull up a loop, *YO, insert hook into the next ch and pull up a loop; rep from * across to end–you will have several loops on your hook.

Return Pass Row 1— YO, pull thru 1st loop, *YO, pull thru 3 loops all the way to the end—you will end with only 1 loop on your hook.

Forward Pass Row 2— Ch1, THDC across (see “special stitches” for instructions and video link)

Return Pass Row 2—YO, pull thru 1st loop only, *YO, pull thru 3 loops; rep from * across until only 1 loop remains on the hook.

Continue—Continue Forward and Return passes of Row 2 until piece measures 65 inches from top to bottom of your scarf or as long as desired.  

BIND OFF—To bind off, we will only do a forward pass but will be pulling thru stitches much like regular crochet: Ch1, YO, insert hook as if to do THDC, YO, pull thru ALL loops on the hook until only the 1 loop remains.  Repeat this process all the way down to the end, being sure to turn your work so you can see the two loops at the end of the row and inserting your hook into both of those loops.  

FO, weave in ends.         


The One Skein Makes Event

On 9th February 2022, as part of the one skein makes event you can get the pdf version of this pattern as a free download using the special coupon code.

If you do not have the coupon code click the promo code button below to go to the roundup, then come back and click the download button to get your free PDF Pattern!


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