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A great baby bib pattern – crochet this one in a few hours!

A great baby bib pattern – crochet this one in a few hours!

The little dots bib is a great baby bib pattern that works up quickly and looks fabulous! When Kristine mentioned that she wanted to do a baby’s first Christmas event in November 2022 I immediately thought that this bib would make the perfect contribution. It’s 

Flea Market Booths–Top 10 Items to Crochet

Flea Market Booths–Top 10 Items to Crochet

A detailed read on the top 10 items to crochet for a flea market booth including which yarns to use, patterns, and branding ideas.

Bandana Drool Bib.  Trendy and Functional

Bandana Drool Bib. Trendy and Functional

bandana drool bib crochet pattern

The Paige Bandana Drool Bib is born. Pattern on Ravelry

A trendy bandana drool bib was something I thought would be super cute.

When Paige was a baby, I remember wishing there was a cool bib I could buy that was trendy and functional at the same time. No matter where I looked, all I could find were those bibs with the plastic-y backs and very square. I eventually gave up and Paige never drooled that much anyway, she’s a girly-girl, after all!

Once I started coming up with my collection idea, I knew I needed a drool bib for those mommies that were in the same boat I was in.

I looked everywhere…

for a pattern and just could not find one with the texture and shape I wanted. I brainstormed for a few days and got some ideas from a good friend. At first, I worked it from the bottom up, creating a very triangular shape, but it was just too big.

It was my good friend Helen, who mentioned working it from the top down, like a shawl. So I crocheted and frogged so many different attempts and finally, Paige’s Bandana Drool Bib was born!

trendy crochet bandana drool bib
The Paige Bandana Drool Bib

Get the PDF pattern from our shop here


The Bandana Drool Bib pattern features photo tutorials

and a link to a video explaining how to do the criss cross stitch, which I often refer to X stitch or cross stitch. You will need 100% cotton yarn for this project which serves three purposes:

  1. Safe for baby’s skin
  2. Easy care–machine wash and dry!
  3. Great absorbency.


I am close to finishing up my Paige collection

and will soon open up that Etsy store (Update: I’m updating this in 2020 and that Etsy Store is now open!). Boy does that scare the dickens out of me. If you wish to purchase this pattern, you may do so at my Ravelry store here. Pin it for later here.

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Toddler Scarfie Crochet Pattern

Toddler Scarfie Crochet Pattern

The Paige Collection, A Modern Farmhouse Nursery Collection   A modern farmhouse nursery set, featuring drool bibs, burp cloths, blankets, all the goodies! My very first collection!   I’ve been working extra hard creating my first collection for a product line to feature in my