Summer Breeze Tee




During Spring and Fall the Summer Breeze Tee would be great with a vest top underneath. In Summer you can feel confident knowing that layering is entirely optional. Designed to retain your modesty if you do not like to have your bra on show, but also looks great during those late spring, summer and early fall months.  The Summer Breeze Tee uses the classical granny stitch in a modern way which shows off it’s elegance and style. It proves that the granny stitch is not just for granny! Crochet this gorgeously elegant and modern summer tee in a few hours. Simple construction with 2 panels sewn together and optional ribbing at the bottom for that little something extra. Size inclusive with XS to 5XL included.    You can find out more about this tee in my blog post here.   Pattern also includes dimensions of the panels required to get a flattering but comfortable 3” ease and stitch multiples to amend panel width if gauge cannot be met.  

Summer Breeze Tee Pattern difficulty level:

Intermediate – uses DC and SC stitches. Additional optional ribbing is the intermediate part but links to video tutorials as well as instructions are included.

Construction of the Summer Breeze Tee:

Easy – two rectangle panels sewn together – no complicated shaping or joining required.   Below is a size guide for you with estimated yardage to include the ribbing along the bottom edge:
Tee Size Bust Size Estimated Yardage
XS up to 30″ 800
S 30-34″ 900
M 36-38″ 1000
L 40-42″ 1100
XL 44-46″ 1200
2X 48-50″ 1300
3X 52-54″ 1400
4X 56-58″ 1550
5X 60-62″ 1700



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