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Tulip Throw Pillow – crochet this one with C2C

Tulip Throw Pillow – crochet this one with C2C

I am really excited to bring you the Tulip throw pillow. This is a great spring home decor pattern. You can easily change to make the tulip in any of your favourite colours! Tulips are one of my favourite flowers. Not only do they show 

The Bee Afghan

The Bee Afghan

As soon as I designed the Bee Pillow I knew that I had to make a matching Bee Afghan. I also knew that I wanted it to be a corner to corner project. Isn’t it great? My throw measures approximately 50″ wide and 62″ high. 

Tulips Coffee Beanie Cozy

Tulips Coffee Beanie Cozy

Tulips Coffee Beanie Cozy Pattern

Tulips coffee beanie cozy

At Sunflower we love our coffee beanie cozies …. and the tulips coffee beanie cozy is no exception. We have designed quite a few textured cozies but this is the first one to specifically have flowers on it! It won’t be the last 🙂 Perfect for the spring and summer months.


In February we went on a little break away in the woods with some friends and their children. It was lovely and the kids got lots of fresh air and exercise. In a rare few moments of peace I sat down with my hook, the French doors open to the woods, pheasants and squirrels going about their business in plain sight, and designed this one.  Isn’t it amazing how productive we are in a few short hours hours when the kids aren’t around you making noise and demanding attention and the husband’s just leave you alone for a bit!

My office in February!

I like this design because it is simple, easy to make and cute. The colour combinations are endless. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers (along with yellow roses).

Queue for testing

The Tulips Coffee beanie Cozy was one that our testers were eager to get their hands on. And the response when I showed it as a WIP in a couple the groups I am part of was heart-warming. I think spring has been a long time coming this year for many of us. I know I have been hankering for a bit of sunshine and colour since mid December and I think a lot of you felt the same. Now it is the beginning of April and with lockdown this year we can’t go for days out or picnics in the park, but I am still so grateful that the sun is shining at long last!

Practical and pretty!

Coffee Beanie Cozies aren’t just for hot drinks. My daughter insists that I keep some in my handbag for her slushies when we are out and about. They protect her little hands from the cold of the ice on the cup and she loves them!

In fact she has given a couple away to strangers in the queue at Costa Coffee!

I gave one of mine to a lady who works in our local yarn store. I saw her in Costa and she had a few bags and was trying to hold a hot latte she had just bought (those takeaway cups are thinner than you would think!). The cozy worked a treat.

They also help to stabilise the paper cups so it doesn’t cave in on itself sending hot drinks everywhere. I learned  this the hard way in the cinema a few months ago when I ended up in their accident book with minor burns because I had forgotten my coffee beanie cozy!


Materials for the tulips coffee beanie cozy:

You will need:

#4 worsted weight cotton (approx. 40 yards in primary colour and 10 yards in both green and red)


Stitch Markers


Yarn Needle

Gauge – Ribbing is 1.75’’ high and 16’’ long – doesn’t have to be exact, but close to in order to fit

Size – It fits 20 oz Starbucks’s take away cup, most travel mugs and Costa take away cups.



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