Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy



Our Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy is perfect for all those to-go cups, pint sized ice cream tubs and ice cream shop cups!  These popular Coffee Beanie Cozy™ designs are all the rage for your take-out coffee cups!  Keeps your hands from being either too hot or too cold and is made with 100% cotton for easy cleanup or use as a cloth for wiping up a spill!



Our patterns all share the same layout which is easy to read and easy to find important information you need, such as materials needed, sizing information, gauge information, and special stitches used as well as how to do them.  These stitches often come with an accompanying video for further clarification.



Fits 20oz Starbuck’s to-go cup, pint ice cream tubs, ice cream shop cups



  • #4 Worsted weight 100% cotton yarn • 5mm hook • Stitch markers (optional) • Scissors • Tapestry needle



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