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Stag Throw Pillow – Free pattern

Stag Throw Pillow – Free pattern

Here is the first of several patterns in the Stag Collection – the stag throw pillow.   Note: this post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase using them we may get a small commission so that we can continue to 

The Robin Coffee Beanie Cozy

The Robin Coffee Beanie Cozy

  Let’s be honest, it was a must that we created a Robin Coffee Beanie Cozy (which we also call CBCs here at Sunflower HQ) I mean. the stitch combo we have come up with for this collection is just fantastic – who doesn’t love 

Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

A Christmas collection of patterns wouldn’t be complete without a tree skirt!  The Robin’s Christmas Tree Skirt goes perfect with the Robin’s Blanket and Robin’s Stocking patterns and coordinate perfectly for your home.

I designed this while my dad was in his final stages of colon cancer, which is why it’s named after him.  He did pass from the cancer on November 14th–a most difficult time for me and my family.  So you can see why naming this Christmas set after him is very important to me.

There were quite a few tweaks to be done to this as Helen was working it up because I had written the bulk of it, but got distracted with all that was going on to add in the finishing touches such as the panel for the ties and the border.  Thank goodness for Helen!  She finished it up and wrote it up for me!

A Lot of Texture

This pattern features just the right amount of texture, which looks like little berries, to make the look complete.  To me, it looks classic yet timeless.  You can work this up in as many colors as you like, or pick just one.  I chose to use the colors Autumn Red, Cream, and dark green in Caron Simply Soft yarn.  I feel that the Autumn red is a much better red for Christmas, as it is richer instead of being so bright.

Some other suggestions would be to use icy blues and crisp white if you like the snowman and snowflake Christmas look.  Or light to medium grays with white for the neutral Christmas look.  The possibilities are really endless!

Pattern Insights

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You will need #4 weight yarn of your choice and a 5mm hook.  We used Caron Simply Soft as it has a nice sheen to it however, I am aware that not everyone likes this yarn.  I actually prefer to use Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek yarn which is the equivalent to Caron Simply Soft however, Red Heart Soft is another great alternative, as well as Lion Brand Heartland yarns.  Using Caron Simply Soft, I used 2.5 skeins of cream, 1 skein of Autumn Red, and 1 skein of the dark green.

You will also need a tapestry needle, scissors, stitch markers, and time!

This is not a super fast project, so be ready to spend a few hours working on this!  I think it took me a total of 6 hours, working off and on, to get this done.  Helen works a lot faster, but I think it still took her some time to finish.

The pattern is written in US terms and is easy to read and follow.


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