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Men’s Wrist Warmers – Free Pattern

Men’s Wrist Warmers – Free Pattern

The Richard wrist warmers (named after my very supportive husband) are a more masculine version of our Susan Wrist warmers. These men’s wrist warmers are a great gift idea, and a good way to use your scraps or bust that stash! Do you remember our…

The Kate Scarf

The Kate Scarf

The Kate scarf is our newest member of the Kate Collection! The Kate collection is actually named after one of my sisters. There are a few more items coming in this collection – we have a beanie, a baby bonnet and baby blanket, a mug…

The Kate Hat

The Kate Hat

What came first – the Kate hat or the matching scarf? Honestly, it was the hat… I think! I mentioned in the scarf post that these patterns were actually designed a year ago but releasing them was postponed. Another designer brought out a very similar design after we had completed testing etc. I was nervous about releasing this pattern because I didn’t want to be accused of copying. I have seen how these things can play out in social media and being a new designer that scared me. It turns out I shouldn’t have worried. Our designs are sufficiently different and the designer has been lovely about it.

Isn’t this stitch combo gorgeous!!

I love this stitch combo! It is quite a fun one to work up and works up quickly so I have really enjoyed coming up with different patterns for this. Of course we have several just waiting in the wings to release – a coffee beanie cozy, mug cozy, baby bonnet (from size preemie) and blanket, a gorgeous wrist bag which is perfect for bridesmaids! The list just goes on.



Do you love this stitch combo as much as me?

If you can chain, double crochet, front post double crochet and back post double crochet then you can make just about anything with this stitch combination! If you want to see how easy it is check out our YouTube video tutorial on how to make there scarf pattern. (We also have a left handed version on our channel.)




Pattern Links:

This one is a paid pattern only. You can get the inexpensive pdf in all of our shops:

Ravelry here

Our Shop here

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here



Pattern specifics:

The Kate hat comes in three sizes:

Small – 18’’ circ, 7.5’’ tall

Medium – 19’’ circ, 9’’ tall

Large – 20’’ circ, 10’’ tall


You will need the following materials:

– #4 weight yarn (aran)

– large hat – around 180 yards

– medium – 155 yards approx.,

– small –  140 yards approx

– 4mm and a 5 mm hook

– Needle to sew in ends

– Tape measure

– Stitch marker (optional)


Links to video tutorials for all special stitches are included in the pattern.


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The Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

The Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

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Fireside Pocket Shawl Crochet Pattern

Fireside Pocket Shawl Crochet Pattern

Fireside Pocket Shawl The Fireside Pocket Shawl is officially my new favorite pattern of ours!  I love how it drapes.  It just makes this amazingly comfy garment that is so popular right now!  I wanted a ribbed look but I also wanted some slight lace…

Coffee Beanie Cozy (TM) Crochet Patterns!

Coffee Beanie Cozy (TM) Crochet Patterns!

Here They Are, AT LAST! The Coffee Beanie Cozy!

Coffee Beanie Cozy

We’ve been keeping a sort of secret (not so much to our testers!):  we have a ton of these Coffee Beanie Cozy patterns to release!  What better way to do that than in a round up where you can see all the most current releases!

What’s in a name?

I came up with this idea sitting on my couch one evening.  I had just finished up a few beanies and was still feeling the flow of beanie making so I picked up some cotton yarn and a hook and started making this tiny little beanie.  Literally, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was actually making.

I first made the bottom part just like a “bottom-up” beanie, working out the ribbing.  I decided to find measurements of a Starbuck’s take-out coffee cup–the most commonly used one.  That would be the 20oz cup.  Googling dimensions of this cup was interesting to say the least…  I found the measurements and set out to do this thing.

The basics of the Coffee Beanie Cozy is that it’s made bottom up with ribbing, joined, then we like to “line” it with a round of Camel stitches, work a fancy stitch from there, then top it with another round of Camel, followed by Crab Stitch.

With me so far?

What Is It?

This is a luxury for your hands!  The Coffee Beanie Cozy is the perfect cozy for hot or cold drinks!  Keeps your hands from getting too hot or too cold while holding your cups.  It also keeps your hands dry if you have a cold drink that’s sweating.  Ew.

Helen can tell you… she was in a movie theater and didn’t have hers on hand.  Helen, I’m shaking my head at you!  Her cup collapsed and her drink went everywhere!  She has found that these Coffee Beanie Cozies have a stabilizing affect on the cups.  What a cool feature.

First one

First one I made was the Paige Coffee Beanie Cozy.  Then I separated those stitches (bean and X) into their own individual CBC’s (short for coffee beanie cozy!).  So just like that, I had 3 designs!

I contacted Helen and said, “you got any cotton yarn?”

Helen: …uh..I might… why?


Helen: … ok?  How much do I need?

Me: (why isn’t she as excited as I am??) Um, not sure, just get a skein of it and a 5mm.

Helen: Ok but it’ll have to be tomorrow.  Do you have a pattern written?

Me: No? You can’t just read my mind?  *sets out to write the pattern*

Helen’s Test

The next day, Helen made the ones I had written up, the Paige CBC being the first.  She liked it a lot, we got some neat pictures done but… The gal that takes our pictures for us put them on upside-down!  New pictures made… we were ready to start listing them and showing them off but….

We got so excited about how these looked and felt that we just kept making more and more of them.  Using all manner of stitches.  Here’s a handy list of Coffee Beanie Cozy patterns we are releasing now.  Don’t worry, I will provide links to Pinterest pins (just click on their Pinterest pin image!) and links to the already released Coffee Beanie Cozies at the end.

Ready?  Ok!

Oh My Stars! Coffee Beanie Cozy

Oh My Stars! Coffee Beanie Cozy

I think this was the 4th one I came up with as it was July 2019.  Yes, it’s been sitting that long.  We had so much going on at that time and we were just cranking these things out.

This one features the Star Stitch (also known as the Marguerite Stitch).  This is an awkward stitch to work, especially in the round, but I feel that our pattern explains it very well.  If you ever get lost though, feel free to let us know!

Sunflower Store



Alpine Coffee Beanie Cozy

Alpine Coffee Beanie Cozy

As you might have guessed, this one features the Alpine Stitch.  Can I just say that this is probably one of my most favorite stitch patterns?  Yet this is only one of two patterns we have with it.  Or is there three now??  I’d have more but there are already so many patterns out there with this stitch pattern it’s nearly impossible to find something that hasn’t already got this stitch in use!

Maybe I can find something to use with it soon?  Moving on…

Sunflower Store



Berries Coffee Beanie Cozy

Berries Coffee Beanie Cozy

This one utilizes the Berry Stitch (even berry, if I’m not mistaken).  This is one that Helen came up with.  I like the use of color changes so that you can see the stitch very well.

The Even Berry Stitch is a neat take on a puff or popcorn type stitch that seems to be easier to work, in my opinion.  It doesn’t stick out so far that it takes away from the design or make your hand uncomfortable on the cozy.

I can imagine the use of this stitch with some green for “leaves” at a later date.  Perhaps some kind of Cherry CBC?

Sunflower Store



Cupcake Coffee Beanie Cozy

Cupcake Coffee Beanie Cozy

Did someone say, CUPCAKE??  Sure did.  This one looks good enough to eat, too.  I’m really liking the CBC’s that have a more noticeable design, like this cupcake.  This is another one of Helen’s creations.  I love the color changes to identify cake and frosting.  YUM!  Seriously going to make a lot of these for Christmas gifts.

I’m guessing there’s a teacher out there that would love one of these, too!

Sunflower Store



Grit Stitch Coffee Beanie Cozy

Grit Stitch CBC

This stitch is normally used for things like washcloths.  I love the topsy-turvy look of it.  It looks very classic and pretty in a single color, and would really be great for a gift.  Especially if you weren’t sure what the recipient likes (I’m easy, I like cupcakes, just so you know!).

I really don’t think you can go wrong with a classic stitch that gives a classic look.

Sunflower Store



Lemon Drop Coffee Beanie Cozy

Lemon Drops CBC

So this is one of my creations.  Helen asked me to come up with a kitchen set for an event we were part of during the summer months.  We had the Lemon drops towel, washcloth, and potholder.

This stitch combo just literally popped out of my head.  I used the larger Bean/Puff stitch paired with the Lemon Peel stitch to get the look.  This, to me, is the perfect summer CBC to have on hand.

Sunflower Store



Shells Coffee Beanie Cozy

shells cbc

This is another one of my earlier creations.  I really liked the idea of having one with shells on it.  This is the only one (so far) that does not use the Crab stitch along the top.  I made up for it though, when I added an additional round of Camel stitch.

This is actually currently our freebie pattern for signing up to our newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up yet, do it!  Those of you that already signed up in the past, you received our Sunflower Motif pattern!  That is no longer available at this time!

Previously Released

As mentioned earlier, I am going to provide a handy dandy list of CBC’s we’ve already released.  SPOILER ALERT!! There is one more CBC that even our testers don’t know about yet that I think is super special.  It’s super hard for me to hold it in.  I’ve wanted to show our Moderators in the Facebook group for a while (well, ok, both days since I came up with it…but still…).

Here’s that list:

Paige cbc
Paige Coffee Beanie Cozy. First CBC ever made!
Bean CBC
Bean stitch Coffee Beanie Cozy
X's Coffee Beanie Cozy
X’s Coffee Beanie Cozy
Tulip CBC
Tulips Coffee Beanie Cozy
Strawberry CBC
Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy



Primrose Crochet Market Bag Pattern

Primrose Crochet Market Bag Pattern

Primrose Market Bag Crochet Pattern The Primrose Market Bag crochet pattern was made while Sara was preparing to do the Stitch of the Week video for the staggered double crochet.  She was inspired and challenged me to design a market bag with that stitch, and…

Lemon Drops Kitchen Crochet Set

Lemon Drops Kitchen Crochet Set

Lemon Drops Kitchen Crochet Set of Patterns Introducing our Lemon Drops Crochet Set of patterns!  We’re super excited to show you all the different patterns included in this set!  We even joined an event to showcase it, the Hooked on Summer Event. Unfortunately this event…

Introducing the Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy

Introducing the Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy

Today we are super happy to be introducing you to the Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy.

A whole collection of great gift ideas

If you have been following us for a while you will know that the coffee beanie cozies are our officially trademarked item. We are so excited about that! They are great scrap busting patterns, are practical and make great quick gift ideas for just about anyone. We have quite a few coffee beanie cozies in our collection now that there is literally something for everyone – male, female, young, old, playful, serious. My daughter and her friends use them for their iced drinks when at soft play or on the beach during the hotter weather. They all go nuts over them. And so do her teachers!

We have also been using them to show you new stitches that you might not have tried before. We have a grit stitch one, a bean stitch, a Celtic Weave one coming soon, the shell, the X stitch …. honestly, the list goes on! Just lately we have been looking at some of the more fun stitches and techniques that really make the cozies ‘pop’. We recently released the tulips coffee beanie cozy, now we have the strawberry coffee beanie cozy for you! Doesn’t it look great?

The strawberry stitch
Doesn’t the strawberry stitch look great?

Another thing about this stitch is that it isn’t completely flat so there is more texture and depth to this one. But it is still easy and comfortable to hold! Don’t worry – those strawberries do not make using this impractical or difficult!

We are over the moon with how well this one has turned out.


The Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy
It looks great as well as being practical.

Our Coffee Beanie Cozies are designed to fit a 20 oz Starbucks takeaway cup and most standard travel mugs that you may have.

Not as hard as it looks

I would say that this pattern is suitable for adventurous beginners. In fact, I think the trickiest part is the colour changing. But don’t worry as we have a video on how to do this stitch and colour change for both left and right handed crocheters!


YouTube Tutorial

You can find our tutorial on this stitch, which includes how to effectively do the Color-change and carry your yarn while you work on our YouTube Channel.

For right handed crocheters you can find this specific tutorial here.

For left handed crocheters you can find the tutorial here.


This pattern contains links to the strawberry stitch tutorials, the camel stitch and the back loop only tutorials that we have available on Youtube for you.


To make the Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy you will need


Links to the pattern

You can find this pattern in all of the usual places for a very reasonable price … less than the cost of one cup of coffee!

Find it on

Ravelry here,

Etsy here,

Our shop here.

Sunshine-y Hanging Towel Crochet Pattern

Sunshine-y Hanging Towel Crochet Pattern

Sunshine-y Hanging Towel, A Crochet Pattern Introducing our latest design, the Sunshine-y Hanging Towel crochet pattern.  I told Helen I would like to have more home decor patterns available, especially for summer.  Most people don’t really want to be crocheting big cozy blankets or scarves…