Pirate Map Blanket – Corner to Corner



Ahoy adventurers! Make this lively, fun Pirate Map Corner to Corner Blanket and let the little buccaneers in your life set sail for a wild journey! We here at Sunflower can promise you that with a bit of skillful crochet crafting, you’ll soon have a soft, cozy blanket ready for adventures big or small!


Our pattern incorporates charts, written instructions, and colour blocks so even complete novices will have no trouble creating this swashbuckling masterpiece. You can customize its size easily by following some simple steps; choose either HDC (Half Double Crochet) or DC (Double Crochet) to adjust your tension and gauge. When made in HDC stile we measured ours to be 52” wide by 42 “tall, while using DC your blanket might get a little bigger. Either way the final product will provide just the right amount of warmth and comfort that all kids dream of.


This remarkable blanket also makes an amazing play mat – transform their playroom into a sea voyage with a map of its own on which they can chart their next journey. And when they are done playing they can relax under it while watching movies or reading stories about pirates’ shenanigans or breathtaking escapades under the stars.


So don’t hesitate! Enter into the world of adventurous fun-filled crafting with our easy to use patterns available only from Sunflower and make new memories today .



My patterns all share the same layout which is easy to read and easy to find important information you need, such as materials needed, sizing information, gauge information, and special stitches used as well as how to do them.  These stitches often come with an accompanying video for further clarification.


❤ SIZE of your Pirate Map Blanket:  

Your finished size will be dependent upon which stitch you use (HDC or DC) and your tension. The pattern includes the block counts for each colour so that you can work out your own yardage requirements based on the way you crochet.

 I used HDC and my blanket was 42” wide by 52” high.



I used Paintbox Simply Aran for my afghan in 10 colours



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