Home for Halloween e-book of Crochet Patterns

Home for Halloween e-book of Crochet Patterns
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Our Home for Halloween E-Book of Crochet Patterns has finally been published!

The Halloween e-Book of crochet patterns is now available in our shop here.

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Halloween is such a fun and magical time for most children growing up. For me personally, growing up in the 1980s and early 1990s in the UK brings back memories of excitement, frivolity, and laughter. Of course, many things were different then. Our costumes were usually a competition of who could be the most imaginative with a black bin bag or a roll of toilet paper! Now it’s all about the intricate costumes that parents spend hours scouring the internet and local shops for and is usually only worn once.

In America, Sara tells me that things are so different. That Halloween lasts for pretty much the whole of October, not just 24 hours. It’s a family affair, and decorating your home as well as your children is a must!

Buying into Halloween

My daughter is supposed to have a rather Geordie accent (I don’t know if many Americans will know what that is, but seriously google it! It is a language of its own, LOL). Instead, she has a definite American twang, especially when she plays with her dolls. It’s those YouTube videos – you know the ones where adults open children’s toys and play with them for what feels like hours! (Even typing this, I am sitting here shaking my head). Long story short, she wants to buy into the American concept of Halloween. Why not? it’s innocent enough, and it’s a great chance to watch her creativity go wild.

Our e-book was actually something that my husband suggested we try. Sara suggested Halloween. It’s been a definite learning experience for us! So many ideas it’s hard to narrow it down to just the 6 designs we have included. In fact, we have designs ready to go for next year!

Our Home for Halloween E-book of Crochet Patterns is a collection that we are quite proud of, and there has been a lot of work has gone into it. Behind the scenes being a crochet designer and blogger entails a lot! But it’s fun, and hopefully, you guys get that we love what we are doing.

Included in this Home for Halloween e-book of Crochet Patterns are:

  • Cat table mat (sc colour block instructions)
  • Witches hat table mat (sc colour block instructions)
  • Stuffed pumpkin centerpieces (written instructions)
  • Wenona table runner in Halloween colours (written instructions with photos to help you along the way. There are plans for Sara to create a YouTube video on how to make this. I’m Not sure of a release date yet!)
  • Halloween bunting (sc colour block and assembly instructions)
  • Halloween afghan (C2C colour block and assembly instructions)

There are so many ways that you could make these patterns your own!

Some ideas for adapting our patterns:

  • Turn an afghan panel into a pillow cover or a tote bag
  • Create the pennants for the bunting in one colour and then use the chart provided to cross-stitch the figures on there! I made one like this and attached it to a stick to hang from the bedroom doors. My daughter loves it. The cross-stitching and the stick give it a rather rustic feel.
  • Make the table runner shorter and create a set of placemats to go with it.

So many options and possibilities! We’d love to see what you create with the patterns in our Home for Halloween E-book!

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