Crochet Collection and Preschool Time

Crochet Collection and Preschool Time
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And My First Crochet Baby Collection

Today, I want to talk about what I learned in creating my first crochet baby collection. I spent ages looking up information, watching masterclass videos–everything!

Last Thursday, I took Paige to preschool, and at that time, I remembered my phone! I was working on a shawl that I finished just in time for her class to be over. I gave the shawl to a lady there and raced out to the truck to wait in line to pick her up.

Green Crochet Shawl
The green shawl I finished while waiting for Paige

All the while that I was crocheting while waiting for Paige

I was thinking of some of the things I’ve been learning in a master class I am taking. It’s all about creating a product line–a collection–instead of just having random things to put in an Etsy shop–which makes it look like a garage sale.

I’ve learned about pricing and how to research color trends (hello, Pantone!) and develop ten things for a collection that will sell like crazy.

 I’m starting to get excited

Because I am seeing a great plan forming in my mind about where I want to start, eventually, I will have several collections for purchase on Etsy. Still, I have to develop one and get it sold consistently first. Put all my focus into it. I have decided to focus on all things, baby.

Why baby?

Babies are born year-round. People don’t wear hats/beanies year-round, and they don’t typically buy Christmas stuff year-round. You get the point. Items for babies are a popular purchase. Baby shower gift sets. Baby blankets, bibs, loveys, you name it.

Now that I am armed with this year’s latest nursery trends and Pantone colors, I am ready to design my own patterns, which will have people falling in love with the collection.

I am chock full of ideas on how I want to put this collection together, and I am excited to see it take off! But first, I need to find a supplier because buying yarn at retail price isn’t helping me make money. It feels like it takes forever for people to get back in touch when you are excited to get something moving. I want to get my yarn and get crafting!

For now, I wait.

In the meantime, I have been working on several tutorials for beginner crocheters! Be on the lookout for a video series starting up soon on YouTube! Learn the very basics of crochet and start making your first project.

Hook on my wayward sisters!

Couch I sit on to crochet while I wait for Paige