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Looking for a quick gift idea? Try this free Wine Bottle Cozy pattern

Looking for a quick gift idea? Try this free Wine Bottle Cozy pattern

When is a wine bottle cozy a go-to crochet pattern? Last year my husband caught me off guard. He called me from work to tell me we were going out for the evening. Turns out we were invited to a friend’s house the week before 

Loveland Lace Bow – Free Pattern from Banana Moon Studio

Loveland Lace Bow – Free Pattern from Banana Moon Studio

This gorgeous textured lace bow is a special design that April from Banana Moon Studio is sharing with you today! I am so excited that April is guest designing here at Sunflower Cottage Crochet. She has been part of several events that I have been 

February’s Cancer Ribbon C2C Square  – Free Pattern

February’s Cancer Ribbon C2C Square – Free Pattern

February’s C2C square for our 2022 scrap busting CAL is the Cancer Ribbon Square.

February 4th is World Cancer Day. At some point in our lives we will have a friend or relative who we support as they go through treatment for Cancer or maybe we will be the warrior fighting for our lives.

This is a cause Sunflower often gets behind! For the last few years Sunflower Cottage Crochet has been honoured to participate in the Crochet Cancer Challenge which is held during October.

You can find more about how Cancer impacted both Sara and I in our blog post here.



Did you know that each year World Cancer Day has a theme?

For 2022 the theme is ‘Realising the Problem’. This year the focus is on identifying and realising the inequalities in cancer diagnosis and care around the world.

If you would like to know more you can find get more information on the WorldCancerDay.org website here.

The Cancer Ribbon Square

The great thing about this cancer ribbon square is that you can choose any colour to represent any particular cancer that has touched your life. For my square I went with burgundy.

The Burgundy ribbon can represent carers of Cancer patients. I think that we can all agree that the patients themselves are absolutely awesome individuals with a strength and willpower I can only imagine. In my square I chose to represent those equally strong individuals and groups who provide the day to day care for these warriors. Carers deserve so much more recognition than they get. Watching a loved one (or anyone) fight cancer is traumatic, exhausting and so very brave! The mental toll this can have on a carer can be severe. Often their lives are put on hold.



The heart in the centre is an added touch that I thought you may like.

What colour will you make your Cancer Ribbon Square?

Below is a chart of the common cancer ribbon colours. Pick your colour and make your square. If you are undecided what about a light purple or lavender colour (which represents all cancers)?

PDF Pattern links

If you would like a pdf copy of this pattern you can find it in any of the shops below:



Ideas for your square:

If you do not want to make all of the blocks for the 2022 CAL here are some ideas of what you can create with afghan blocks:

  • Use double crochet (treble in UK terms) to create an 18″ throw pillow
  • Make lots of these squares with different colour ribbons to represent more types of cancer. (Would’t this idea make a great donation to your local Cancer unit or treatment centre?)
  • Sew a few together to make a table runner
  • Make it in cotton and use it as the from of a library or market bag
  • Turn it into a wall hanging.

The chart and written pattern for the Cancer Ribbon Square

Colour No of Sts
White (w) 446
Pink (pi) 179

↙ Row 1: (w) x 1 (1 square)
↗ Row 2: (w) x 2 (2 squares)
↙ Row 3: (w) x 3 (3 squares)
↗ Row 4: (w) x 4 (4 squares)
↙ Row 5: (w) x 5 (5 squares)
↗ Row 6: (w) x 6 (6 squares)
↙ Row 7: (w) x 4, (pi) x 2, (w) x 1 (7 squares)
↗ Row 8: (w) x 1, (pi) x 2, (w) x 5 (8 squares)
↙ Row 9: (w) x 5, (pi) x 2, (w) x 2 (9 squares)
↗ Row 10: (w) x 2, (pi) x 2, (w) x 6 (10 squares)
↙ Row 11: (w) x 6, (pi) x 2, (w) x 3 (11 squares)
↗ Row 12: (w) x 3, (pi) x 2, (w) x 7 (12 squares)
↙ Row 13: (w) x 7, (pi) x 2, (w) x 4 (13 squares)
↗ Row 14: (w) x 4, (pi) x 2, (w) x 8 (14 squares)



↙ Row 15: (w) x 8, (pi) x 2, (w) x 5 (15 squares)
↗ Row 16: (w) x 5, (pi) x 2, (w) x 9 (16 squares)
↙ Row 17: (w) x 9, (pi) x 2, (w) x 6 (17 squares)
↗ Row 18: (w) x 6, (pi) x 2, (w) x 10 (18 squares)
↙ Row 19: (w) x 7, (pi) x 11, (w) x 1 (19 squares)
↗ Row 20: (w) x 1, (pi) x 13, (w) x 6 (20 squares)
↙ Row 21: (w) x 4, (pi) x 15, (w) x 2 (21 squares)
↗ Row 22: (w) x 2, (pi) x 16, (w) x 4 (22 squares)
↙ Row 23: (w) x 4, (pi) x 10, (w) x 9 (23 squares)
↗ Row 24: (w) x 9, (pi) x 3, (w) x 3, (pi) x 5, (w) x 4 (24 squares)
↙ Row 25: (w) x 4, (pi) x 3, (w) x 6, (pi) x 2, (w) x 10 (25 squares)

Corner  from both sides

↗ Row 26: (w) x 9, (pi) x 3, (w) x 6, (pi) x 2, (w) x 4 (24 squares)
↙ Row 27: (w) x 3, (pi) x 2, (w) x 7, (pi) x 2, (w) x 9 (23 squares)
↗ Row 28: (w) x 8, (pi) x 3, (w) x 6, (pi) x 2, (w) x 3 (22 squares)
↙ Row 29: (w) x 2, (pi) x 2, (w) x 7, (pi) x 2, (w) x 8 (21 squares)
↗ Row 30: (w) x 8, (pi) x 2, (w) x 6, (pi) x 2, (w) x 2 (20 squares)
↙ Row 31: (w) x 1, (pi) x 5, (w) x 3, (pi) x 3, (w) x 7 (19 squares)
↗ Row 32: (w) x 7, (pi) x 2, (w) x 3, (pi) x 5, (w) x 1 (18 squares)
↙ Row 33: (w) x 1, (pi) x 4, (w) x 3, (pi) x 2, (w) x 7 (17 squares)
↗ Row 34: (w) x 6, (pi) x 2, (w) x 3, (pi) x 2, (w) x 3 (16 squares)
↙ Row 35: (w) x 2, (pi) x 2, (w) x 3, (pi) x 2, (w) x 6 (15 squares)


↗ Row 36: (w) x 5, (pi) x 3, (w) x 2, (pi) x 2, (w) x 2 (14 squares)
↙ Row 37: (w) x 2, (pi) x 6, (w) x 5 (13 squares)
↗ Row 38: (w) x 5, (pi) x 6, (w) x 1 (12 squares)
↙ Row 39: (w) x 1, (pi) x 5, (w) x 5 (11 squares)
↗ Row 40: (w) x 5, (pi) x 4, (w) x 1 (10 squares)
↙ Row 41: (w) x 9 (9 squares)
↗ Row 42: (w) x 8 (8 squares)
↙ Row 43: (w) x 7 (7 squares)
↗ Row 44: (w) x 6 (6 squares)
↙ Row 45: (w) x 5 (5 squares)
↗ Row 46: (w) x 4 (4 squares)
↙ Row 47: (w) x 3 (3 squares)
↗ Row 48: (w) x 2 (2 squares)
↙ Row 49: (w) x 1 (1 square)

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The Ava Table Runner

The Ava Table Runner

Do you agree with me that the Ava Table Runner is just gorgeous? It’s one of the reasons why I named it after one of my nieces. She might only be almost 5 but she was so proud when I told her I had named 

A Handy Storage Basket – Free Pattern

A Handy Storage Basket – Free Pattern

I needed a handy storage basket so why not write it up as a free pattern? We had recently had a log burner put in and I needed something pretty to keep the logs in. I had also just gotten my first order of Hoooked 

Kate Coffee Beanie Cozy is here!

Kate Coffee Beanie Cozy is here!

Today we release our Kate Coffee Beanie Cozy (or CBC as we refer to them). It uses the same gorgeous and timeless stitch combo that is in all of our Kate designs. It is a great collection for girls of all ages from children to the more mature lady. So far we have a gorgeous warm wrap, a hat and scarf and now the CBC with a wristlet following soon!

If you have been following us for any length of time you will have probably realised that we get inspired by stitch combos and have quite a few collections that we keeping coming back to and adding to.


Naming our collections

We name our collections after the people we love. This particular collection was named after one of my sisters, Kate. We are also starting to add to our Hannah collection (another sister and Kate’s identical twin) and we have some Susan items (both my mum and my baby sister are called Susan). Sara has the Paige collection named after her daughter and the Robin collection named after her father. You get the idea!

We recently did a pattern tutorial on our YouTube Channel for the Kate Scarf!

These videos show you how to work the stitch combo you need for any of our Kate Collection patterns!


A practical gift

Our coffee beanie cozies make fantastic gifts. I team mine up with a Starbucks 20 oz cup and / or gift card when I am looking for something quick.

The Kate Coffee Beanie Cozy is more of a feminine design, but we do have more unisex designs too.

Feel free to check out

  • the herringbone cbc here,
  • the grit stitch cbc here and
  • the bean stitch cbc here.

They make great gifts for teachers, teens, adults, that last minute gift for a co-worker.



You can use them for your hot drinks during the autumn and winter and for your iced drinks in summer! My daughter uses hers on her shush drinks (they are basically ice with flavoured syrup) and she insists that there is always a couple in my handbag to use as required! Here she is using hers about a year ago – when we were allowed to go out places and have some fun!

works on hot or cold drinks!
Great for any age!


Pattern information:

  • Written in US terms
  • Pattern is worked from the bottom up, working the pattern by working the band first in rows, then joining the band’s ends to make a circle, thus working in the round for the rest of the pattern.


Fits 20 oz Starbucks’s take away cup, most travel mugs and Costa take away cups.




Materials needed for the Kate CBC:

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you!

Special stitches:

We link all of the videos you will need to help you create this one. Check out the videos above to see how they all work together in this stitch combo. You will need to use:

  •  front post double crochet,
  • back post double crochet
  • camel stitch or third loop only
  • crab st


Pattern Links:

You can get a copy of our Kate Coffee Beany Cozy Pattern in the following places:

Our shop here

Ravelry here

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here


You can also find us in the following places:



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The Robin Coffee Beanie Cozy

The Robin Coffee Beanie Cozy

  Let’s be honest, it was a must that we created a Robin Coffee Beanie Cozy (which we also call CBCs here at Sunflower HQ) I mean. the stitch combo we have come up with for this collection is just fantastic – who doesn’t love 

Tulips Coffee Beanie Cozy

Tulips Coffee Beanie Cozy

Tulips Coffee Beanie Cozy Pattern At Sunflower we love our coffee beanie cozies …. and the tulips coffee beanie cozy is no exception. We have designed quite a few textured cozies but this is the first one to specifically have flowers on it! It won’t 

How to do the Bean Stitch – Stitch of the week and Our New Product Line

How to do the Bean Stitch – Stitch of the week and Our New Product Line

This week we are bringing you the bean stitch and an awesome free pattern for one of our Coffee Beanie Cozies! You can see from the picture that the bean stitch is really quite distinctive but its actually really quite simple. Thus making it a great feature stitch for a whole host of projects from afghans to our cozy.

How to work a bean stitch

The bean stitch is deceptively simple. Written instructions for it are:

*YO, insert hook into indicated stitch, yo, pull up loop* 3 times (making sure that you work into the same stitch each time), yo, pull through all  7 loops on the hook, chain 1. After you chain 1, skip the next stitch as the ch1 will count as a stitch.

Handy hint –

When completing the repeat at the beginning of the instructions, try to make sure that you pull the stitches to the same height.  This helps your ‘beans’ be consistent, but might take a little bit of practice if you are unfamiliar with it.

tug your loops as you create them so that they provide a consistent height

That really is all there is to this stitch! So if you haven’t tried it before, have a go and see what you think….

Our video tutorial of this stitch is on our YouTube channel here

Our Coffee Beanie Cozy™ Pattern

Sara decided that she wanted a coffee cup cozy that was based on a beanie hat pattern. She threw one together and viola! Our coffee cup cozy line was born! In fact, so much fun was had that we have several of these in different stitches ready to go. Sunflower Testers enjoyed this one, most of them making three of the versions. They are a go-to project if you need a gift quickly.

On to the fun stuff! After all, why not?

Cozies make great quick and simple gift ideas, and are sure to be great sellers at your craft fairs!! Because they are a completely unisex pattern the only thing you have to decide is the colour of cotton you will use!

These cozies fit 20oz Starbucks cups (and here in the UK they also fit Costa take out cups and most re-usable travel mugs). We do recommend that you use 100% cotton for these as they are put around hot cups.

In fact we love them so much that we have trade marked the ‘Coffee Beanie Cozy’!!!

How awesome is that? We are pretty excited to have our first trademark and we hope that you guys love this line as much as we do! Keep an eye out — you will get four of these patterns free as part of our stitch of the week. A thank you to you guys.

You can find the written pattern here. and on Ravelry.

Etsy Store here.

A free and complete video tutorial on how to make this fabulous cozy is on our YouTube channel here

What you will need :








#4 Worsted weight 100% cotton yarn

5mm hook

Stitch markers (optional)


Tapestry needle


Not important for this project


Fits 20oz Starbucks Cup
















Pattern Notes





dc–double crochet

sc–single crochet

BLO – back loop only

ss–slip stitch


CaS—camel stitch

BS—Bean Stitch

CS—Crab Stitch

HDC—Half-double Crochet

FO—Fasten Off

Count your stitches each round to be sure you’re on track

Who will you make yours for? I know you have been reading this, looking at the photographs and already have at least four or 5 people in mind!

Don’t forget to share your cozies with us on our FaceBook page!



Waffle Stitch, Stitch of the Week

Waffle Stitch, Stitch of the Week

Our stitch of the week this week is the waffle stitch. Not what you are thinking …. This post may contain affiliate links.  These links help us keep the blog going at no extra cost to you! I know that many of you will automatically