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The Ava Collection – Crochet the Placemat and Coaster

The Ava Collection – Crochet the Placemat and Coaster

Crochet the perfect Spring and Summer set for your dining table with the Ava placemat and coaster. These perfectly match the Ava Table runner. Can you believe that it has been just over a year since I officially released the Ava Table Runner? The Collection 

Stag Placemat – free chart

Stag Placemat – free chart

Looking to winter and Christmas this year has been all about the men for me, which is what got me thinking about the stag placemat. Note: this post may contain affiliate links. Stags are universal – men, women and children like stags and your colour 

Halloween Pumpkin Placemat CAL 2021

Halloween Pumpkin Placemat CAL 2021

The Halloween Pumpkin Placemat is actually one that I designed well over a year ago. Tested last year, I felt we were cutting it a little fine to release for Halloween. So I waited until this year.

And the timing worked out perfectly! I get to release this pattern as part of a mini Halloween CAL event hosted by CAL Central.


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How does the 2021 Halloween CAL work?

Every Monday and Thursday from August 23 through September 30, 2021, there will be a free crochet pattern for a Halloween-themed project. These patterns include decorations, toys, costume elements, and more.

Amy’s Trinket Shop, GlassEyesOnline, and Hooked for Life have generously provided us with some amazing prizes for our end-of-CAL giveaway. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway in this post on Underground Crafter by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 3, 2021!



How To Join the 2021 Halloween CAL

  • You can join in by crocheting the patterns as you have time.
  • Share your progress and post pictures of your finished projects. Tag your projects and posts #CALCentralCrochet on all social media.
  • If you’d like to chat with other crocheters, join the CAL Central Crochet Facebook group, or visit this thread in the CAL Central Ravelry group.
  • By the end of the CAL, you’ll have up to 12 spooky Halloween projects. 


Visit Underground Crafter to learn more about the prizes, enter the end-of-CAL giveaway, and to get links to each Halloween CAL pattern as it is released.


PDF Pattern links for the Halloween Pumpkin Placemat

The pdf version of this pattern includes both small and large charts and color block instructions.

Until September 6th you can get the pdf version of this pattern 50% off in our website shop, Ravelry and Etsy. 

Our website and etsy will reduce automatically, but use code HALLOWEENCAL on Ravelry

This pattern will be available on Lovecrafts in the next few days!


Sunflower Competition:

Would you like to win a copy of our Home for Halloween E-book? It contains the patterns for all of these  shown below:


How to enter:

Complete this pumpkin placemat and:

  1. add a project on Ravelry
  2. share the completed project in our FB Community group

The more entries we have the more winners there will be!!

Extra Bonus!!

Of course, if you cannot wait to see whether you win and want any of the patterns in our Halloween collection now you can get 30% off until 6th September (no code needed). Our shop and Etsy will show the reduced price, Ravelry will show reduced when you use coupon code OCTOBER31.



Are you ready to start the CAL?


The Pumpkin Placemat Pattern:

Pattern notes:

  • Written in US terms
  • Chain 1 does not count as a stitch.
  • There are no special stitches used in this pattern.
  • This is a side to side graph and is worked right to left on the right side (odd numbered rows) and left to right on the wrong side (even numbered rows) and from the bottom to the top. The arrows at the beginning of the row indicate which way you are working that row . It is a reversible pattern so remember to crochet over any yarn you carry!

However, to work out how much yarn you will need you will need to do a sample swatch and then measure how much yarn you used per stitch multiplying that by the number of stitches of that color and adding some for the tails to be worked in at the end.


Color – front panel Stitch Count           
Orange 1130
Brown 33
Black 195
Grey 1906



Using sc as your gauge stitch, 2’’x 2’’ is 8 stitches x 10 rows



Finished size is 17.5’’ wide by 11’’ high.


  • Ch(s) – chain(s)
  • St(s) – stitch(es)
  • Sc – single crochet



Starting chain: Ch69 and sc in second ch from hook (counts as the first of the 68 stitches for row 1) start row 1.

← Row 1: (Grey) x 68
→ Row 2: (Grey) x 68
← Row 3: (Grey) x 24, (orange) x 20, (Grey) x 24
→ Row 4: (Grey) x 22, (orange) x 24, (Grey) x 22
← Row 5: (Grey) x 21, (orange) x 26, (Grey) x 21
→ Row 6: (Grey) x 20, (orange) x 28, (Grey) x 20
← Row 7: (Grey) x 19, (orange) x 30, (Grey) x 19
→ Row 8: (Grey) x 19, (orange) x 31, (Grey) x 18

← Row 9: (Grey) x 18, (orange) x 15, (black) x 2, (orange) x 15, (Grey) x 18
→ Row 10: (Grey) x 18, (orange) x 10, (black) x 12, (orange) x 11, (Grey) x 17
← Row 11: (Grey) x 16, (orange) x 12, (black) x 13, (orange) x 10, (Grey) x 17
→ Row 12: (Grey) x 17, (orange) x 8, (black) x 19, (orange) x 8, (Grey) x 16

← Row 13: (Grey) x 15, (orange) x 9, (black) x 6, orange, (black) x 8, orange, (black) x 4, (orange) x 8, (Grey) x 16
→ Row 14: (Grey) x 16, (orange) x 7, (black) x 5, (orange) x 2, black, (orange) x 4, black, (orange) x 4, (black) x 4, (orange) x 9, (Grey) x 15
← Row 15: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 9, (black) x 4, (orange) x 10, black, (orange) x 3, (black) x5, (orange) x 7, (Grey) x 15

→ Row 16: (Grey) x 15, (orange) x 7, (black) x 2, (orange) x 2, black, (orange) x 14, (black) x5, (orange) x 8, (Grey) x 14
← Row 17: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 8, black, (orange) x 22, (black) x 2, (orange) x 7, (Grey) x14
→ Row 18: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 7, black, (orange) x 23, (black) x 2, (orange) x 7, (Grey) x14
← Row 19: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 7, black, (orange) x 10, (black) x 3, (orange) x 19, (Grey) x14



→ Row 20: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 19, (black) x 3, (orange) x 18, (Grey) x 14
← Row 21: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 18, (black) x 3, (orange) x 19, (Grey) x 14
→ Row 22: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 19, (black) x 2, (orange) x 19, (Grey) x 14
← Row 23: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 20, black, (orange) x 19, (Grey) x 14
→ Row 24: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 11, (black) x 6, (orange) x 7, (black) x 5, (orange) x 11,(Grey) x 14

← Row 25: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 8, (black) x 8, (orange) x 7, (black) x 8, (orange) x 9, (Grey)x 14
→ Row 26: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 9, (black) x 7, (orange) x 9, (black) x 7, (orange) x 8, (Grey)x 14
← Row 27: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 8, (black) x 6, (orange) x 11, (black) x 6, (orange) x 9,(Grey) x 14
→ Row 28: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 8, (black) x 6, (orange) x 13, (black) x 6, (orange) x 7,(Grey) x 14
← Row 29: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 7, (black) x 5, (orange) x 15, (black) x 5, (orange) x 8,(Grey) x 14



→ Row 30: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 8, (black) x 4, (orange) x 17, (black) x 4, (orange) x 7,(Grey) x 14
← Row 31: (Grey) x 14, (orange) x 39, (Grey) x 15
→ Row 32: (Grey) x 15, (orange) x 38, (Grey) x 15
← Row 33: (Grey) x 15, (orange) x 37, (Grey) x 16
→ Row 34: (Grey) x 16, (orange) x 36, (Grey) x 16
← Row 35: (Grey) x 17, (orange) x 34, (Grey) x 17
→ Row 36: (Grey) x 17, (orange) x 34, (Grey) x 17
← Row 37: (Grey) x 18, (orange) x 31, (Grey) x 19
→ Row 38: (Grey) x 20, (orange) x 29, (Grey) x 19
← Row 39: (Grey) x 20, (orange) x 25, (Grey) x 23

→ Row 40: (Grey) x 25, (orange) x 7, (brown) x 5, (orange) x 9, (Grey) x 22
← Row 41: (Grey) x 31, (brown) x 5, (Grey) x 32
→ Row 42: (Grey) x 33, (brown) x 3, (Grey) x 32
← Row 43: (Grey) x 32, (brown) x 3, (Grey) x 33
→ Row 44: (Grey) x 33, (brown) x 3, (Grey) x 32
← Row 45: (Grey) x 33, (brown) x 3, (Grey) x 32
→ Row 46: (Grey) x 29, (brown) x 6, (Grey) x 33
← Row 47: (Grey) x 34, (brown) x 5, (Grey) x 29
→ Row 48: (Grey) x 68


And that is it! Now all you have to do is sew in those tails and you are finished! I hope you love this pumpkin placemat as much as we do.