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31 Crochet Patterns to Make That Are Perfect For Early Spring!

31 Crochet Patterns to Make That Are Perfect For Early Spring!

Are you looking for some fun crochet projects that are perfect makes for Spring and Easter? I have 31 perfect crochet patterns for you below. These patterns all feature in the Spring Fling Event during March 2023. Spring is a season that is full of 

Free crochet pattern for a cute bunny wall hanging

Free crochet pattern for a cute bunny wall hanging

Looking for a free crochet pattern for a cute bunny wall hanging? Then I think I have you covered with this sweet addition. It will make a great piece of springtime decor. But, it will also be the perfect decoration for nurseries and children’s bedrooms! 

Easter and Clover Coffee Beanie Cozies Crochet Patterns

Easter and Clover Coffee Beanie Cozies Crochet Patterns

This week, we are releasing two CBC’s for you: Clover and Easter Coffee Beanie Cozies!  We wanted to give you enough time to make both for both Holidays.

The Clover CBC features an applique that is attached while working the project–don’t worry!  I show you how to do this in detailed steps in the pattern and it is so worth it!

The Easter CBC features cute little carrots!  I just love what Helen came up with on that one!  Since these are so small and quick to make, we figured releasing two wouldn’t be too hard on you guys!


Clover Coffee Beanie Cozy

The Clover CBC was originally designed by me (Sara) for my mom’s Sorority group in our area (it’s not a college sorority).  Their colors are dark green and a golden tan color.  So I wanted to design something for them.  Their flower is some sort of 4 petal flower so I sat down and just sort of…made something.  Out of thin air.  After it was done I thought, “kinda looks like a 4 leaf clover!”  I presented it to Helen and said, “I have our March CBC!”

Clover CBC
Clover Coffee Beanie Cozy

Materials Needed for Clover CBC

You will need roughly 75 yards of color A (I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran in dark green)

Scrap amounts of yarn in color B (I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran in dark caramel)

5mm hook (I used Furls Odyssey Peach)

Stitch Markers (recommended)


Tapestry Needle


Stitches Used

I used single crochets in the back loop only to make the ribbing.  Half double crochets, camel stitch (see our video below the post!), double crochets, the crab stitch (see video link below!) and slip stitches to make this.

As mentioned above, I provide detailed steps for making the 4 leaf clover while working in the round so it’s made as you make the whole project!  There’s no sewing on of any appliques.



This fits a Starbuck’s 20 oz to-go cup or any 2o oz cup in general.  If you use 100% cotton yarn, this will help keep your hands from getting too hot without melting yarn.  It also helps to absorb any condensation that happens when you use it for cold drinks!  Your hands stay dry!  I carry a CBC with me just about everywhere!



Easter / Carrot Coffee Beanie Cozy

It’s not often Sara and I write a blog post together!

I have been wanting to try the carrot stitch on a pattern for a while. It was just after easter last year that I began thinking it would look great on a coffee beanie cozy! Since then whenever I thought of easter I thought about the carrot stitch. So when I eventually sat down to work on it I had it prototyped in 20 minutes lol.

I’m a thinker and a ponderer so by the time I sit down to start a pattern I know how it is going to work, exactly what stitches I would like to use and I have trouble shooted a lot of issues in my head before I start. It’s one of the reasons we have so many patterns still waiting their turn to be released lol.

But hasn’t this one turned out perfectly?

The carrot coffee beanie cozy looks fabulous!


There are figure photos in the pattern showing you how to do the carrot stitch as well as written instructions under the special stitches. You will be surprised how simple it is really.

Materials needed for the Easter / Carrot CBC:

  • #4 worsted weight 100% cotton yarn – In green (about 5 yards), orange (approx. 20 yards), and any main color you choose (approx. 50 yards).
  • 5mm hook
  • Stitch markers (optional)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors



As mentioned above all of our coffee beanie cozies fit most travel mugs and 20 oz Starbucks cups.

our easter coffee beanie cozy worked in a darker background really makes the carrots 'pop'



Camel Stitch:

All of our Coffee Beanie Cozies use the camel stitch (otherwise known as the hdc third loop) – it’s one of Sara’s favourites! We do have a video tutorial if you are new to it.


Pattern links:

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