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Crochet Cup Cozy – Quick, Easy and Free Pattern

Crochet Cup Cozy – Quick, Easy and Free Pattern

Crochet cup cozy patterns are really popular. And so they should be. They are quick, easy and make fantastic gift ideas for just about anyone. This cup cosy crochet pattern is a little different from my usual cup copies. If you have been around Sunflower 

Americana Coffee Beanie Cozy

Americana Coffee Beanie Cozy

The 4th of July is upon us and I needed to make the Americana Coffee Beanie Cozy!  We have 2 other great patterns for the 4th, but I really like our Coffee Beanie Cozies so I really wanted to make one festive for the 4th! 

The Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

The Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

Our Latest Coffee Beanie Cozy Release: Hannah

Introducing the Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy!  For this one, we used the N stitch which we just love the texture of.  This stitch isn’t used all that much by other designers and to be honest, I cannot figure out why!

I love the colors that Helen chose for these!  Sort of a “His & Hers” set.  I think that these make awesome gifts.  Especially for Christmas Stockings!

This time of year (fall) we’re starting buy more hot drinks and I don’t know about you, but I can feel every bit of heat from that little paper cup.  It’s why I designed these Coffee Beanie Cozies in the first place.  I needed something that kept my hands from burning and to make the cup feel sturdier.  Yet I didn’t want just any old cup cozy.  I wanted one that looked like a beanie, for those cooler days!


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You’re going to need about 60 yards of 100% cotton yarn.  I recommend Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran  or Lily Sugar N Cream yarn–tho I feel that the Lily yarn is a little stiff and love how soft and yet durable the Paintbox cotton is.

5mm crochet hook

Yarn needle


Stitch Markers (optional but handy!)

The N Stitch

I mentioned above that I really like the texture of the N stitch.  It’s worked over two stitches and when you read how to do it, yes… it does seem like it’s harder to do and I will be completely honest and say that it’s more of an intermediate (or daring beginner!) stitch.  However, you really should give it a try because it’s actually VERY easy to do and you will be so proud!

We have a wonderful video on how to work this stitch on our YouTube Channel:


Other Stitches Used

We also like to use the Camel Stitch and Crab Stitch (reverse single crochet) for our Coffee Beanie Cozies.  You can check out how to do those here:

Where To Get The Pattern:

Our Store




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Our Other Coffee Beanie Cozies

We have a lot of Coffee Beanie Cozy patterns available.  To show you just a few:

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Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy

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Coffee Beanie Cozy (TM) Crochet Patterns!

Coffee Beanie Cozy (TM) Crochet Patterns!

Here They Are, AT LAST! The Coffee Beanie Cozy! We’ve been keeping a sort of secret (not so much to our testers!):  we have a ton of these Coffee Beanie Cozy patterns to release!  What better way to do that than in a round up