Melange Blanket Square Pattern



I love the overall look of this crochet blanket square pattern. It has modern elegance but a vintage feel to it that will appeal to a lot of age groups if you are thinking about incorporating it into a gift.

You can read more about this square in my blog post here

The Melange Square has a gorgeous texture that can be used in a variety of projects from pillows to bags, blankets to wall hangings and table runners. It will create a 6” afghan block or blanket square as written.

You can really let your imagine run wild with how you use this one!

The Melange square is worked using #4 weight yarn and a 6mm hook so works up quickly and is perfect for using those part used skeins or scraps.

Originally designed as part of the collaborative Melange Blanket CAL hosted throughout 2023, this square looks great when paired with other squares, or by itself.



Written in US terms.

At Sunflower Cottage Crochet, I hire experienced crochet artisans to test my patterns for accuracy and readability. 



My patterns all share the same layout which is easy to read and easy to find important information you need. This includes materials needed, sizing information, gauge information, and special stitches used as well as how to do them. 


❤ SIZE:  

This blanket square is written to be 6”. You can easily repeat rows to increase the size, or play with yarn weights and hook sizes.


You can use any #4 weight yarn for this project (you will need approximately 31 yards). You will also need a 6mm hook, some stitch markers (optional) and tapestry needle.


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