Hooking With … Susanna Biaye of Fosbas Designs

Hooking With … Susanna Biaye of Fosbas Designs
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Susanna Biaye is the designer behind @crochet_fosbas and lives in the UK with her husband and son and has been crocheting for about 20 years but started designing her own patterns about 4 years ago even though it was started off as a means to pass the time. She was taught to crochet and knit by her mother at a very young age of 8. Published in several different crochet magazines Susanna aims to create Bespoke patterns for a stylish lady and her kids.

Susanna specializes in making crochet patterns which include garments, accessories like beanies, cowls and head warmers, to making household crochet patterns such as blankets. Recently, Susanna found a new interest in tapestry crochet which she sees as an opportunity to express her creativity, and aims to add a touch of uniqueness to all her patterns.  Even though she makes amigurumis, she does not make amigurumi patterns. I guess we all have to have something just for us.

Susanna takes a lot of inspiration from nature, which she finds exciting. Crocheting is a means to unwind and get closer to unveiling other aspects of her creativities.

She spends most of her time with her family, crocheting or reading with a cup of coffee by her side. Other hobbies are sewing, baking and painting especially with her toddler.

How I know Susanna Biaye

I am thrilled that Susanna is joining us for this edition of Hooking With… Susanna and I are both part of a group specifically for crochet designers (actually, it’s ran by Pam Grice who we interviewed back in February!) I put out a call in that group for what we call an accountability partner who was in my timezone a couple of months ago. Susanna answered the call and so every week we share our to do lists for the week and raise our eyebrows at each other when tasks keep being rolled into next week LOL. Occasionally we bounce ideas off each other too.

For those of you who follow us on Facebook or in our newsletters, you may have realised that Susanna is the other designer that we set up our testers group with! If you join us you get the opportunity to test both Sunflower and Fosbas designs!!


This is my favourite of Susanna’s designs!

So let’s hear what Susanna has to say…


I am Susanna Biaye, an avid crocheter. I design for the stylish lady and her kids helping them to look confident in their handmade wardrobe.


When did you start designing?

Started designing about 6 years agoo but only decided to publish my patterns in 2018.

Do you have a blog?  If so, when did you start that up?

Yes, I started actively about 6 months ago.

What was your initial plan with your blog and designs?

I’ve always loved having lot of people benefit from my designs, having a blog was a means of getting closer to this goal.

How have your designs and designing process evolved?

I have gradually been able to identify my main audience and figured out what they love to make.

What designs do you specialize in?

Modern crochet garments with accessories for the stylish lady and her kids.

Do you have a favorite few stitches you like to use or do you always try to do new ones?

I’m more drawn to the conventional stitches even though I try out some new stitch combinations sometimes.

When you come up with an idea, does it come first from yarn you have or do you find yarn to fit the idea?

It goes both ways, most times – I have my idea and sketch I out after which I buy the yarn for the designs. Other times, I got inspired from the yarn color(s) or fiber or weight.

When did you start crocheting?

Since I was about 8

What made you decide to become a designer?

Well, I get bored with repeating same project over and over again, which is what happens with selling finished items for me. But with designing, I have the opportunity of making new patterns with different textures look and I can decide how I want the finished items to look like.

Are there any patterns not your own that you just love?

Yes, I Love seeing what other designers come up with and also support them by purchasing these patterns.

Who/what inspired you?  Does this still inspire you?  Why?

I’m mostly inspired from my environment, nature and sometimes from fashion magazines.

Of your patterns, which is your favorite and why?

I think the Cascade sweater, this is my only Tapestry garment!!

The Cascade Sweater

Are there any crochet techniques/stitches you wish to learn this year?

Maybe Tunisian Crochet? I love the look, but have not design any item(s) using this technique.

What are your biggest crochet challenges and how do you plan on overcoming that?

Time management, my plan is to pen down each task with time frame so as not to forget.

Have you ever lost your crojo and how did you overcome that?

Sure, it happens most times. I tend to either read a book, paint, sew or bake.

What three tips can you offer to anyone that crochets?

Be Patient, Practice more and be consistent.


Susanna Biaye has a free Arewa bracelet pattern that you can find out more about on her blog here.


You can find more Fosbas patterns on the website – https://fosbasdesigns.com/and other sites such as Ravelry and Esty.