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4th July Throw Pillow – Part 2 of the Free CAL

4th July Throw Pillow – Part 2 of the Free CAL

Are you ready for part 2 of the Free 4th July Throw Pillow CAL? This post contains the instructions for the back panel. The CAL: This CAL (or crochet along) is a collaboration between myself and Erin from Juniper and Oakes. We are both really 

The Ultimate Collection of Hand / Kitchen Towel Patterns to Crochet

The Ultimate Collection of Hand / Kitchen Towel Patterns to Crochet

Hand towels and kitchen towel patterns are great items to crochet. They make fantastic gifts, are super practical and look so pretty! So whether you are looking to make some for yourself or to gift you are sure to find what you are looking for 

Crochet in Public Day – June’s Free CAL Square Pattern

Crochet in Public Day – June’s Free CAL Square Pattern

Worldwide knit (and crochet) in public day is on June 11th this year. 

How could I not acknowledge this day in my  corner to corner CAL?!

My tester for this square will be turning hers into a WIP bag! What are you making with your square?

This event started in 2005 and by 2009 there were over 750 events around the world celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day.



So on the second Saturday in June, will you be taking your WIPs to a local library, park or cafe? Will you work on your WIP on the bus, while watching your child play sports or while they run around outside? Do you plan to meet other fiber artists somewhere to enjoy the sun and maybe learn something new?

Or will you be teaching someone a new stitch or tip to help with their crochet or knitting?

How will I be spending June 11th?

I will take my WIP to my local coffee shop and work on a project while my hubby and daughter enjoy breakfast out. I am hoping to take a WIP everywhere with me and make a reel or take some photos of all of the places I will crochet!

Want to join me?? I would love to see some photographs of where you will be crocheting to mark the day!

PDF Pattern links

If you would like the ad-free PDF Pattern which includes the chart, written and colour block instructions you can find it in my shops:


Throughout 2022 I am releasing one square a month based around international days and holidays that are not political or religiously motivated. This is why I choose to call this the Kinship CAL – because everyone can join in and just have fun with it.

The Crochet in Public Square is for June. If you want to check out the other squares so far you can visit my round up post here.


I have a learn to corner to corner course that has helped a lot of crocheters to master the art of corner to corner. We go through it step by step from reading the patterns to how to do the stitch, increases and decreases to colour changes. I will show you how to work both squares and rectangles too. We even make a couple of free pattern projects together!



Crochet Square pattern:

Colour Colour you are using No of Sts
white   204
Dark Blue (DB)   59
Orange   108
Dark Green (DG)   29
Green   64
Brown   54
Blue   107


Written Instructions:

↙ Row 1: (white) x 1 (1 square)

↗ Row 2: (white) x 2 (2 squares)

↙ Row 3: (white) x 3 (3 squares)

↗ Row 4: (white) x 4 (4 squares)

↙ Row 5: (white) x 5 (5 squares)

↗ Row 6: (white) x 6 (6 squares)

↙ Row 7: (white) x 7 (7 squares)

↗ Row 8: (white) x 8 (8 squares)

↙ Row 9: (white) x 9 (9 squares)

↗ Row 10: (white) x 8, (Brown) x 2 (10 squares)

↙ Row 11: (Brown) x 3, (white) x 8 (11 squares)

↗ Row 12: (white) x 8, (Brown) x 4 (12 squares)

↙ Row 13: (Brown) x 2, (white) x 11 (13 squares)

↗ Row 14: (white) x 12, (Brown) x 1, (white) x 1 (14 squares)

↙ Row 15: (white) x 1, (Brown) x 14 (15 squares)



↗ Row 16: (Brown) x 14, (white) x 2 (16 squares)

↙ Row 17: (white) x 3, (Brown) x 14 (17 squares)

↗ Row 18: (white) x 18 (18 squares)

↙ Row 19: (white) x 2, (DB) x 16, (white) x 1 (19 squares)

↗ Row 20: (white) x 2, (DB) x 2, (Blue) x 12, (DB) x 1, (white) x 3 (20 squares)

↙ Row 21: (white) x 3, (DB) x 1, (Blue) x 14, (DB) x 1, (white) x 2 (21 squares)

↗ Row 22: (white) x 3, (DB) x 1, (Blue) x 14, (white) x 4 (22 squares)

↙ Row 23: (white) x 4, (DB) x 1, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 11, (Blue) x 1, (DB) x 1, (white) x 3 (23 squares)

↗ Row 24: (white) x 4, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 11, (Blue) x 2, (white) x 5 (24 squares)

↙ Row 25: (white) x 5, (DB) x 1, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 11, (Blue) x 1, (DB) x 1, (white) x 4 (25 squares)

Corner at both sides

↗ Row 26: (white) x 4, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 2, (DG) x 7, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 2, (white) x 5 (24 squares)

↙ Row 27: (white) x 4, (DB) x 1, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 1, (DG) x 1, (green) x 6, (DG) x 1, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 1, (DB) x 1, (white) x 3 (23 squares)

↗ Row 28: (white) x 3, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 2, (green) x 7, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 2, (white) x 4 (22 squares)

↙ Row 29: (white) x 3, (DB) x 1, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 1, (DG) x 1, (green) x 6, (DG) x 1, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 1, (DB) x 1, (white) x 2 (21 squares)

↗ Row 30: (white) x 2, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 2, (green) x 7, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 2, (white) x 3 (20 squares)

↙ Row 31: (white) x 2, (DB) x 1, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 1, (DG) x 1, (green) x 1, (DB) x 4, (green) x 1, (DG) x 1, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 1, (DB) x 1, (white) x 1 (19 squares)

↗ Row 32: (white) x 1, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 2, (green) x 2, (DB) x 3, (green) x 2, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 2, (white) x 2 (18 squares)

↙ Row 33: (white) x 1, (DB) x 1, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 1, (DG) x 1, (green) x 1, (DB) x 4, (green) x 1, (DG) x 1, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 1, (DB) x 1 (17 squares)



↗ Row 34: (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 2, (green) x 2, (DB) x 1, (white) x 1, (DB) x 1, (green) x 2, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 2, (white) x 1 (16 squares)

↙ Row 35: (DB) x 1, (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 1, (DG) x 1, (green) x 1, (DB) x 4, (green) x 1, (DG) x 1, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 1 (15 squares)

↗ Row 36: (Blue) x 1, (Orange) x 2, (green) x 2, (DB) x 3, (green) x 2, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 2 (14 squares)

↙ Row 37: (Blue) x 2, (Orange) x 1, (DG) x 1, (green) x 1, (DB) x 4, (green) x 1, (DG) x 1, (Orange) x 2 (13 squares)

↗ Row 38: (Orange) x 2, (green) x 7, (Orange) x 2, (Blue) x 1 (12 squares)

↙ Row 39: (Blue) x 1, (Orange) x 1, (DG) x 1, (green) x 6, (DG) x 1, (Orange) x 1 (11 squares)

↗ Row 40: (Orange) x 1, (DG) x 1, (green) x 5, (DG) x 1, (Orange) x 2 (10 squares)

↙ Row 41: (Orange) x 2, (DG) x 6, (Orange) x 1 (9 squares)

↗ Row 42: (Orange) x 8 (8 squares)

↙ Row 43: (Orange) x 7 (7 squares)

↗ Row 44: (Orange) x 6 (6 squares)



↙ Row 45: (Blue) x 5 (5 squares)

↗ Row 46: (Blue) x 4 (4 squares)

↙ Row 47: (Blue) x 3 (3 squares)

↗ Row 48: (Blue) x 2 (2 squares)

↙ Row 49: (Blue) x 1 (1 square)


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Free Crochet pattern – Spring is in the Air Infinity Scarf

Free Crochet pattern – Spring is in the Air Infinity Scarf

Spring is in the Air and this infinity scarf is the perfect accessory! The bitterly cold winds coming off the North Sea are starting to warm up. The sun is fighting its way through the clouds. Crocuses and snowdrops are starting to bloom! With Christmas 

Trinity Sweater – the Perfect Transitional Piece!

Trinity Sweater – the Perfect Transitional Piece!

Today I am introducing you to the Trinity Sweater. To be honest I wasn’t sure whether to call it a sweater or a tee …. it’s somewhere in-between! Those shorter sleeves make the trinity sweater the perfect transitional piece and is a must for any 

Nicholas V Neck Vest Crochet Pattern

Nicholas V Neck Vest Crochet Pattern

I have wanted to design a garment for men for a long time now, and the Nicholas V-Neck Vest is the one!  I named this after my husband and even used the N-stitch for the texture of this vest. Have you tried the N stitch before? We have a video tutorial for it on my YouTube Channel.

A V neck vest is a great garment for men, as it gives comfort and style at the same time.  I wanted something classic looking but with a stitch that most people haven’t used.

The Yarn

I used City Tweed from Knit Picks in Dolphin for this project.  I really love this yarn!  It is a fabulous blend of wool, Alpaca, and Donegal Tweed!  I really couldn’t put my husband in any old yarn–I wanted the best for him to wear.



The color is a grayish blue and the tweed coloring is just perfect with it!  The texture and stitch definition with this yarn really shines well.

Texture and Stitch Definition

Materials Needed

I used roughly 1500 yards of City Tweed DK yarn, which is a DK/light weight yarn.  This was for a size 2XL.  The pattern is written for sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL.  I include yardage for each size–these are approximate.

4.5mm hook for the body of the vest and 3.75mm hook for the ribbing

Stitch Markers–definitely needed for this project.

Tapestry Needle

Stitch/Row Counter (there’s a lot to keep track of!)


How it’s Made

This vest is worked in two panels that are then sewn together.  I then added the ribbing around the neck and arm holes using the smaller hook.  You will want the stitch markers for marking the center where the V neck starts and then once again to hold the panels together while you sew.




I really can’t get over how great this looks on my husband.  He also really likes it and actually wears it!  Proof that this is something you need to make for the men in your life!  I truly hope you enjoy this design and appreciate that the pattern is written for so many sizes.  Each of the sizes have their own section of the pattern, rather than trying to keep track of which color of stitch count is the one you’re following.

Where to find it

Sunflower Store

Etsy Shop




The Just for Him Event 2021

On 30th November 2021 you can download the pdf version of this pattern for free using the special coupon code.

If you need the code click the button below, then come back and click the free pdf button!



Stag Throw Pillow – Free pattern

Stag Throw Pillow – Free pattern

Here is the first of several patterns in the Stag Collection – the stag throw pillow.   Note: this post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase using them we may get a small commission so that we can continue to 

Nordic Snowflake Table Runner

Nordic Snowflake Table Runner

The Nordic Snowflake Table Runner was most definitely inspired by the Nordic Winter Afghan CAL. You can find out more about that and get the free chart for the square I designed here. There is also a gorgeous e-book available if you want to make 

Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy

Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy

With Sunflowers being the choice of decor in early fall, I couldn’t resist but design a Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy!

This is done simpler than it looks.  I incorporate the creation of the sunflower into the rounds while making the rest of the Coffee Beanie Cozy, so there is no sewing on!

I recently discovered that all of our CBCs (Coffee Beanie Cozies) fit more than just a 20oz to-go cup full of hot coffee or tea, but they also fit the pint sized ice cream tubs such as Ben & Jerry’s!  They also fit the little plastic cups or tubs you get from the local ice cream shop.  I highly recommend using them for those as well!  Save your hands and fingers!

It seems that they fit a wide variety of things so I encourage you to try them out on just about anything–even soda cans!  If you use a lighter weight yarn and smaller hook, you can make them to fit just about anything!  Same goes with larger yarn and hook.

Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy

Materials Needed

This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you!

About 75 yards of 100% cotton yarn in 3 colors: grass green, buttercup yellow, and brown.  I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran in those 3 colors.  This is a super soft yarn but highly durable and has yet to pill on me, even with several machine washes and dryings and usage (my washcloths!).

5mm crochet hook, such as one of the beautiful Furls hooks or any hook brand you prefer.

Tapestry Needle for sewing in ends.

Stitch marker for marking stitches that might be hard to find such as behind the sunflower and the beginning/ending stitches.

Scissors–don’t need to explain this one!


This is worked in the round just like all of our CBCs, starting with a flat ribbing which we join to make the “brim”, then we start working in the round.  The Sunflower is added during one of the rounds, using one stitch!

There will be no need to cut yarn until the end of that color’s participation in the project, this makes a lot less ends to weave in.  Simply drop the color you don’t need inside the work and pull it up for use when you need it again–this will be the green color.

Slip stitch join for the “brim” works great however, I also like to use the zig zag join, which Helen has a great tutorial for on our site, here, or on our YouTube channel, here.

Where to Get the Pattern

All the usual spots!!

Sunflower Store

Etsy Store

Ravelry Store

LoveCrafts Store

Robin’s Cables Blanket

Robin’s Cables Blanket

  We couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring you a pattern for the Robin’s Cables Blanket now could we? It uses the same stitch combo as the Robin’s Poncho, hat and scarf, coffee beanie cozy and mug cozy (which will be released soon). I mean,