Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy

Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy
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With Sunflowers being the choice of decor in early fall, I couldn’t resist but design a Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy!

This is done simpler than it looks.  I incorporate the creation of the sunflower into the rounds while making the rest of the Coffee Beanie Cozy, so there is no sewing on!

I recently discovered that all of our CBCs (Coffee Beanie Cozies) fit more than just a 20oz to-go cup full of hot coffee or tea, but they also fit the pint sized ice cream tubs such as Ben & Jerry’s!  They also fit the little plastic cups or tubs you get from the local ice cream shop.  I highly recommend using them for those as well!  Save your hands and fingers!

It seems that they fit a wide variety of things so I encourage you to try them out on just about anything–even soda cans!  If you use a lighter weight yarn and smaller hook, you can make them to fit just about anything!  Same goes with larger yarn and hook.

Sunflower Coffee Beanie Cozy

Materials Needed

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About 75 yards of 100% cotton yarn in 3 colors: grass green, buttercup yellow, and brown.  I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran in those 3 colors.  This is a super soft yarn but highly durable and has yet to pill on me, even with several machine washes and dryings and usage (my washcloths!).

5mm crochet hook, such as one of the beautiful Furls hooks or any hook brand you prefer.

Tapestry Needle for sewing in ends.

Stitch marker for marking stitches that might be hard to find such as behind the sunflower and the beginning/ending stitches.

Scissors–don’t need to explain this one!


This is worked in the round just like all of our CBCs, starting with a flat ribbing which we join to make the “brim”, then we start working in the round.  The Sunflower is added during one of the rounds, using one stitch!

There will be no need to cut yarn until the end of that color’s participation in the project, this makes a lot less ends to weave in.  Simply drop the color you don’t need inside the work and pull it up for use when you need it again–this will be the green color.

Slip stitch join for the “brim” works great however, I also like to use the zig zag join, which Helen has a great tutorial for on our site, here, or on our YouTube channel, here.

Where to Get the Pattern

All the usual spots!!

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