32 FREE Last Minute Gifts To Crochet in 2 to 4 Hours

32 FREE Last Minute Gifts To Crochet in 2 to 4 Hours
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Last time, I brought you 48 FREE Last Minute Crochet Gift Patterns To Make in 1 to 2 Hours which included all sorts of fun, quick patterns. But if you have a little more time on your hands and you’re still looking for the right gifts to crochet up, here’s another wholesome list of 33 last minute crochet gift patterns you can crochet up in 2 to 4 hours. This roundup is divided into three sections, namely:

  • Homeware
  • Wearables
  • Unique gifts

Alongside these patterns, I’ve got other Christmas roundups too including 10 FREE snowflake crochet patterns, 6 Festive Crochet Gift Bag Patterns, and 15 crochet patterns WITH snowflakes.

You can check this list out to see what you’d like to make according to the person who’s receiving it. The images will guide you through different color schemes and get your creativity running. All of these items are quick and (mostly) easy to make so you can have bundles ready in a few hours. And if you’ve got everything sorted for this holiday, you can always pin this list for next year so you can be well-prepared on time!

32 FREE Last Minute Gifts To Crochet in 2 to 4 Hours

The crocheters behind these patterns put their thoughts and efforts into designing them and I’m sure you’ll do the same when you make these items. All of these projects have something unique in them. They’re made of different techniques, feature beautiful yarn colors, and come with clear instructions to make them easy to follow.

Click on the picture and it’ll lead you to the post with all of the information regarding the pattern.

9 Crochet Homeware Ideas

The person who will receive these gifts will definitely love decorating their home with them. These are 9 crochet homeware ideas which work up nice and easily and are very useful too.

20 Free (and 1 paid) Crochet Wearables Perfect for Gifting

If you have people on your list who love to accessorize or have warm items in their closet to match every outfit, these patterns are great. They feature all sorts of stitch patterns and color schemes for you to find the right gift. From fingerless gloves to chunky beanies and scarves, there are so many options to choose from!

3 Unique Last Minute Gifts for Anyone

If you’re looking for something different to crochet that’s functional and will add value to the recipient’s home, these 3 patterns may just have what you need. Any one of these would make a wonderful last minute crochet gift.

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