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A Gorgeous Lacy Scarf – Free Pattern by Fosbas Designs

A Gorgeous Lacy Scarf – Free Pattern by Fosbas Designs

  Today, Susanna from Fosbas Designs is today introducing this gorgeous lacy scarf to you! She is such a talented designer and has a gorgeous catalogue of patterns under her belt already. The Phlox Scarf was designed specifically for me to share with you here. 

Trinity Sweater – the Perfect Transitional Piece!

Trinity Sweater – the Perfect Transitional Piece!

Today I am introducing you to the Trinity Sweater. To be honest I wasn’t sure whether to call it a sweater or a tee …. it’s somewhere in-between! Those shorter sleeves make the trinity sweater the perfect transitional piece and is a must for any 

Robin Sleeved Wrap – A Must Have!

Robin Sleeved Wrap – A Must Have!

The Robin Sleeved Wrap is the latest in our Robin Collection. You may have guessed by now that I love the stitch combo we came up with for this collection! You get the look of cables without actually having to crochet cables.

And it is so versatile! You could literally team this sleeved wrap with just about anything and wear it all year long. My sister, Sarah, modelled this one for me. She turned up one evening with a suitcase full of outfit changes, her makeup and hair straighteners! She is a star.

Sarah is going to use hers on holiday. She thinks it will be perfect for walking along the beach late afternoon / evening and then going out for a meal.

The PDF pattern links

This pattern is available to purchase in all of our usual places:

How we designed the stitch combo

The stitch combo we use in the Robin Collection was used in its first form by me in the Samantha’s Hope unisex Beanie for the Crochet Cancer Challenge in October 2019. I also designed a coffee beanie cozy using these stitches. Sara then took the two and came up with the Robin combo and I tweaked it a tiny bit to iron out the last crease.

It’s quite amazing what two people can do when they put their heads together!



Why design the Robin Sleeved Wrap?

I had been looking at knitted and mass produced versions of these on the sponsored ads on Facebook and really liked them. But they were expensive and also I really wanted a crocheted version.

One day soon after one of our Facebook Community moderators, Linda, sent me some links. She asked if I could design one of them with some beautiful texture. She suggested maybe the robin stitch combination. Well, that was most definately challenge accepted!

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Would you believe that literally a couple of days later Hannah from Hanjan Crochet posted her sweater wrap on IG?? I held my breath and sent Hannah a message explaining that I was designing one of these myself and assuring her that I was not stealing her creative ideas! Hannah is really lovely and was absolutely fine with me continuing my design as they were going to be different anyway.

Speaking of which you can find me on IG by clicking the button below.


It worked out really well …. eventually!

The biggest challenge for this pattern was getting the sizes right! The crossover and the arm design made this one really tricky. Hannah shared with me how she worked out the sizes for hers (that was really funny!) I was also talking to my good friend Kristine Mullen from Ambassador Crochet one day in a FB room and she offered to help me work it out. Kristine is also a tech editor so I immediately jumped on that offer! It really wasn’t as easy as it sounds…



My first attempt at a size large turned into an adult XS which fit my daughter. But that was really good for me because I had something more concrete to base my version of maths on.

Jorja wearing a pink Robin Sleeved Wrap


Size Inclusive

I could now write the pattern for the 9 sizes I wanted to include – XS – 5XL! And I could make one big enough for my sister to model.

With this pattern if you are between sizes I would recommend making the smaller size. So if you are usually a medium or a large depending on make I would do the medium.


Materials and tips for making the Robin Sleeved Wrap

You will need:

  • #3 weight yarn of your choosing. I used Stylecraft Special DK in powder pink for the one my daughter is wearing (3.5 skeins) and blush for the one my sister modelled in size medium (4 skeins)
  • 4.5mm hook
  • Stitch markers
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle


I would highly recommend using stitch markers to mark the first and last stitch of the sleeves. This will make working the pattern much easier as you will not have to count for every section in every row. The repeat is easy to remember once you have worked a couple of them.


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This pattern features in the Autumn Exclusives event on 19th October. For one day only you can get this pattern for 50% off the usual price with the code!

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Elegant Hairscarf

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Men’s Wrist Warmers – Free Pattern

Men’s Wrist Warmers – Free Pattern

The Richard wrist warmers (named after my very supportive husband) are a more masculine version of our Susan Wrist warmers. These men’s wrist warmers are a great gift idea, and a good way to use your scraps or bust that stash! Do you remember our 

Kristine Ear Warmer – Free Pattern

Kristine Ear Warmer – Free Pattern

Introducing the Kristine ear warmer

In actual fact, there are two Kristine warmer patterns because I couldn’t decide which style I liked best! I figured you guys also deserved to have the choice, so I included both styles. Do you have a favourite? You will find the free pattern for both further down this page.

The Kristine ear warmer was actually named after a fellow designer, Kristine Mullen from Ambassador Crochet. She invited us to take part in her Season of Joy: 30 Days of Gift Giving event. The requirements were simple – quick and easy patterns that could be gifted for Christmas and used chunky or bulky yarn.

As most of our patterns use #4 weight yarn and not a lot use #5 or #6 weight this meant that I had to come up with a new pattern. And, of course, that pattern would need a name. In all honesty it wasn’t a difficult decision to name this one after Kristine. If you guys knew how hard this lady works, the knocks she has had in recent years and how she just dusts herself off and gets on with it! She really is an inspirational lady and I admire her greatly. Of course, her patterns and designs are gorgeous too!

PDF Links:

If you prefer a PDF Pattern you can get both versions of the ear warmer in one pdf file by clicking on the links below.

Our shop here

Ravelry here

Lovecrafts here

Esty here


Pattern information:

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. These may allow us to make a small commission on any purchases you make using these links but there will be no extra charge to yourself!

Also, please note that this pattern and its images are copyright protected and the sole property of Sara Marsh and Helen Wilkinson of Sunflower Cottage Crochet.  Please do not redistribute, transfer, or sell the pattern, or alter it to claim as your own. You may sell any products you create from this pattern. Please credit us by linking online listings Facebook, Website, and tag us on Instagram.



Materials needed:


Gauge: is not important as long as your starting chain or foundation row is the right length – info on stitch multiple in pattern notes.

Sizing: both versions of this pattern are written for several sizes – child, teen, women’s small, medium and large. The length of your foundation row will be 17’’ (18’’/19’’/20’’/21’’)


  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • sk—skip
  • fhdc – foundation half double crochet
  • dc–double crochet
  • sc – single crochet
  • YO—yarn over
  • FO—fasten off

Pattern Notes:

  • Written in US terms.
  • Ch1 stitches at the beginning do not count as a st unless otherwise stated.
  • Please ensure that you note how the sizes are differentiated as per the sizing information above.
  • To alter the circumference of the cowl make sure you have an even number of stitches at the end of round 1.


Special Stitches:

To make your Kristine ear warmer in either version you will need to know the following stitches:


Here is our right handed tutorial:

You can find our left handed tutorial here. 

Camel Stitch (also known as the third loop hdc):

To do this stitch:

YO, insert hook into the THIRD loop of the HDC from the previous row (this will be a horizontal bar below the two loops you normally work into. If working in the round, it will be on the INSIDE of your work). Pull up a loop, YO and pull thru all 3 loops on your hook.

You can find our right handed video tutorial on how to do this here :

Pattern for the straight Kristine ear warmer:

Round 1 –                 Fhdc 50 (54/56/58/60) OR Ch 52 (56/58/60/62), hdc in third ch from hook and each ch across.  Making sure not to twist the chain, ss to the first st to join and create a circle.

Round 2 –                  Ch1, camel st in each st around. SS to join.

Round 3 –                 Ch1, Turn, (sc, dc) in first st, sk1, *(sc, dc) in next st, sk1* Rep from * to * around.  SS to join.

Rounds 4 & 5 –      Ch1, Turn, (sc, dc) in first st, sk1, *(sc, dc) in next st, sk1* Rep from * to * around.   Note: you will be working into the sc sts from the previous round and skipping the dc sts. SS to join.



Round  6 –               Ch1, turn, hdc in each st around. SS to join

Round 7 –                Ch1, do NOT turn, camel st in each st around. SS to join.

For child size stop here, FO and weave in ends.

For all other sizes continue rounds 8-12

Round 8 – 12 –       Repeat rounds 3-7 once more.

                                    FO, weave in ends.


Pattern for the twisted ear warmer:

Row 1 –                     Fhdc 49 (53/55/57/59) OR Ch 53 (55/57/59/61), hdc in third ch from hook and each ch across.           

Row 2 –                      Ch1, turn, camel st in each st along.

Row 3 –                     Ch1, turn, sc in each st across.

Rows 4 –                   Ch1, turn, (sc, dc) in first st, sk1, *(sc, dc) in next st, sk1* Rep from * to * along until you have 2 sts left, sk1 and sc in the last st.




 Rows 5 & 6 –           Ch1, turn, (sc, dc) in first st, sk1, *(sc, dc) in next st, sk1* Rep from * to * along until you have 2 sts left, sk1 and sc in the last st.

Note: you will be working into the sc sts from the previous row and skipping the dc sts.

Row 7 –                     Ch1, turn, hdc in each st around.

Row 8 –                    Ch1, turn, camel st in each st around. SS to join.

For child size stop here, FO and leave a long tail of about 8 inches. For all other sizes continue to rows 9 -14

Row 9 – 14 –            Repeat rows 3-8 once more.



To sew the twist:

Step 1: with right side facing you (this is the side with the camel stitch ridge facing you) lay the ear warmer flat.

Step 2: fold the ear warmer in half so that right sides are together. See photo below.

Step 3: Holding the ear warmer with the open edges at the top, separate the ends a little and fold each end in half creating 2 V shapes. See photo below.

Step 4: interlock the V shapes together. See photo below.

Step 5: sew the four layers together. FO and weave in ends

Step 6: Turn so that right sides are facing outwards.

And Voila!

You now have your Kristine ear warmer!


We would love it if you would share your ear warmers with us on social media. You can find us on Facebook (please remember to answer all of the joining questions for our community group) and Instagram.

Free PDF for one day only!!

As part of the Season of Joy event, you can get the free pdf for both versions of this pattern on 24th November 2020 ONLY. To claim your free copy you will need to know what the coupon code is from Kristine’s round-up post here. Then click the button below.


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Samantha’s Hope Beanie Free Pattern

Samantha’s Hope Beanie Free Pattern

Last year we participated in our first Crochet Cancer Challenge with our Samantha’s Hope beanie pattern. We went for royal blue in support of colon cancer. 2019 was a very poignant year to be initiated as one of the designers of this fabulous event. At 

The Robin Beanie – Crochet Cancer Challenge Pattern!

The Robin Beanie – Crochet Cancer Challenge Pattern!

Our Crochet Cancer Challenge pattern for 2020 is the Robin Beanie. If you joined us last year you will know that we highlighted colon cancer which is a royal blue ribbon. We are supporting the same cancer this year. You see, this time last year 

Robin’s Scarf – The Robin Collection grows

Robin’s Scarf – The Robin Collection grows

Our Robin collection continues to grow with the release of Robin’s Scarf. This is a timeless unisex design that looks great in any colour yarn. Its a lovely warm piece so it make a great Christmas gift when the weather in the Northern Hemisphere is getting particularly brisk!

So what is it about this collection that makes it grow?

We have had A LOT of people tell us that they love the pieces in the Robin Collection. And there are many reasons for this:

  1. The stitches used are much simpler than the finished item makes it look
  2. You get the effect of cables without the frogging and frustration
  3. It is a great stitch combo for fairly new beginners. Once you have mastered the sc, hdc and dc then you are ready for the Robin patterns!
  4. There is an elegance to this stitch combination that people of all ages love!


This is part of the Robin Afghan pattern that will be released in November!

Part of a set

This week we have also released the Robin beanie pattern (which you can read about here). The beanie is free with the special code throughout October 2020 as part of the Crochet Cancer Challenge. If you use the code to get the beanie you are pledging to make at least one of the Robin Beanies to donate to a cancer unit near you before the end of the year!



This scarf goes perfectly with the beanie pattern! Take a look ….


Stitches used:

Robin’s scarf uses sc, hdc and dc with some worked into the back loop only to obtain the ribbing and some third loop to get the texture on the body of the hat. The pattern includes video links on how to work the third loop and also how to do the sedge stitch (the sc, hdc, dc combo).

So this scarf is a great project for a recent beginner who knows the basics and wants to progress a little and play with texture.

There are stitch multiples given in the pattern so that you can adjust the size to suit your requirements. For a wider scarf just add repeats!



There is a gauge given in this pattern but lets face it – IT’S A SCARF! Gauge is not essential in this project. I do recommend stitch markers to mark the first and last stitch of the row. This helps to keep your counts correct.



For October 2020 ONLY you can get this scarf for 50% off using the code ROBIN on our Ravelry Store using the Ravelry link below.


Pattern links

You can find the Robin’s Scarf in all of the usual places:

Our shop here

Ravelry here

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here


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