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Nicholas V Neck Vest Crochet Pattern

Nicholas V Neck Vest Crochet Pattern

I have wanted to design a garment for men for a long time now, and the Nicholas V-Neck Vest is the one!  I named this after my husband and even used the N-stitch for the texture of this vest. Have you tried the N stitch 

Stag Throw Pillow – Free pattern

Stag Throw Pillow – Free pattern

Here is the first of several patterns in the Stag Collection – the stag throw pillow.   Note: this post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase using them we may get a small commission so that we can continue to 

Nordic Snowflake Table Runner

Nordic Snowflake Table Runner

The Nordic Snowflake Table Runner was most definitely inspired by the Nordic Winter Afghan CAL. You can find out more about that and get the free chart for the square I designed here. There is also a gorgeous e-book available if you want to make the afghan.


Back to the Nordic Snowflake Table Runner …

This one was a fun pattern to design and make. I have been wanting to do more corner to corner projects for a little while. The Nordic Winter Afghan gave me the perfect opportunity and once I started I just kept going.


This runner is made in one piece so there is no joining. It is made using the corner to corner method. I used the half double crochet stitch with a ch2. You can use the double crochet stitch with ch3 if you prefer but be aware that your project will end up wider and longer.

New to corner to Corner?

That’s ok! We have a three part mini course with free patterns for you to get used to the technique! There are right and left handed video tutorials for each section which go through the whole process for you. You can find out more about the mini course here.

I promise it is not as intimidating as you may think. You can do so much with corner to corner and it is such a fun technique!



Yarn suggestions for the nordic snowflake table runner

I would recommend using cotton or a cotton blend for a table runner. Cotton is much more durable than acrylic or wool, keeps its shape and works up quickly. Not to mention that you can wash it to your heart’s content so it will look great for years to come. This makes cotton perfect for home decor projects like this.

I used Lion Brand Re-Up cotton from We Crochet for my Nordic Snowflake table runner. It is not a yarn I have been able to use previously. Being in the UK we don’t have any stockists of this at the moment (or certainly at the time of designing this). I was also wanting to try using more recycled yarns and cottons for my designs.



I am going to be brutally honest and say that I don’t think I would order Re-Up cotton again. The price is great at £1.94 for 60 grams, the colours are great and it is fabulous for the environmental point of view. So if you are on a tight budget this may be a good option for you.

However, I found that it splits very easily. This meant that it caught on my hook and pulled quite a few times so I had to frog some to fix the problem. It also makes it very difficult to sew in the tails. Perhaps I have just been spoilt and need more practice using it?? I much prefer the Dishie Cotton yarn which is £3.35 for 100 grams.


PDF Pattern links:

You can purchase an inexpensive copy of the pdf pattern for the Nordic Snowflake Table Runner in any of our shops.


Part of a set!

When I designed this table runner I also designed the individual placemats to go with it! There is a collection of 4 different placemats available which perfectly match the table runner. The great thing is that you do not have to choose which placemat you prefer – they are all included in the one price. So you can pick your favourite snowflake(s) and really jazz up your table this Winter!






12 Days of Christmas Event

There 12 Days of Christmas event is being hosted by Fosbas Designs. Each day for 12 days there is a different theme and several patterns feature each day. You can get these patterns free with that day’s special coupon code.

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If you don’t yet have the code you can get it by clicking the round up button below then come back and click the download on Ravelry button for your free Nordic Snowflake Table Runner pattern!



As part of the 12 Days of Christmas event hosted by Fosbas Designs you can get the table runner free with the special event code AND we are giving you 50% off the matching placemat patterns using code 12DAYS. Please note that the table runner will have a different code on our featured day – see below!

Once the featured day for the free table runner pdf pattern is over it will also be 50% off using the code 12DAYS for the duration of the event on our website, Etsy and Ravelry shops! You can find the download buttons further up in this post!


Links for the set of 4 Nordic Snowflake Placemats:


Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy

Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy

With Sunflowers being the choice of decor in early fall, I couldn’t resist but design a Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy! This is done simpler than it looks.  I incorporate the creation of the sunflower into the rounds while making the rest of the Coffee Beanie 

Robin’s Cables Blanket

Robin’s Cables Blanket

  We couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring you a pattern for the Robin’s Cables Blanket now could we? It uses the same stitch combo as the Robin’s Poncho, hat and scarf, coffee beanie cozy and mug cozy (which will be released soon). I mean, 

Lollipop Keychain Crochet Pattern

Lollipop Keychain Crochet Pattern

I joined in for a collaboration for a Back-To-School event that asked for keychains, and I instantly thought about the Lollipop Keychain.  The little swirls make me think of the old time lollipops that I used to just love as a kid.  I set out to make them, in a few different colors!

The Lollipop Keychain pattern was part of a fun Back-To-School blog hop in August 2021.


How to do the swirl

Once you get going with the swirl I promise it is not as complicated as it looks or sounds!

To make the two-colored swirl, you actually work with both colors almost at the same time.  You’re working in the round but not joining, just doing a continuous round.


So you make your center, pull up a long loop and don’t fasten off.  Then you add on the next color and and only work it so far as your previous colour stops, pull up a long loop but don’t fasten off.  Continue working in this fashion and you get a swirl.  Don’t worry, the pattern has much better explanation for it!



Where you can get this pattern:

  1. You can keep scrolling below for the free version of the pattern. This does not cost you anything but we do have ads within the post to help us earn a few extra pennies. Staying on this page and using the pattern from here instead of printing it off really helps us and does not cost you anything!
  2. Purchase the ad-free pdf pattern from our shops. Links for these are below.

The Blog Hop

This event was hosted by Christina over at Creative Snugglies and lasted for two weeks. Each day a different design was featured and you could get the pdf pattern for free with the coupon code. If you want to check out which patterns were included click the pic below.

If you would like to purchase the bundle to get all the patterns at once (so you don’t miss out!) click the “purchase the bundle” button below (on the right) and grab all 17 patterns for $14.99.

Fancy the Ad free pdf pattern?

You can grab this pattern in our shops!


Pattern notes:

Gauge      Not important for this project.  It will be tiny due to the hook size, but this is to get the no-holes look and crisp spiral lines.


Sizing     Finished lollipop measures about 1” diameter and 2.5” (roughly) from top of pop to bottom of stick.  These sizes are not exact and it’s ok if yours is not the same.



Ch(s) – chain(s) Ss – slip stitch
St(s) – Stitch(es) Sk – skip
Rep – Repeat FO—fasten off
YO—yarn over

MR—magic ring

Sc—single crochet

BLO—back loop only

Scblo—single crochet back loop only



#3 DK/light weight yarn in scrap amounts.  Pick 3 colors: 2 for the lollipop and 1 for the stick.  I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK in many colors from scraps that I had.


2.75mm (C) hook


Tapestry Needle

Stitch Markers

Keyring / chain / clip

Hot glue (optional)


  • Written in US terms
  • Ch1 does not count as a stitch
  • Do not fasten off until pattern tells you to! You’re going to “drop” a color/loop(s) and work both colors of the lollipop at the same time, spiraling over each other.
  • The color placement will be labeled as CA (color A), CB (color B), and CC (color C). CC is the stick color.
  • Pay attention to stitch placement and read the instructions fully
  • Entire pattern is worked in BLO (back loop only)


The Pattern

Lollipop—make 2 WORK IN BLO

Rnd 1: With CA (colour A), MR, 7sc in the ring, do not join (7sc)


Rnd 2: CA: 2sc in the next 2 sts, drop CA, pull up a long loop so it doesn’t come out. (4sc CA)

CB (Colour B): attach CB to next st, 2sc in same as join, 2sc in each of the next 4 sts (10sc CB).  Drop CB, do not join.  Pull up a long loop so it doesn’t come out.



Rnd 3: CA: place CA loop back on hook and in the next st (the first one of CB), work 2sc, sc in the next st, [2sc in the next st, sc in the next] 2 times, ss to next st, FO CA (9sc CA)

CB: place CB loop back on hook and in the next st work 2sc, sc in the next, [2sc in the next st, sc in the next] 2 times; 2sc in the next st; FO CB (11sc CB).


**NOTE: you can either weave in ends or tuck them in as we join the spirals.  I worked over my tails then cut them flush, knowing that if they came out a little bit, it will be on the inside where it doesn’t matter!**


Assembly of Lollipop Spiral:

Join wrong sides together, handle your loose ends how you like (see note above) and with either CA or CB, attach yarn to BLO of both spirals and scblo all the way around the spirals, making sure you’re single crocheting them together.  **NOTE: I had to turn my spirals around and around until I liked how they looked together.  Just line them up how the edges look best together before sewing**


Stick—CC (Colour C):

Rnd 1: We are going to use the I-Cord method for this.  With CC, ch3; insert hook into second ch from hook and pull up a loop, insert hook into 3rd ch from hook and pull up a loop (sort of like Tunisian Crochet), now slip off the two loops you just pulled up, but do not let them slip out—hold on to them!  With the loop still left on your hook, ch1, slip the second loop back on the hook and ch1; slip the last loop back on the hook and ch1.


Rnds 2-7: Remove the 2 loops nearest the end of your hook and hold them so they don’t slip out, with the remaining loop, ch1; slip the next loop back on the hook, ch1; slip the last loop back on the hook, ch1.


Ending: You can either bind off like knitters do or just do what I did, which was to keep all loops on the hook, and pull the yarn thru all (ss together).  FO.  Leave the ends for sewing.


Final Assembly:

Decide which side of your spiral is front.  I chose the front side of the sc border as my front side.  On the backside, take one of the tails from the stick and thread it onto the tapestry needle.  Insert the needle where you feel you would like the stick to rest on the backside (I went in a row or 2), and sew on the stick.  FO.



For the remaining ends:  For the other end of the stick, I used that tail to sort of “close” the I-Cord and then buried it IN the I-Cord to snip it flush.  For the last lollipop tail, I used it to also help secure the stick onto the backside of the lollipop, then wove it in and then out the middle of the spiral and snipped it flush.  You can do how you like, or even just hot glue it!


With hook and any color you like, ch15 and FO.  That is your “chain” for putting onto the ring.  I used semi-long tails from that to secure the chain to the backside of the lollipop, sticking my needle in thru the top-back and out thru the center. You can sew it on how you like, or hot glue it.


Attach your lollipop to a keyring/chain/clip!


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Lacy Solomon’s Grid Crochet Scarf

Lacy Solomon’s Grid Crochet Scarf

Lacy Solomon's Grid Scarf

I created this Lacy Solomon’s Grid Scarf pattern with the intention to introduce another way to work the Solomon’s Knot.  Making it into a grid by using double crochet stitches, this makes the scarf a lot more stable than the traditional Solomon’s Knot stitch does.

Solomon’s Grid Scarf with a Daisy Pin

Helen asked me to come up with a lacy pattern for a specific collaboration we were doing.  I have been wanting to use the Solomon’s Knot for a pattern for a while now, but there are already plenty of scarves and other projects using it.  By turning it into a grid-like design, I’ve made something more stable, included the Solomon’s Knot stitch, and I think it looks great, too!

Lacy Solomon’s Grid Scarf

Summer Exclusives Event Bundle:

This pattern was featured in the Summer Exclusives Event hosted by Cosy Rosie UK. There is a fantastic bundle which contains all of the patterns that were in this event for one awesome price … $18 for 29 patterns! Check out this bundle and see what is included please use the button below! This is an affiliate link so we do get a small commission if you purchase this bundle at no extra cost to you!

Materials List

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you!

#4 Worsted/Aran weight yarn of your choice–about 1 skein.  Such as Knit Picks Brava Worsted, one entire skein OR you can also use DK weight to make it even lighter however, the Solomon’s knot stitch will do that on its own!  For DK yarn, I recommend this light and airy CotLin Reflections yarn from WeCrochet.

5.5mm crochet hook.  I used Furls Streamline 5.5 I hook in Ebony

Stitch Markers


Tapestry Needle



Solomon’s Knot Grid

To work this stitch, you will need to know how to do a Solomon’s Knot and a double crochet.  I will show you here how to do the Solomon’s Knot Grid.

To work the Solomon’s Knot itself, follow these instructions:

Pull loop on hook up to about a ch3 height, grab yarn and pull through the top of that long loop; pinching the yarn so it doesn’t move on you, insert hook into space created when you pulled the yarn thru the long loop and pull up a loop—two loops now on the hook—YO and complete a single crochet.

Photo Tutorial of Solomon’s Grid

Video Tutorial



PDF Pattern Links:



Photo Gallery




Americana Coffee Beanie Cozy

Americana Coffee Beanie Cozy

The 4th of July is upon us and I needed to make the Americana Coffee Beanie Cozy!  We have 2 other great patterns for the 4th, but I really like our Coffee Beanie Cozies so I really wanted to make one festive for the 4th!