How To Do The Single Crochet Join Method

How To Do The Single Crochet Join Method
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single crochet join

How to do the Single Crochet Join Method

Today we’re going to learn how to do the single crochet join method.  In a previous “how-to” post, I showed you how to do the slip stitch join method.

The single crochet join method is very similar to the slip stitch join.  You will be using a hook and yarn instead of a needle and yarn.

Why use single crochet?

I actually really like how the single crochet join method looks because it creates a “pinstripe” appearance on the right side of your work.  It is a raised, visible line and when done with a pretty color to join your squares with, it looks amazing.

The “pinstripe” appearance of single crochet join

The Method

To do the single crochet join method, you will need to get a couple of squares together and attach your yarn.  If you put the wrong sides together, you will see the raised ridge of stitches on the right side.

sc join
This is the first corner

To start out, find a corner and attach your yarn however you like to attach.  Complete a single crochet right into that corner.

Next Step

Next, you need to place a single crochet into each stitch along this side.  If you have chain spaces between your 3-double-crochet clusters, you will also need to place a single crochet in that space.

Grab both loops of both stitches
Single Crochet in each stitch

Single crochet the two squares together all the way down the side.

Third Step

Once you reach the next corner, you will need to put a single crochet there, too.

Completed Single Crochet join on one side
Place a single crochet in the corner

Your completed join on the one side will look like this:

one side joined

Continuing Onward…

To continue joining more squares I recommend doing the following:

  1. Line up all your squares how you want them.  Start with the very bottom right square and join to the one directly to the left of it.  Fasten off and join the square to the next left, and so on down the row towards the left.  Do this for each row.  This is the same method used in quilting: sewing blocks together to make rows, and then sewing the rows together to make one piece.
  2. Next, join the bottom row to the next row up by attaching yarn in the corner and single crocheting all the way down the entire row.  To join the corners of each square as you go along, simply grab with your hook the opposite (diagonal) corner from the bottom row to the next row up.  and complete a single crochet right into those joined corners.
  3. Continue single crocheting down the row and fasten off at the end.  Grab your next row of squares and join just like the previous step.  Do this for all rows.
  4. At this point, you may want to do a single crochet border around the outer edge of your piece, to make it uniform in appearance.  After that, you can add any other border you wish.


I hope this tutorial was helpful but just in case, we have a YouTube video ready to go for both right hand (here) and left hand (here)!

The next joining tutorial will be all about that Wip Stitch!  See you then!