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Joy Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern

Joy Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern

Do you remember when we launched our Joy Wrap last summer as a guest design on Joy of Motion Crochet? Well, now we get to post about it here too! And include the free pattern of the Joy Wrap for you. Of course if you 

Elegant Hairscarf

Elegant Hairscarf

Something came over me one day and I just had to design an elegant headscarf. I know! It’s not my usual kind of design. When I think of head scarves I think of the 1950’s and old movies with (not so fast) open top cars, 

The Ava Table Runner

The Ava Table Runner

Do you agree with me that the Ava Table Runner is just gorgeous? It’s one of the reasons why I named it after one of my nieces. She might only be almost 5 but she was so proud when I told her I had named it after her lol. Preened like a peacock she did!

Anyway, this one looks like it would be quite tricky. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t advise trying this one if you have only been crocheting for a couple of weeks! But I would say to a confident beginner or intermediate crocheter to give it a go!

My Table runner was 11.5″ wide by 60″ long unblocked. Because of the bounce that this stitch has blocking will extend the width by a good 2 or 3 inches easily if you want it to or just use a bigger hook. I didn’t see a need to block my runner at all.



Check out the texture!


This stitch is just GORGEOUS and so tactile. I just love feeling it.

And the lionbrand 24/7 cotton that I used is just perfect!!

In fact I have plans to create a whole set using this stitch! So stay tuned for that.


Skills needed to complete this pattern

You should know how to:

  • chain,
  • single crochet,
  • double crochet,
  • treble crochet,
  • work infront of previous stitches made
  • work behind previous stitches made



You will need to use:

  • #4 weight yarn or cotton of choice. I used 4 skeins of Lion Brand 24/7 cotton in shade succulent
  • 4mm hook (but you can use a 5mm if preferred – the width may end up being slightly larger as a result)
  • Stitch markers (optional)
  • Scissors



Pattern links

This pattern is only available as a pdf download. You can find it in all of the usual places:

Our shop here

Ravelry here

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here



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Free PDF Pattern 5th March 2021 ONLY

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A Handy Storage Basket – Free Pattern

A Handy Storage Basket – Free Pattern

I needed a handy storage basket so why not write it up as a free pattern? We had recently had a log burner put in and I needed something pretty to keep the logs in. I had also just gotten my first order of Hoooked 

Mother’s Day Pattern Round-up 2020

Mother’s Day Pattern Round-up 2020

It’s almost Mother’s Day! We had so much fun with the stash busting pattern round-ups that we have teamed up with some more fantastic designers to bring you this fabulous Mother’s Day round-up! In some parts of the world (like here in the UK) we 

Tulips Coffee Beanie Cozy

Tulips Coffee Beanie Cozy

Tulips Coffee Beanie Cozy Pattern

Tulips coffee beanie cozy

At Sunflower we love our coffee beanie cozies …. and the tulips coffee beanie cozy is no exception. We have designed quite a few textured cozies but this is the first one to specifically have flowers on it! It won’t be the last 🙂 Perfect for the spring and summer months.


In February we went on a little break away in the woods with some friends and their children. It was lovely and the kids got lots of fresh air and exercise. In a rare few moments of peace I sat down with my hook, the French doors open to the woods, pheasants and squirrels going about their business in plain sight, and designed this one.  Isn’t it amazing how productive we are in a few short hours hours when the kids aren’t around you making noise and demanding attention and the husband’s just leave you alone for a bit!

My office in February!

I like this design because it is simple, easy to make and cute. The colour combinations are endless. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers (along with yellow roses).

Queue for testing

The Tulips Coffee beanie Cozy was one that our testers were eager to get their hands on. And the response when I showed it as a WIP in a couple the groups I am part of was heart-warming. I think spring has been a long time coming this year for many of us. I know I have been hankering for a bit of sunshine and colour since mid December and I think a lot of you felt the same. Now it is the beginning of April and with lockdown this year we can’t go for days out or picnics in the park, but I am still so grateful that the sun is shining at long last!

Practical and pretty!

Coffee Beanie Cozies aren’t just for hot drinks. My daughter insists that I keep some in my handbag for her slushies when we are out and about. They protect her little hands from the cold of the ice on the cup and she loves them!

In fact she has given a couple away to strangers in the queue at Costa Coffee!

I gave one of mine to a lady who works in our local yarn store. I saw her in Costa and she had a few bags and was trying to hold a hot latte she had just bought (those takeaway cups are thinner than you would think!). The cozy worked a treat.

They also help to stabilise the paper cups so it doesn’t cave in on itself sending hot drinks everywhere. I learned  this the hard way in the cinema a few months ago when I ended up in their accident book with minor burns because I had forgotten my coffee beanie cozy!


Materials for the tulips coffee beanie cozy:

You will need:

#4 worsted weight cotton (approx. 40 yards in primary colour and 10 yards in both green and red)


Stitch Markers


Yarn Needle

Gauge – Ribbing is 1.75’’ high and 16’’ long – doesn’t have to be exact, but close to in order to fit

Size – It fits 20 oz Starbucks’s take away cup, most travel mugs and Costa take away cups.

Links to Pattern

Ravelry here

Our shop here

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here

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Mother’s Day Crochet Gift Idea–Spa Set

Mother’s Day Crochet Gift Idea–Spa Set

Farmhouse Spa Set, the perfect Mother’s Day gift and free crochet pattern.