Be Inspired by Nature With This unisex Corner to Corner Blanket Pattern

Be Inspired by Nature With This unisex Corner to Corner Blanket Pattern
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Introducing our latest creation: the “Stag at Home” corner to corner crochet blanket pattern. Inspired by the serene beauty of the outdoors, this pattern is perfect for intermediate crocheters seeking a project that captures the essence of nature.

With its depiction of a stag standing amidst a mountain backdrop, framed by the tranquil hues of dusk, this unisex blanket pattern brings the calming energy of the wilderness into your home.

It is easily customised with your choice of two (or more) contrasting colors.

Whether you’re crafting a bold statement piece or aiming for a softer, more soothing aesthetic, the “Stag at Home” blanket pattern is sure to blend your love for crochet and your love for the great outdoors.

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Inspiration behind the design

The “Stag at Home” corner to corner blanket pattern draws inspiration from the serene beauty of nature.

Inspired by my Stag head silhouette blanket and throw pillow patterns, I wanted to take the design a little further and create a design with the whole stag. Imagining a stag standing amidst a mountain landscape, framed by dusky hues as daylight fades, sparked the creation of this design.

I wanted to make it a unisex, allowing for customization in colors like bold black and red (as I did for my hubby) or softer shades of pinks and greys, or neutral beiges and creams.

This pattern embodies the timeless allure of nature, inviting crocheters of all levels to create a piece that captures the tranquility of the great outdoors in their own unique way.

Construction of the design

The Stag at Home blanket uses the corner to corner technique. So you can choose whether to use hdc (dc in UK terms) or dc (tc in UK terms) stitches to create your blocks.

Obviously, if you use hdc your blanket will come out smaller and feel slightly thicker than had you used dc stitches. But both options produce the same outstanding project.

My corner to corner patterns all include the written and colour bock instructions and graphs so you can choose which version you prefer to work from.

New to Corner to Corner?

I have a learn to corner to corner course that has helped a lot of crocheters to master the art of corner to corner. We go through it step by step from reading the patterns to how to do the stitch, increases and decreases to colour changes. I will show you how to work both squares and rectangles too. We even make a couple of free pattern projects together!

The Yarn

For this project I used my go-to yarn – Paintbox Simply Aran. I have mentioned many times why I love this yarn:

  • The colour choices are so varied and fabulous (I haven’t come across another yarn with so much choice and shades)
  • It is great for those on a budget
  • It works up easily and doesn’t tend to split or have inconsistencies in the colour or thickness of the yarn
  • It is easy to wash and dry.


Of course, there are some great alternative yarns out there to suit all budgets. Some of my suggestions to crochet this set would be:

Brava Worsted by KnitPicks – This yarn is 100% acrylic and also comes in 100g skeins (218 yards).

If you want to use a yarn that is a little more expensive but still a great fit for this project then why not try their Heartland yarn which is 100% acrylic will and comes in skeins of 113g (200 yards).

Get the PDF pattern!

You can find the ad-free PDF Pattern for this one in all of my shops:

Tester Appreciation:

I just loved seeing my tester’s versions of this afghan! It was so much fun working with them, and they enjoyed the pattern too. Check out their makes:

The pattern specifics:


You can use any #4 weight yarn for this project. I used Paintbox Simply Aran.
5mm hook
Tapestry needle


Not important as long as you are consistent.


Other notes:

Written in US terms. 
Chain 1 does not count as a stitch.
There are no special stitches used in this pattern.
This is a Corner to Corner pattern worked from the bottom right top the top left. The arrows at the beginning of the rows indicate which way you are working according to the graph.
It is a reversible pattern so remember to crochet over any yarn you carry.
To work out how much yarn you will need you will need to do a sample swatch and then measure how much yarn you used per stitch multiplying that by the number of stitches of that color and adding some for the tails to be worked in at the end.
Color charts with stitch totals are listed in the pattern pdf.

This is currently a paid pattern only.

If you make the Stag at Home afghan I would love it if you shared your blanket with me! You can email me a picture or tag me on my social media profiles!