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Looking for some great May Makes to crochet?

Looking for some great May Makes to crochet?

Are you looking for something to crochet this May? May is a funny month for crocheters I find. Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day and Easter are all over here in the UK. Yet a lot of crocheters are not ready to start crocheting their gifts for 

The Ornamental Garden Square – Free Crochet Pattern

The Ornamental Garden Square – Free Crochet Pattern

The ornamental Garden Square is the 6th square to be released in the Bouquet of Flowers CAL. I designed it specifically for the event and love how it turned out. It has a slightly vintage feel to it I think, especially in the second version I 

Easy Crochet Patterns Just for You

Easy Crochet Patterns Just for You

The first week of the Sweet and Simple event went well! This week there are 13 awesome  easy crochet patterns for you which are free with the coupon code between 15th and 21st February 2022.


How do I get my free PDF patterns?

The answer to that is easy.

  1. Make a note of the coupon code you need for this week (see below)
  2. Scroll down and check out the patterns that are available free this week
  3. Click on the photos of the ones you would like
  4. If you do not go straight to Ravelry for your download, scroll the designer’s post until you see the Download now button. It looks like this:

the button you need looks like this


Please make sure you use this button – Etsy does not allow free patterns and there is only one place you can get each pdf free from for each designer.

5. Use the code to get your free PDF Pattern

6. Come back here and get another one!




The coupon code

This week the code you need is SIMPLECROCHET



Shall I show you the fabulous easy crochet patterns for this week?

This Week’s Patterns





Elegant Hair Scarf by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This week I am contributing my Elegant Hair Scarf to this event.

This one is a super simple pattern using double crochets (US terms – triple crochet in UK terms) and works up quickly!




The Freedom Beanie by Carroway Crochet

This one is worked up using a chunky yarn so you will be finished this one in no time!

The thicker yarn with the gaps make this one a perfect make for those chillier late winter / early Spring Days.




The Suzette Hanging Basket by Made by Gootie

I adore this basket so much! The stitch is so pretty and the basket is so handy for lots of things.

Would you use yours as decoration like Agat has here, or would you keep it by your bed to keep your phone and glasses in? What about somewhere to keep those extra toilet rolls in the bathroom?




Crochet Rose Bobble by Off the Hook for You

How cute is this one? I know that my daughter and nieces will be wanting a few of these along with a few done in smaller yarn with a smaller hook for pigtails and plaits.




Ear Warmer / Head band by My Crochet Space

These are really popular gifts and quick makes! Whether you just make the ear warmer, or add a scarf to match, maybe add it to a spa set for the perfect pamper yourself gift, you cannot go wrong with making one or two (or seven or eight) of these!




Cross Stitch Infinity Scarf by Loops and Love Crochet

This winter I have been drawn to infinity scarves and this one is a great one with an easy repeat. It is a perfect project for practicing those X stitches on and will look great dressed up if you are going for a meal, or dressed down for walking the dogs!




Alpine Scarf by Crochets by Trista

How elegant and cozy does this one look?

Trista has a great eye for detail and the simple repeat in this pattern works just perfectly!




Pine Trees Headband by Creations by Courtney

Now this lady is not afraid to play with texture.

Courtney’s design is perfect for the Spring and is another quick and easier than it looks project!

What colours would you make yours?




Houndstooth Sunglasses Case by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’

Can you go wrong with a bit of houndstooth?

If you have never tried it before then grab this project and give it a go!




Criss Cross Hat by Pam’s Cozy Corner

This project would make a great set with the criss cross scarf by Loops and Love above!

By the time you have finished this project you will be a master at the X stitch!

I love how a row or two of a complimentary colour work so well in designs.




Striped Cup Cozy by Pine Tree Crochet

In my house I can never have enough cup cozies. It is an unspoken rule that there must be one or two in both my car and my husband’s, and at least one in my bag. My daughter has been known to also give them away in the local coffee shop because people have admired them!




Boho Wall Decor by Valzies Boutique

This COLOURWAYS reminds me of the setting sun. This wall hanging just makes me smile.

Do you have any particular colours that mean anything to you that you would make this one in? What about birthstone colours of your children / grandchildren?




The midsummer infinity scarf by Once Upon a Cheerio

There are a few ways to wear this beautiful design – you should check them out!

This is another elegant but simple project that will work up in no time.



Share your projects with me!

Use the hashtag #sweetandsimple and share your easy crochet pattern projects online so that the designers can see your makes too! We LOVE seeing them!!

Want to join a friendly, welcoming and active face book group? Then the Sunflower Cottage Crochet Community may just be for you.







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Bunny Pillow – Free C2C Pattern

Bunny Pillow – Free C2C Pattern

The Bunny pillow and the Mini Corner to Corner course! The bunny pillow was designed to be part of the free corner to corner mini course I have designed. It is aimed at teaching people the very basics of corner to corner. You can find 

Sweet and Simple Round Up – Week 1

Sweet and Simple Round Up – Week 1

When Pam at Carroway Crochet asked me to participate in the Sweet and Simple event she had planned I wasn’t going to say no. You know that I LOVE to bring you guys free pattern events when I can!     How do I get 

A great, Simple Tunisian Project!

A great, Simple Tunisian Project!

This Tunisian Crochet scarf pattern is a great beginner friendly project that uses the most basic of the Tunisian stitches – the simple stitch and the Tunisian half double crochet (US terms). It would make the perfect first project if you have never tried Tunisian Crochet before. Scroll down for the video tutorial links if you are new to this technique!

Don’t be intimidated by Tunisian Crochet

I spent a while knowing that I wanted to try Tunisian Crochet but feeling intimidated by the technique. Much like I did with corner to corner. And just like C2C once I bit the bullet and gave it a go I gave myself a good talking to!

My daughter had such a hard time trying to learn regular crochet couple of years back. It was actually a video by Kristine at Ambassador Crochet on Tunisian Crochet that got her going. A week of doing the simple stitch after school for 20 minutes and she got it. I caught her crocheting instead of reading before bed. The next time she picked up her regular hook she had no issues at all. It is funny how these things work out isn’t it?

For me the most difficult thing about this project was keeping the stitch count correct, so I would recommend stitch markers to denote your first and last stitches of the row.

Prefer the PDF Pattern?

You can purchase the ad-free PDF Pattern from any of my shops. Just click the button below to your preferred shop

New to Tunisian Crochet?

That’s OK – I have some videos that show you the stitches you need to complete this project!

All of these videos have a right and left handed version.

If you need help getting started with the terminology and how to cast on / bind off then the introductory video is a perfect place to start:

Then we can move on to the stitch tutorials:

You will also need to know how to do the Tunisian half double crochet:

Are you ready for the pattern info?


  • #4 worsted weight (aran if you are in the UK) yarn: I used 1 skein of a Caron Cake I had in my stash.
  • K10-6.5mm Tunisian Crochet Hook
  • Stitch markers (optional but recommended to denote first and last stitch of the row if you are new to Tunisian)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle


Gauge: is not important as long as you have a consistent tension.

Sizing: my scarf was approximately 7.5″ wide by 65″ long.



  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • TSS—Tunisian Simple Stitch
  • Thdc—Tunisian half-double crochet
  • YO—yarn over
  • FO—fasten off


Pattern Notes:

  • Written in US terms
  • Pay special attention to the stitch instructions for how to do these stitches
  • Remember that you do NOT turn rows in Tunisian Crochet
  • For doing the Tunisian half-double stitch, you must chain 1 at the start of each forward pass
  • Ch1 at the start of the forward pass DOES count as a stitch
  • Each row is written in two parts: forward pass and return pass


Here we go …. the Pattern:

Forward Pass Row 1— Ch 22; YO, insert hook into the 2nd ch from the hook and pull up a loop, *YO, insert hook into the next ch and pull up a loop; rep from * across to end–you will have several loops on your hook.

Return Pass Row 1— YO, pull thru 1st loop, *YO, pull thru 3 loops all the way to the end—you will end with only 1 loop on your hook.

Forward Pass Row 2— Ch1, THDC across (see “special stitches” for instructions and video link)

Return Pass Row 2—YO, pull thru 1st loop only, *YO, pull thru 3 loops; rep from * across until only 1 loop remains on the hook.

Continue—Continue Forward and Return passes of Row 2 until piece measures 65 inches from top to bottom of your scarf or as long as desired.  

BIND OFF—To bind off, we will only do a forward pass but will be pulling thru stitches much like regular crochet: Ch1, YO, insert hook as if to do THDC, YO, pull thru ALL loops on the hook until only the 1 loop remains.  Repeat this process all the way down to the end, being sure to turn your work so you can see the two loops at the end of the row and inserting your hook into both of those loops.  

FO, weave in ends.         


The One Skein Makes Event

On 9th February 2022, as part of the one skein makes event you can get the pdf version of this pattern as a free download using the special coupon code.

If you do not have the coupon code click the promo code button below to go to the roundup, then come back and click the download button to get your free PDF Pattern!


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February’s Cancer Ribbon C2C Square  – Free Pattern

February’s Cancer Ribbon C2C Square – Free Pattern

February’s C2C square for our 2022 scrap busting CAL is the Cancer Ribbon Square. February 4th is World Cancer Day. At some point in our lives we will have a friend or relative who we support as they go through treatment for Cancer or maybe 

2022 CAL – The Logic Square

2022 CAL – The Logic Square

Do you have a box full of scrap yarn or part used skeins that you just don’t want to get rid of? The Logic Square is the perfect way to use some of those smaller scraps that you just couldn’t throw out.     The 

2 in 1 Beach / Market Bag Free Pattern

2 in 1 Beach / Market Bag Free Pattern

This 2 in 1 beach / Market bag started life as a market bag. But I loved the textures and way these stitch combinations were working and so had to make the tote style too! The peacock fan stitch is definitely one I will be using again.

That is a bonus for you guys, because it means that you get both styles in the pdf pattern!

The handles are super easy to adjust the sizing of – you literally just make them longer before attaching the second end.

The free pattern below is for the round market bag style (which can also double as a great beach bag) – you will surprised how much it holds. I think the round version can hold a little more than the tote version.

Please  note that this post will contain some affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything from them we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you! This helps us pay our way so that we can continue to bring you patterns and tutorials.

Yarn Used:

I used Dishie yarn for these bags. Do you remember the Ava Table runner? You may remember that was also designed specifically for an event that was sponsored by WeCrochet. Well, the lovely guys there sent me this Dishie yarn to try and compare it to the LionBrand 24/7 that they had sent for me to work up the table runner design.

Being in the UK getting hold of some yarns can be difficult for me. I am really grateful to WeCrochet for going above and beyond to support indie designers like us in this way!



The Dishie Yarn was really nice to work with and frogged easily when I needed it to. It was much easier on my tension finger than the Lionbrand 24/7 (which caused a huge divit in my finger and rubbed it raw). And it looks great worked up. The stitch definition of the Dishie is really nice. However, I do think that I made the right call to use the 24/7 for the table runner – because of the sheen it gives such a nice finish to a statement piece which is on show in the home, rather than the softer comfort of the Dishie.


PDF Pattern links:

If you would like the PDF Pattern, which also contains the pattern for the tote style bag, you can get it by clicking any of these buttons:


  • #4 worsted weight cotton (I used 3 skeins of dishie in green and 2 skeins in white for the market bag and 2 skeins of green and just over 1 white for the tote version)
  • 5mm hook
  • Stitch markers (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle


Not important for this project as long as your tension is consistent


My bag is 15” wide and the body section is 15” tall, with the bottom being 15” in diameter.


  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep—repeat
  • YO – yarn over
  • SC–single crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • SS–slip stitch
  • sk—skip
  • TC – treble crochet
  • FDC – foundation double crochet

Pattern Notes:

  • Written in US terms
  • Chain 1 does not count as a stitch unless specifically stated.
  • Pattern is worked from the bottom up, and in one piece.
  • You can make this one as a round market bag or a beach bag / tote style.
  • One of my testers preferred to do the dc rows with a 4.5mm hook, and the peacock fan sections with a 5mm hook as she found the fan section was a little tighter so looked like it pulled the bag in a smidge.

Pattern for the Market Bag

In color A:

Round 1        In magic ring ch3 (counts as a st), 9DC. Ss to join (10)

Round 2        Ch3, DC in same st, 2DC in next and each st around. Ss to join (20)

Round 3        Ch3, DC in same st, DC in next st, *2DC in next st, DC in next st* Rep from * to * around. Ss to join (30)

Round 4        Ch3, DC in same st, DC in next 2 sts, *2DC in next st, DC in next 2 sts* Rep from * to * around. Ss to join (40)



Round 5        Ch3, DC in same st, DC in next 3 sts, *2DC in next st, DC in next 3 sts* Rep from * to * around. Ss to join (50)

Round 6        Ch3, DC in same st, DC in next 4 sts, *2DC in next st, DC in next 4 sts* Rep from * to * around. Ss to join (60)

Round 7        Ch3, DC in same st, DC in next 5 sts, *2DC in next st, DC in next 5 sts* Rep from * to * around. Ss to join (70)

Round 8        Ch3, DC in same st, DC in next 6 sts, *2DC in next st, DC in next 6 sts* Rep from * to * around. Ss to join (80)

Round 9        Ch3, DC in same st, DC in next 7 sts, *2DC in next st, DC in next 7 sts* Rep from * to * around. Ss to join (90)

Round 10       Ch3, DC in same st, DC in next 8 sts, *2DC in next st, DC in next 8 sts* Rep from * to * around. Ss to join (100)

Round 11       Ch3, DC in same st, DC in next 9 sts, *2DC in next st, DC in next 9 sts* Rep from * to * around. Ss to join (110)

Round 12       Ch3, DC in same st, DC in next 10 sts, *2DC in next st, DC in next 10 sts* Rep from * to * around. Ss to join (120)

Round 13        Ch3 or alt DC in the first st, Working in the back loops only, DC in each st around. Ss to join (120)

                    Note: if you are comfortable with third loops you may prefer to go through both the back and the third loops to help your bag keep its shape with heavier items. See fig photo above.

Rounds 14-15 Ch3 or alt DC, DC in each st around. Ss to join (120)


In color B:

Round 16       Ch1, SC in first st, *sk 4 sts, 9 TC in next st, sk 4 sts, 1 SC in next st* rep from * to * around, ending with sk 4 sts, 9 TC in next st, sk 4 sts, ss to first SC. (12 sets of 9TC, and 12 SC)

Round 17         Ch4 (counts as a TC), 1 TC in the first sc of the previous round, *ch3, sk 4 TC, 1 SC in the next TC (which is the middle of the 9TC fan), ch3, sk 4 TC, 2 TC in next SC*. Rep from * to * around ending with ch3, sk 4 TC, SC in the next TC, ch3, sk 4 TC and then ss to the top of the ch4 to join.



Round 18      Ch1, SC between the ch4 and TC which started the previous round, *sk 3 ch, 9 TC in the next SC, sk 3 ch, SC in the space between the next 2 TC.* Rep from * to * around. On the last repeat instead of working a SC in the sp between the next 2 TC, ss to top of the first SC to join.

Round 19       repeat round 17

Round 20       repeat round 18

Round 21       repeat round 17

Change to color A:

Attach color A between any set of of tc’s.

Round 22      Ch3(counts as a st),  4 DC in the ch3 sp, DC in the next SC, 4 DC in next ch3 sp, DC between the next 2 TC of the previous round *. Rep from * to * around ending with 4 DC in ch3 sp, ss to top of ch3 to join. (120)

Rounds 23-24 Ch3 or alt DC, DC in each st around. Ss to join (120)




Rounds 25-30  In color B rep rounds 16-21

Rounds 31-33 In color A rep rounds 22-24



If you want 2 straps / handles on the market bag

Row 1            Ch1, SC in same st and next 7 sts, turn (8)

Rows 2-66     repeat row 1 (or until strap is desired length).

Take a stitch marker. Find the left hand side of your strap and mark the 20th unworked st to the left. Take another st marker. Moving in the same direction count out another 7 sts mark that st. Between these stitch markers is where you need to attach your handle. You can SC it together or whip st.

(*If you are doing one strap you need to leave 54 stitches between the straps on either side).

FO and weave in ends

Lay you bag flat so that the handle is effectively folded in half. From the left of that handle mark the 29th stitch across with a stitch marker. Attach your yarn here for the second handle.



Repeat rows 1 -66 for the second handle and follow the same process and counts to attach the other end of the strap.

FO and weave in ends.


Summer Vibes Event

The Summer Vibes event runs from 1st-27th July and is being hosted by the lovely Susanna over at Fosbas Designs. There were 37 patterns featured in this event.

If you missed any of the patterns you can purchase the bundle for only $12.99! And it contains 2 bonus patterns which were not featured as free pdf downloads. You can find out more about this bundle and purchase it by clicking the button below.

On 27th July 2021 only you can get the free pdf version of this pattern which also contains the instructions for the tote style bag. You will need the special coupon code for this which you can find by clicking the button below:


Once you have the code click the button below to use it to get your free pdf patterns!


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Elegant Hairscarf

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